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3-in-1 Camera Cleaning Kit (Blower, Pen and Cloth) AU$5.99 + Free Shipping @ K&F Concept


1pcs only for one customer, shipped from China.
for cameras, lenses, other photographic equipment or monitors.

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  • For ~$6 it is probably ok (I wouldn't spend $16), but is it Macrofiber Cleaning Cloth, Mircofer or Microfiber (or perhaps even Microfibre)?

    Sorry, but surely proofreading is a component of marketing a product.


      Microfiber cloth

      • I think they're referring to the fact that the title says "Macrofiber Cleaning Cloth" (incorrect), then the Features says "Mircofer Lens Cleaning Cloth" (incorrect), and then the Description finally says "Microfiber lens cleaning cloth" (correct, but not in Australia/UK English).

        They're telling you to get someone who knows basic English to proofread your content!

    • maybe it's for a macro lens? ;)

  • Get a LensPen and be a lot happier with your purchase.

    • I've got a lenspen and it looks pretty much the same as this does in the photo. Have you had a negative experience with this one?

      • Oh I didn't notice the cap came off the other end in this one too. No issues with it, just trust what I know works.

  • 1pcs only for one customer

    So only one customer gets to use this deal?!