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7% Cashback (Was Previously 2.5%) @ Woolworths via ShopBack


This is a pretty good cashback offer - better than the previous OzB post in Jan: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/432338
No min spend thresholds to obtain the 7% cashback on this offer

Excludes taxes, fees or additional extras
As of 1 September 2018, Orders paid for in Full or Partially with Woolworths Gift cards will void your eligibility for Cashback
Cashback may not be payable on tobacco purchases

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$10 for referrer and $10 for referee with $20 referee purchase.

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  • Is is just for today? Whens the expiry please…

    • Midnight tomorrow

      • Thanks. One more question if I order it now but make the pickup or delivery for two days time does it still count? Because they only take the money from your account on the day you get it

        • That’s for Coles. For Woolworths online they straight away deduct your payment, not on the day you pick up. They’ll refund it if there’s out of stock item / weight different in meat on the day you get it.

          • @R3tha: When I do it at Woolies I get a PayPal email saying transaction has been authorised for what day I pick up (when it's at least two days in advance) plus Coles don't use PayPal. Unless something has changed recently

            • @Monstalova: Yes, Coles dont use Paypal. Is this deal specifically for Paypal payment only? I thought as long as you dont use giftcard you still get the Shopback?

              • @R3tha: It doesn't matter what payment method any is fine. But I'm saying when I've ordered in advance for Woolworths I get a PayPal email saying you have authorised a payment that will be deducted on the actual pickup day. Only time it goes through straight away is if it's within 24 hours

                • @Monstalova: I do a weekly Woolworths online shop and so far my experience, they deduct the payment straight away when I placed my online order. If I paid with gift card, I can see the balance of my gift card was reduced straight away. If I used credit card, I straight away got the debit notification from my credit card. It doesnt matter whether I pick up the next day or weeks. Hence, I usually get a refund for the out of stock items. Had they only deduct it on the day of the pick up (as of Coles), there wont be any refund as they surely will only charge you on the available items of your order. I only ordered once or twice with Paypal few months ago and got a refund back on my account for the out of stock item. So not sure if they made changes only on the Paypal payment recently.

  • I get 10% off with my credit card but this often is not activated until midnight, maybe if I buy at the right time I get 10% and then another 7%