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Sony WH1000XM3 Black / Silver $318.40 Delivered (Express) @ Addicted to Audio eBay


Back again at this special price, stock is limited so get in quick!

Original 20% off All Items at Selected Sellers on eBay Deal Post

Mod Update 21/02 1:45pm: Silver out of stock

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  • Damn good price! Good find OP

  • Legend

    • You know they have overheads to cover when selling on eBay, be thankful you can buy them at $318 delivered. Cheapest you'll find right now

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        So he can go to HN or JB to price match. Why would you bother. Just go to a seller who is price compedative and keen for a sale. Only good words for AA. Did a buy on the MX2 previously and became cheaper the next day due to them price matching. Allowed me to cancel original order and get at new price. Who does that these days.

  • Thanks, OP. Got it this time.

    PS: What does this mean?

    Dear ******* ******,

    Thank you for submitting your request.  A support ticket has been created, and one of our team members will  be in touch (usually within 24 hours).

  • Great price plus great seller. They helped sort me with delivery before travelling so I can claim TRS.

  • Saw. Brought it. Will keep my wife happy. Thanks AA.

  • It's now time for my gift cards I got at 15% off to shine

  • is amazon price matching?!?!

    • Hopefully :)

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      Why wouldn't you just get it at AA. They are a great seller. Pick up available if local as BM stores

      • Totally agree , awesome company with great service in my experiences. Very helpful with warranty claims.

        • If you ever get a chance go to the Vic store. I think it was in Hawthorn. They have some serious Audio there and headphones with prices that will make your eyes water.

      • Simple - Chuck in another 5 to 6% cashback

        All the same this is a great price!

        • Yeah that would make it to most people price point of close to $300. Maybe it might happen over the next month or 2. They are on Amazon, but at the $397 price.

  • Waiting for Taotronics comparisons

  • Any Taotronics comparisons?

    • Not even in the league when it comes to ANC I believe.

      • I bought the TaoTronics and compared them to my QC35. Noise cancellation and comfort is on a totally different level.

        Taotronic noise cancellation only slightly mutes the low end frequencies. Sound quality was okay, but ANC was just plain rubbish.

        QC35s completely mute everything. The Sonys are meant to have extremely similar ANC to the Bose.

    • Taotronics sound terrible. Even compare to other cheaper chinese brands. Great customer service tho.

  • Great store, great headphones.

  • Thank you very much OP, going overseas next month so brought one on this deal. Could you please tell me how to obtain a tax invoice to claim the GST. Thank you

  • Thank you OP! Just brought and great service from Addicted to Audio!

  • Hi OP, can you do special price on Sony WI-1000X?

    It went as low as $260-ish in the past

  • I tried these at Myer & couldn’t believe how good they were !
    Cheers just ordered.

  • Recently upgraded from V2 to V3 because V2 was too small and hurt my ears after about an hour.

    Just woooow! I thought it would be a minor upgrade but these are leagues ahead. Way more comfortable (close to the QC35 now), slimmer with a much nicer design to the point it makes V2 look like a prototype, noticeably better sound quality, apparently better battery life but they both last so long I have no idea how long Ive used them before by the time I have to recharge and on top of that USB C.

    • 100% agree about the improvements over V2 (and the H900N)

    • Would these be suitable for noise cancelling on a plane? Coz I was deciding about the QC35s for that use.

      • I am using the xm2, and it is definitely capable of doing that, so I don't see why the xm3 can't. Personally, I think this xm3 can doo even better. So that question should be out of the equation.

      • I used these on multiple 12 hour plane trips. They were absolute bliss to use. I was in a cone of silence. My friend with the Bose QC35's was jealous because the ANC on these is far superior. Best investment for long haul flights you could ever make!

  • nice one。 thanks

  • Want to buy dac, but then impulse buy for this bad boy… Damn… I need to plan wiser…

  • Been waiting for a solid deal on these, and here it is. Much appreciated!

  • I have been waiting for Costco to have the sell off of these, but it seems it may never happen. Plus you have to be very quick to get those if they go the sub $300 like with the XM2s. Maybe closer to September it may drop as the new version comes out. Good price from Aussie small store.

