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Samsung 65” Series 7 NU7100 4K TV $1223.64 Delivered @ Appliance Wholesale Partner via Catch


Seems like a decent price for the 65” Samsung NU7100 - seems to have reasonable reviews also.
Catch.com.au price is currently $1359.60 then take off the 10% that finishes at midnight tonight brings it down to $1223.64 (postage to my area was free.)
Currently around $1500 at most retailers.
I have been in the market for a 65” and was deciding between this and the Hisense 65P7 but this deal seems too good of a price.

Original 10% off Sitewide at Catch Deal Post

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    I have the 55” in this and recently purchased a TCL in 65”

    TCL picture qualityis actually better imo

    But the Samsung interface (menus and media / network connectivity) is better

    • -1 vote

      Too many horror stories of people dealing with TCL and support. I wouldn’t compare Samsung to TCL in term of quality and support.


        Yeap tcl is garbage compared to hisense


        I didn’t neg you. But I can’t commebt on supper as I’ve never actually needed support for a tv (other than Kogan I got delivered cracked, which was fine dealing with them)

        Obviously I’m comparing
        Cost too. And as I said. The TCL imo is better quality. This Samsung is the lowest end Samsung they have


    I’m tossing between this or 65P7 as well.


    OP I D go for hisense 65p7. That has 200hz and local dimming. Unless u are brand conscious but 65p7 is better quality than this.