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R3 2300X RX570 4GB PC: $439.20 / + 24" Monitor: $511.20 // R5 2600 RX 580 8GB + 27" Monitor: $751.20 Delivered @ TechFast eBay


Hi all, following on from earlier this week where there was huge interest in a Ryzen 3 2300X + Monitor bundle incorrectly priced, we've gotten as close to that as we can in the following listings (PC only and bundle):

Both RX 570 and 580 Systems include AMD's Raise The Game Promotion (2 free games). NOTE: Codes are not unlimited so if this deal really blows up they will have to be subject to availability.

Ryzen 3 2300X / RX 570 System Deals
Ryzen 3 2300X / RX 570 4GB / 8GB DDR4 2400MHz / 120GB SSD / 550W PSU / Leaper SFF Case : $439.20
Link: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/192823842252

Same system with 24" Allied 60Hz 1ms 1080P Monitor and wired keyboard/mouse: $511.20
Link: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/192834581870

And slashed the base price on the R5 / RX580 + 27" Monitor bundle from $1074 to $939, bringing it to $751.20 (compares favourably to the $699 deal we had on the TF website which didn't have a monitor).
Ryzen 5 2600 / RX 580 8GB / 8GB DDR4 2400MHz / 120GB SSD / 550W PSU / Leaper Pro Case / 27" Allied 60Hz 1ms 1080P Monitor / Wired Keyboard & Mouse
Link: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/192783772872

Build times for non RTX systems are approximately 7-10 business days at present. We're working as quickly as we can on 2080 systems and are most definitely aware of people's keenness to receive them.



Original 20% off All Items at Selected Sellers on eBay Deal Post

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  • Is there an option to ship just parts seperate?
    Can we remove parts we don't need?

    • +2 votes

      Shipping unassembled yes, just request at checkout. But no for removing parts to reduce price, although you are welcome to on sell or something like that.

      • Hi luke, was wondering what your take/policy was if a customer requested this and a part was DOA? I assume most of the components would be sealed and thus not able to be tested like you would if you guys had built it - would you still allow return+exchange, and if so of the single part or the whole pc?

        • +4 votes

          For anything DOA, our DOA policy (7 days from receipt) will apply, in which case it could be returned, at our cost, for replacement. A refund for a single part would not apply, as we don't do that with an assembled system, unless there were exceptional circumstances, which we could talk about.

          Some parts are OEM meaning we receive them in bulk packaging (for example often 2080s, HDDs, come to us in padded and anti-stat bags) , not retail packaging, while others are retail packaged.

          The component's manufacturer warranty applies outside DOA period.

      • Hi Luke,

        Is it possible to add the instruction to ship unassembled after I place the order? Did not know this and placed an order just now without any further instructions. I also forgot to add the 550W-750W PSU upgrade — could this also be done?

  • Hi Luke, can't seem to apply the code upon checkout

  • Hi Luke, Do these include any of free promo games?

  • Any chance of swapping the 2300X for a 2200G?


    I bought the build by itself yesterday, can i cancel and reorder for this?

    • +5 votes

      We can just issue an invoice for the price difference and include the monitor in the order. PM me your details and I'll get it sorted. Need eBay username or your first and surname.

      Same goes for anyone in the same boat.

  • RX 580 system does not come with games?

  • With the case and mobo in the RX570 deal - can I add additional SSDs or full size hard drives? How many?

    • +1 vote

      There is space for 2 additional 2.5" drives, so 1 additional SSD and HDD. The GPU is low down in the case and doesn't allow for 3.5 drives on that bay.

  • Hi is any of these PCs good for Fortnite or apex legends? This is for my son. Thanks.

  • Hi,

    Do you have any machines spec'd out for a small business?

    e.g. Non-Gaming Machines ~ decent ram + SSD?

  • Hey Luke, are there any upgrade options from A320 to B350 mobos for the 2600 build?

    What's the delivery times like if shipped unbuilt (separate parts)?

  • How long does r5 take in perth?

    I'm gonna travel to next 25 / mar.

    Thanks op

    • +2 votes

      If that's when you're leaving, you'll get it before then. If that's when you're back, we can delay shipment until you're back. Just leave us a note at checkout.

  • Is there value in the difference between the RX570 and 58- systems. Benchmarks seem to put the card reasonably close in performance (580 ahead of course). Is the processor and monitor size upgrade worth the extra $240?

    • The 2300x has 4c/4t, while the 2600 has 6c/12t - the more cores/threads it has, the higher the multitasking and processing capabilities. The RX580 is slightly better than the 570.

      There's about a $100 difference between a 24" and 27" monitor on Umart, plus ~$20 for a mouse and keyboard.

      Really depends on how much you value the processor I guess, and the primary purpose of the computer

  • How long will you ship out the RX580 system?
    Does it come with games?

