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NetGear Orbi AC3000 Tri-Band Wi-Fi RBK50 - $380.97 Delivered @ Wireless 1 eBay


I just bought one for $372 because I can use PSAVEIT to get 12% off. But this code is expired soon (22/2). So you can still use P10LESS to get 10% off instead.

15% off will appear at checkout.

First time post a deal. So be gentle. :-)

Original P10LESS 10% off Sitewide on eBay Deal Post

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  • This or Google wifi?

  • Thanks op

  • Pretty sure the rbk50 range is getting refreshed with wifi 6 in the second half of this year. https://www.netgear.com/about/press-releases/2019/NETGEAR-AN...

    • It is, but it’s only helpful if you have devices that are wifi compatible, which there aren’t any yet to my understanding. That’s my understanding of it anyway. If I’m wrong anyone please correct me. How much better is wifi 6?

      • If the backhaul is going to use wifi6, I guess that would boost the performance?

        • Exactly, even 802.11n is good enough for client access, but backhaul is a different story - 802.11ax can go “up to 1.2GHz”. One caveat - ax is still in draft, and there’s no guarantee Netgear will support final by a software update.

          • @AlexF: The press release says
            “Performance of the industry leading Orbi Mesh Wi-Fi Systems is improved by adding 1024 QAM with a 4x4 Wi-Fi 6 backhaul, increasing the speeds, coverage and capacity of this dedicated wireless link between the Orbi router and satellites.”

      • just trying to future proof. I’m still on my R7000 which I purchased via Ozbargain deal many years ago. Personally will wait for the updates Orbi then buy.

  • Home wifi/routers seem to be ridiculously expensive these days

    • In fairness this comes with 2 devices with a wifi range that leaves other routers way behind.

      It's the gaming routers that you should complain about which pale to the wifi range on this.

    • Totally agree but upgrading to this from what iiNet supplied was unbelievable! Worth every dollar to me!

    • Like walking into an AMG dealership and commenting about how expensive cars are these days.

    • You need a lot more compute power to handle fast networks including internet connections and multiple devices.

      If you use an old router fast internet users can be bottlenecked by their router.

  • Do these work with a Telstra NBN fixed wireless with landline phone running on Telstra's VOIP system? Apparently Telstra wont provide the phone settings meaning you must run their Thompson modem.

    • Ah yes the free market's famous better customer service which in Telstra's case means forcing you to use a device that they have gimped with their own feature removing firmware even though there's no need to do this.

      There would be no such issue under a Government monopoly telco as real life various examples overseas have shown. Oh yeah and it would be much cheaper and actually provide service to people rather than robbing tax payers of 100 billion dollars with half the country still without fast internet access.

      • @Diji1 yes completely true, i have no choice but to be with Telstra and be on NBN fixed wireless. And because of that, forced to use their own branded modem/router with no freedom to use my own hardware.

    • I have Telstra NBN via cable - nbn modem then Telstra wireless router. I put the Telstra router behind my Orbi - Orbi into nbn modem and then Telstra wireless into Orbi router. I’m not sure how this is possible with your setup, but I still have landline via the Telstra outer.

      • Thanks Barry, im not sure how that would work or if it would work in my situation. I was hoping the Orbi would be just like a wifi range extender that my modem/router would connect to.

        I have one wifi range extender, but there's still blackspots and it's got a different network name and pass so not real practical like the Orbi would be.

  • $299.25 (plus $8 delivery) was what I paid for in Dec 2017 from TGG thanks to a deal from Ozb.

  • I got the triple pack of Tenda Nova MW3 from ebay for $110 for a 3 bedroom house and its amazing. Not sure why you would need to spend any more.

    • I may be wrong but i believe the MW3 is limited by lack of gigabit ethernet and single radio per node. Its very good bang for buck but if you're after something for a larger space and especially higher throughput you'd look at higher models or this.

  • Also available at amazon
    https://www.amazon.com.au/NETGEAR-High-Performance-AC3000-Tr... for $398.40 + free delivery.

    Possibility of OW Pricematch? (I haven't tried matching Amazon but looking at other threads seems to be possible)

    $382 via good guys commercial

    • Possibility of OW Pricematch?

      Yes but ignorant staff might fob you off with the excuse that they don't know where stock is coming from and who the retailer is (third-party marketplace problem). So you must persist, ask to speak with a supervisor, and emphasise the following info on Amazon's web page:

      Price: $398.40 & FREE Delivery
      In stock
      Ships from and sold by Amazon AU

      Or save the hassle and just buy via Cashrewards (5%) or Shopback (6%) to get cashback for an equivalent or better expense.

    • I haven't found any OW store around with a stock. HN refused to match Amazon.

  • Available at Amazon for $398.40 and with 5% cashrewards cashback comes down to $378.48

  • Is it only used for bigger houses? Does a small 2bedder need this?

    • We have a smaller place and got the RBK30 which is for smaller places and costs a lot less. That was ideal for us and had been amazing!

  • Been waiting for this for a while!
    My house is long and I have a nighthawk with an extender on the other side, but using the same SSID is not stable so I’ve been having to switch wifi depending where I am sitting. A PITA to be honest.
    Not a cheap option for convenience, but WTH, thanks OP!

    • I hope you will be happy with the performance of the Orbi system but that is not how Wi-Fi works. Wireless roaming is determined by the client and not by the access point. There are some techniques what will help but mesh or not, if your client is badly programmed to hang on to a signal, then there is nothing you can do to make it roam to a better station besides manually switching to a distinct SSID. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/5478352/redir

      • client is … programmed to hang on to a signal, then there is nothing you can do to make it roam

        except, … play with “Roaming Aggressiveness” setting in adaptor’s setting.

      • Cheers mate. It’s mostly iOS devices I have issues with. A couple of iPhones and iPads that love to latch onto a wireless signal for deer life.
        I have no issues with the nighthawk or the extender as long as I don’t leave the area. Both can stream 4K content from my NAS to the TV without any issues or buffering. Streaming twitch or YouTube is also perfect on the TV or mobile devices, as long as I don’t leave the bedroom to the kitchen or backyard.

  • Hi just a couple of questions. If i have NBN FTTN but with Telstra can i run this router also… can i run a VPN in the router? Or where coukd i find this info?

  • Can I use this if I have an optus cable? Plug in the cable into this?

  • Looks like solid reviews on this Orbi unit.

    Does Ubitquiti Unifi AP Long Range compare?

    I have never really been able to understand why one over the other?