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20% off @ Myer eBay


MYER store @ eBay


  • 20% off the purchase price (excluding postage costs) on items at Myer
  • maximum discount of $1000 per transaction
  • 3 transactions (up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction)

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    No computer alliance, no deal.

  • +6

    Anything worth buying?

  • +1

    It seems like no TVs available

    • +17

      Then there would be no posts

  • Useless sale. Most items are price jacked!
    Philips slow cooker, Dyson v10, etc.

  • +21

    Last night purchased from Myer Ebay store, a Sodastream Power model for $180 ($199 - 10% P10Less).

    Today it is priced at $200 ($249 - 20% PMY20)

  • Folks do we have watches listed on eBay Myer? Unable to find any of Men’s watches. Thanks

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      Don't waste your time. There double what you can get them for online.

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    • Lol

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      may not be able to claim free dock with it. Not sure how the invoice would be

  • +1

    The Dyson Hairdryer for $399 is decent.

  • Myer Weekend sale with 10% off >>> Normal price with 20% off

  • +4

    For all the price-jacking comments. Myer's prices fluctuate weekly for various sales. Their ebay prices almost always match their instore/online prices. Usually the prices of most items will move at least once during these 20% Myer ebay sales. Very often what might be priced at RRP at the start of the 20% period ends up with significant discount at the end, and vise versa. If you've got your eye on something, keep your eye on it. You might be pleasantly surprised with a deal stacking oportunity. If anything dodgy happens, it's simply that they remove low profit margin items etc from their ebay site before the deal starts, but fair enough really.

    • +3

      yeah nah

    • +3

      Yes. Their in-store and eBay prices match most of the time. I bought a Dyson from ebay store once where they already having discount and with ebay 20%, I saved almost $400. Most of myer or david jones prices are higher than normal retail shop anyway. But sometimes you still can score some really good bargain or price match in store if you want earn Myer points.

  • Sunbeam London Collection toaster/kettle is a further 20% off after the 1/2 price that was posted yesterday. Brings them down to $55ish each which is getting close to the Amazon Boxing Day price.


    • The white kettle is $45 on Amazon with Prime (and 5% Cash Rewards).

  • -3

    Unless 40% off, not much of bargains.

    • Yes a lot of luggage is 40% off in store and I think the normal price on the eBay store was the same. But now it has gone up to the full price.

  • Their Panasonic bread maker went up fifty bucks in less than ten hours. 25% price rise…..

    • +1

      Got mine from GG ebay 20% off for about $210
      Great machine. I'd happily pay $250

      • Yeah. Looking at gg right now… Wondering if the 10% off is going to go live :)

  • +1

    Prices went up.

    Looked at a Hurom Juicer, was $599 a few days ago when 12% off sitewide was still active. Would have been $527.

    Now with 20% off, price has gone up to RRP, $749. After 20% off will be $599, which was the list price a few days ago when 12% was still active.


    • For that price, I would buy Vitamix.

      • Just looked it up. That's a blender. Not what I'm looking for.

  • The bastards have jacked the price of LEGO Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter 75218 by $20.

  • +2

    Dyson v10 Absolute + is $799.20. Just purchased it. Other than the offer the other day which I couldn't get to work haven't seen this cheap. You can also redeem the DOK valued at $200 from Dyson once your receive the device.

    • Same :)

    • did u confirm with Dyson? I think ebay store is not listed as eligible for the claim

      • +4

        Myer is a listed store. An tax invoice comes from Myer. There is nothing on the Dyson website excluding Myer purchases via Ebay. If all else fails, Myer also have a 30 day refund policy.

  • -1

    they just hope to get the suckers who see 20% off an assume it's a good price.
    like the people who join an electricity retailer because they offer 39% off without bothering to check the rates.

  • No results found for "seller:myer_store_official fitbit versa"


  • they removed the HD9651 airfryer

  • GoPro 7 Black for $480 is… okay. Lowest is $440 from GoodGuys with 20% off

  • The stuff I've been watching (kenwood chef xl, etc) has previously been consistently on some kind of sale on myer ebay (10-20% off), is now back up to full RRP, which is very disappointing.

  • -1

    Hi, would they match the eBay price in store?
    I’m asking as I have a Myer gift card to use

    Edit: I’m trying to get in touch with them to have an answer…

    • +3

      no they wont

    • Can always try - it probably depends on store/salesperson. I had luck getting them to price match the LEGO Ferris Wheel Set with the eBay price. I used up a returns card, gift cards, got MyerOne points and the Xmas Ornament promotion which was on at the time. I showed the lady I could click and collect from this exact store so why don’t you just sell it to me directly.

    • Myer at Macquarie Park and CBD refused to Price match Myer ebay, but will price match Myer website. don't know why they have different price for Myer website and store, but happened to me last year when I try to get Lego as well.

  • Ipads removed from offering. Meh..

  • Anyone know if you can use gift cards through myer ebay store?

    • +2

      Not for Myer Gift Card, Yes for eBay Gift Card…

  • +1

    I can't even easily search the Myer items … my god ! can't do a search by seller + item! this is so 2000s…

  • Think I may go with a Breville Barista Express for $560. They have been as low as $520 just before Christmas.

  • Thanks for the heads up. I got the Breville Barista Express for $560. Was just tossing up between the express and a Gaggia plus grinder and the cost saving swayed me.

  • Thanks, bought Dyson big ball animal vacuum for $559, solid deal

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