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[Registrations Closed] AmEx Statement Credit: BPme App (Spend $50 or More in a Single Transaction, 2 Times, and Get $20 Back)


BPme App
Spend $50 or more in a single transaction, 2 times, and get $20 back
Valid until 04/04/2019

Save the offer to your eligible Card and spend $50 or more in a single transaction, 2 times, via the BPme App, at selected BP locations by 04/04/2019 to receive one $20 credit. Limited to the first 20,000 Cards to save the offer. Exclusions apply.

Mod: Registrations Capped means you can't register to use this offer any more. However it isn't expired for those who were successful in registering.

Referral Links

David Jones Card: random (38)

Referrer: 15,000 Reward Points
Referee: 25,000 Reward Points with 3 purchases outside DJ in 1 month

David Jones Platinum Card: random (3)

Referrer: 30,000 Reward Points
Referee: 40,000 Reward Points with 3 purchases outside DJ in 1 month

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  • Not in my all 3 different Amex

  • Wasn't in my offers but the link worked!

  • So total spend $100, in two installments of $50+ and get $20 back ?
    Essentially 20% off fuel ?

  • +7 votes

    Less generous than previous bpme deals.

    And more confusing ;)

    • For BP's higher prices, not worth the bother, esp with the App

      • My local BP is always one of the cheapest around (including against the independents)

      • Not as bad as Coles Shell though.

      • I travel to multiple suburbs all the time. It depends on the area. In some suburb BP price is better compared to coles (discounted)

      • I'd bother but most BP don't seem to have an unleaded 91 pump :( I think I know of one, but I'll have to check if they support the app!

  • $50 says the BPMe app still sucks (I only ever install it while these offers are on as it's such a pain to use)

  • Thanks Op. Got it.

  • -3 votes

    Hmm use this or my 1.10 U98 7/11 lock🤔

  • Was going to install the app again for 20 off 50 spend but it's 10 off 100+ :(

  • So is it spend $50 get $20 back for 2 separate times?

    Or Spend $50 twice until 04/04/2019 and receive $20 back?

  • A $50 minimum is a bit high.

  • Thanks OP!
    Just a refresher for everyone-
    1. Park at pump which will have signs everywhere saying it has BPme available.
    2. While in car, turn on app and allow it to GPS find your location
    3. Verify the petrol station you are at (ie click on app)
    4. Verify the pump NUMBER you are at (basially look at the pump and make sure you choose the right one)
    5. Wait a few seconds while the app connects to the BPme app backend and a message will appear saying you can now proceed to use the pump
    6. [Optional] At the pump, press the pre-set amount buttons to only give me $40 worth of fuel (as I have multiple Amex cards and I like my Velocity points so I try to mimimise the loss)
    7. Fill up car to whatever amount you want and then put pump back in the bowser
    8. Get back in car (if done) and you will see that it has been charged to your nominated card

    • Step 6, it’s $50 not $40

    • +2 votes

      I don't think you get velocity points with BPme unless they changed it since last time.

    • Lol if you are going to copy and paste one of my old posts you could at least update it to $50. 😄

    • What's usual in my case:

      2. Open app. Enter email login. Enter PIN. Reset PIN.
      3. Close app. Open app. Enter PIN.
      4. Get out of car and give apologetic wave to the person in the car waiting behind you.
      5. While filling up, tell yourself that next time you'll just pay in store.
      6. While driving off, get that feeling that the app didn't work and you just stole fuel.

      • Step 1.5 - Watch the spinning wheel spin….and spin….and spin
        Step 3.5 - Answer security question. "Something went wrong. Try again." I try again. Watch spinning wheel spin….and spin….and spin
        Step. 3.5.1 - Close app. Open app. Relog in.
        Step 3.5.2 - Answer security question. Watch spinning wheel spin….and spin….and spin
        Step. 3.5.1 - Close app. Open app. Gnash teeth. Register a new account. Verify email. Log in. Watch wheel spin. Enter verification code from SMS. Enter new security question. Set pin. Watch wheel spin…..and spin….."Something went wrong. Try again."
        Step 3.5.2 - Log in again…more wheel spinning… Enter credit cards.
        Step 4.1 - And another apologetic wave to the person behind the person behind you.

        This app is a world of pain.

  • +1 vote

    Amex could have just made it spend $50 get $10 back up to 2 times to be less confusing! Previous offer was spend $40 get $10 back up to 2 times from memory!

    • I’m guessing they want you to spend more like with the coles flybuys every week for 4 weeks…


      better when you could just top up opal at BP

    • Doing it this way is better for amex, because with your suggestion, you are guaranteed at least $10 credit for filling up the first time. But according to the conditions they've set, if you forget to fill up or don't manage to spend $50 the second time, you won't get any credit at all

  • Can you buy gift cards with this? I’ve never used the app but it sounds like from above you have to fill up $50?

  • thx OP, got it

    now, cue for people with 50 cards to brag about hoarding up all the spots……….

  • +4 votes

    AMEX small shop benefits were reduced recently, now the BP deals.
    (And the devaluation coming Apr 15.. ) ;/
    amex.. for shame!

    • What devaluation? Genuine question.

    • That was expected, they are charging merchants lower fees than they used to.

    • Well with Ozbargainer scammers taking full advantage what would you expect. Free money because you look nice?

      • Dont understand your logic, Amex would not expect everyone enrol to offers to fully utilise them? they are prepared for all subscriber taking full/maximum advantage of it.

        • Also those with many cards taking full advantage of offers usually pay multiple annual fees!

          • @bohn: Thats not the business model for Amex, its not the card fees that make them the profit, its the charges to the vendor.

          • @bohn: No, you really don't need to pay annual fees.

            There are multiple fee-free amex cards. Two from memory are directly from Amex, possibly more from other providers.
            Each card can have supplementary card holders.
            So I could quite easily get minimum 4 per adult, escalating quickly if my kids were legal age or I got more cards.

            Of course, I choose to only have one card and no supps, because I'm not a douche.

            I think easternculture said he has like 20.

            • @justtoreply: I have applied for several supplementary cards online and they did not ask for proof of age. Also they regularly have offers of 3000 points for getting one but you can only get one of these per primary card.

        • Well then why limit the number of redemptions if this was true (20K)

          But hey its just an opinion by both of us….

  • Bpme app is the worst app I ever used in my life. Let's see if they improved it.

  • Amex server down

  • Hard for me to spend $50 in one transaction based on my fuel tank size. I'd have to buy fuel when it's max price.

  • The app doesn't work well. I can't add station to favourites

    So the deal is spend $100, to get $20 back so pretty much doubled up your spending to get the same cashback not good

  • Thanks OP.
    Does any know if we can add more than 1 Amex card in same BP me account and avail the offer in all cards rather than creating seperate BPme account for each card. I went through the terms and conditions but couldn't find the answer.

  • Max reached, that was fast…

  • I used last time and it wasnt good. ended paying at counter after consuming lots of my time. stay away

  • Damn, woke up too late :(

  • Damn missed it


    Expired, max reached. 😩

  • $50 is a bit much for hatchback cars. I remember last time the requirement was $40 spend which was doable, especially given high petrol price at BP stations.

    • What would suck is if you were marginal, as has happened to me. Filled up the tank fully but was short by less than a dollar.

    • what sucks is you'll have to do it twice, and often the app plays up and you can end up having to pay card and try it next time.

    • +1 vote

      bring a 5L jerry can and fill that up

      • +1 vote

        I'm surprised no one does this more often.

        Just need to take proper precautions if anyone intends to keep fuel at home.

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