    • Why wouldn't you just get it at AA. They are a great seller. Pick up available if local as BM stores ;-)

      • I did which is good, but was waiting again for Costco sub $300, but hasn't happened yet. It's a matter of how long can you wait. Happy to buy now as good price. Will always be cheaper in the end.

  • dope! just ordered one, used the 15% off ebay giftcard..

  • sold mine bought from the amazon $327 deal to my friend overseas for $400 each, and he treated me with great foods as at that price I had saved him more than $200…

  • I like a good punch of bass for rock and a decent rumble for rap. Can they be tweaked to give me what I desire?

  • +12 votes

    Bought one just coz they're rated so highly at OzB… not even sure if I'll be using them :D … Thank you

  • Is this deal available if I come past the store? I would love to listen to these before the impulse buy them :)

  • What colour headphones everyone getting. I just bought a silver one and I am having second thoughts.

  • Are these Australian stock?

  • Thanks AA!

    I bought my limited edition blue M50x's from you guys in store years ago and they've had a good run.

    Time to go wireless!

  • Ring a ding ding. Definitely the best price I've seen in a long time.

  • my brother got this one and it broke in the first drop! no more Bluetooth, only wired now…I'm holding still to a Bose < 300…

  • Two quick questions:

    Can these be paired to multiple devices (laptop and phone) at the same time?

    Is it possible to buy covers or something to make the ear pads more sweat resistant for gym use?

    • This can't be paired to multiple devices. And don't think there are covers for it.

      • Thank you.

        Though I'm curious why they wouldn't make them pairable to multiple devices. It seems like something obvious that people would want to be able to do.

        • Yeah. Hoping there'll be a software patch one day.

          In order to switch devices, you hold the off switch to turn it off. Then hold the on switch again, it'll say "power on", keep holding, and then it'll tell you it's ready to pair.

          Fine for switching a couple of times in an hour, not fine for quick switching all the time.

      • The manual states up to 8 bluetooth devices can be paired.. am I reading it wrong?


        • It can be paired with multiple devices but can only hold one active audio connection. E.g.switching between my phone and tv, I will just disable.bluetooth on phone then select bluetooth on tv and it will quickly switch over (assuming already paired).

          Would prefer if it could hold two active streams as I usually have two devices on the go.

  • Thanks OP, been eyeing these off for a while and lost my earphones last weekend. Thought it was time to bite the bullet

  • Thanks OP, just before I head overseas. Cant be happier :)
    No more price drops after this please.. :p

  • Thanks op bought black one. Wanted the silver color but out of stock.

  • Just wore the Sony 1000XM3 for x2 trips of about 24 hrs.

    The headband is really painful on top of my head.

    My QC35II are much more comfortable and I think the QC35II have better sound … just a pity about the old MicroUSB connection from the 1980s.

    At least the Sony 1000XM3 have USB-C.

    • Micro USB was announced in 2007.

      And it can be argued that sound quality is subjective, but the QC35's just don't sound better.

      They do if you prefer a coloured, unnatural sound.

      • I was only joking with the 1980s. It was really the 1960s.

        It's funny that my same feedback in the Bose ozbargain gets +3 but then in the Sony ozbargin gets -3.

        Anyway it's just my feedback from owning the Bose for 12 mths and the Sony for 1 mth.

  • Silver back in stock ;)

  • I bought the Sony 100XM3 to replace my QC35II, i agree that the sound quality is much better, and the bass is unreal. However, i also agree that these are not as comfortable as the QC35II, my ears start to hurt after an hour. In addition, the mic on the headphones are not as good as the QC35II based on the feedback from those at the receiving end.

  • What is the sound quality on this. Is it better then wired genuine apple headphones if not what headphones should i get just for awesome music quality

    • The best advantage of these is the INCREDIBLE noise cancelling. The sound quality is MUCH better than apple headphones, but if you're picky, there'd definitely be better headphones out there for audiophiles. But these are my favourite travel headphones. I don't think you'll be disappointed with the sound quality.

    • On the higher end for a noise cancelling, closed back over ear headphone.

  • thanks OP, finally got around to purchasing one of these.

  • Is there anywhere you can test these and the Bose qcs (35s or the wired 20s)? All the ozb deals for them has convinced me I need to upgrade from my super cheap xiaomis.