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[Club Catch + UNiDAYS] Bose QuietComfort 35 II $310.50 Delivered @ Catch


Club catch and unidays required for best price mentioned in title

[Club Catch + UNiDAYS] Bose QuietComfort 35 II $310.5 Delivered @ Catch

Combine with 6% off gift cards via Suncorp

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  • Don't forget 6% e-gift cards for those with RACQ ;)

  • As someone past their uni years - does unidays require a current enrollment?

    • it goes for a year after verification and requires current student email only.

    • Nope, just a working uni email address. I still have access to my @connect.qut.edu.au email and just need to click on a re-verification email every year.

  • Is it a good price folks?

  • How much does Club catch cost? Great price otherwise!

  • I've got unidays but can't find it on there… is it from the catch website?

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    Headphones are getting expensive these days. Are these worth the price tag, is it for audiophiles or gamers or do these beat cheaper models commuting on the train each day? Curious.

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      I'm surprised you've been here for 11 years and haven't noticed the steady stream of QC35's & similar posted consistently. IMO audio is something that shouldn't be skimped on if you give half a shit about quality. These are fantastic headphones that provide great noise cancelling for travelling - I don't think BT ANC headphones could ever be classes as audiophile but these are pretty much as good as this category gets. I use them for both music & gaming.

      • Living under a rock I guess

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      These are noise cancelling, ideal for people who travel by train/plane or just want to cancel out droning noises. Audio quality not great. The Sony WH1000XM3 are superior headphones around the same price on sale, much better sound quality and latest features such as touch control etc.

      • Got it thanks for clarifying. They'd actually be handy for my flights I regularly take for work.

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          For what it's worth the above info is pretty subjective. "Much" better sound quality is a bit of a stretch

          • @Hinee: Alongside this, the comfort level or fit will be different depending on head size and/or personal preference.
            I find the Bose a lot more comfortable, but the Sony tech is great (e.g gesture your hand over your ear allows pause and ambient noise for say a plane boarding announcement)

            Rumour has it that there will be an updated Bose model soon, but with an updated price tag as well no doubt.

            Advice is head to your local JB and try a few different ones and see what feels good, comfort is king IMO and worth sacrificing other things for.

          • +1

            @Hinee: I love that someone neg'd my comment with no response. I own both sets of cans - both have pros and cons.

  • Unidays coupon stopped working now ?

    • Yep unidays coupon doesnt work anymore. Luckily i just placed an order before unidays coupon was disabled.

      • Unidays code still working. Managed to apply successfully online in Catch.

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    My peeve with this crappy headphone is the microUSB. Maybe Bose can stop cheapening the build cost on these by now…

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      I've got a feeling that now there is a legitimate contender in Sony, they will be seriously looking at an upgrade before long.

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        You would think that by 2019, any decent company with any sort of proper R&D program would be designing in USB C port into their premium headphones. The fact that this is series 2 tells me this company don't care about selling people new headphones that are already obsolete.

        In a couple of years, no device would have microUSB port and no one would need to be carrying around that cable, except if you bought a new Bose headphone.

        • +2

          That what happens when you have the market cornered,you get lazy because people are going to buy them anyway. Mind you the Sonys can only connect to one Bluetooth source at a time, to me that's just as bad as having a micro USB.

          • @madreece: If you're that anal-retentive about not having a micro-USB cable lying around, then just buy a cable with multiple connectors (lightning, USBC, Micro). Having USB-C doesnt make it "premium" at all. BTW its still technically possible to fast charge with microUSB, maybe not 100W but enough for a pair of headphones.

            The fact Sony STILL has not fixed multi-pairing to this day is what puts me off the XM3. I suspect they will fix in the next iteration.

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    Slightly off topic but I got the TaoTronics BH22's a while back for under $60 and did a back to back comparison with friends who have the Sony and Bose. The ANC is definitely much better on the expensive brands but sound quality was surprisingly close. In fact I reckon the BH22's have better bass than the others, the Sony's had slightly clearer mids and highs, but not worth the extra $270 for me. But then I don't use mine for travel, just around the house, and while mowing the lawn etc.

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