    Thank you.

  • Hi
    I ordered the 2300x 570 yesterday and it was 479.20… Are there any chance I can get my 40 bucks back 😫

    • +3 votes

      Hi, if you cancel your existing order we will approve straight away so you can repurchase at the lower price. It's an instant transaction through PayPal, although the funds may take a day or so to appear back in your account. But the cancellation request will be approved as soon as we see it.

  • Was wondering if there's any benchmarks on this PC. There has been rumours saying that AMD CPUs heavily rely on DDR4 16GB 3200 RAM. And the performance could be up to 20% Slower.

    • +1 vote

      I'm sure others here can provide benchmarks, but we offer an additional RAM module through PC Upgrades on all Systems if you want one.

    • The faster RAM is really only necessary if using integrated graphics on 2200G. The YouTube reviews I saw didn't notice much difference with RAM speed with Ryzen when used with discreet graphics like in this system.

  • @luketechfast

    Does the 27" monitor have an HDMI out?

    • +1 vote

      It has two inputs - VGA and HDMI.

      • Cheers - thanks for the quick reply.

        Placed my order on eBay.

        I've asked for the components to be sent unassemebled because I need it to arrive before the 7th of march (traveling 8th to 25th). Do you think that its achievable? I'm in Melbourne CBD.


  • Hi Luke, does the Operating System need to be purchased separately or do the systems come pre-installed with Windows 10?
    If so, how much would the OS cost with the discount applied?

    Also, is there any chance the RX580 comes with the Raise The Game offer?

    Edit: Just saw another reply that mentioned you're now offering the Game offer for the RX580 system, which is great news! Still curious about the OS though.

  • Had thought about convincing my brother to get one of these, but looking at a review on YouTube, the build looks like spew IMO. If that doesn't bother you, have fun with the new PC =D

    • That was poor, no doubt, but not reflective of overall quality. I think people will generally attest to that.

  • Hi Luke,
    A friend is ordering this but he put the order through without adding upgrades. Can he just put a second order through with the upgrades attached?

  • Ordered - here’s hoping I get the free games 👍🏽

  • I haven't purchased a pre-built before so excuse my basic questions

    If I add Windows 10 to the sale will I receive the computer with it already installed?

    When this arrives will it have all the discs for the motherboard and graphics card or will I just have to download the drivers from the internet?

    • +1 vote

      Win 10 installed but not activated - can purchase activation through PC Upgrades in listing or elsewhere.

      You'll receive fully functional with graphics drivers installed and tested. Nothing else needed. You'll receive booklets and accessories of the components.

      • Interesting, I got my system in December, it came preinstalled with Win7, username techfast with no password and activated. I didn't expect it to come with an OS at all, let alone activated. No graphics drivers installed either.

        I spent a couple of minutes looking around out of curiousity, then threw Linux at it. So far I can't fault the build. For the price I'm quite happy, although the order/shipping process needs work. I would definitely buy again though.

  • Bought from Techfast a couple months ago, would buy from them again. The computer I bought was assembled decently and their pricing is very hard to beat when they have these specials.

    2 things to note however:
    1. You will need to register your own version of windows (not surprising given the price that a registered version of windows isn’t included, but still worth knowing)
    2. The shipping is on the slower side, judging by their eBay feedback and how long it took to get my shipment, expect to wait up to a couple months (again worth it, if you aren’t in a hurry and want to save some money)

  • @luketechfast quick question:

    I purchased the B350M motherboard upgrade, was wondering what motherboard I am likely to receive. Trying to figure out what slots are available on the board (eg how many RAM slots and sata ports etc). Does it have an m.2 slot?

    • Most likely 2 RAM slots. M.2 unlikely, sorry I don't know the exact model that will be used when your build comes around.

  • I got the 2600/580 deal minus the monitor for 700 last time, so +50 for a 27" monitor is amazing. Makes me feel bummed to miss out on the monitor. But either way, great seller and support from luke. Thanks!

  • Noob question as i haven’t bought a pc for a long time.

    Are these good for roblox and fortnite? Also for the occassional counterstrike and dota? And if possible for future proof when the kids grow up and they grow out of fortnite and roblox.

    We currently only have an old macbook pro that runs the games but it is getting slow.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Yes, this will play most modern popular teenager games, and if you add another stick of RAM, help future proof for higher resource games. The graphics card could be upgraded later too.

  • um… seems like you are out of 2tb HDD?
    Will you be getting more?
    The option was there for the first system but now it's sold out so cannot add to cart for 2nd system!

  • What sort of CPU cooler does the 2300x come with??

  • Any update on when these will be dispatched? Almost been a month.

    • Hey Tivo, systems have started to ship and the majority will ship this week. We should be just on or a bit over the 20 business day mark for the majority.