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Blackwolf Clearance Sale eg. Turbo 210 Lite Tent $327.19 (RRP $949.99), Luxe 250 Sleeping Bag $30 (RRP $249.99)


Looks like some pretty good pricing on some decent gear. Credit to OP (adgnetworks) who got unpublished as didn't include any deals. Had a look and some great deals on tents, sleeping bags and bags. Checked pricing vs tentworld etc and significantly cheaper for tent and sleeping bag listed in title.


Contour 28 Daypack https://www.blackwolf.com.au/store/packs-and-bags/daypacks--...

Turbo 210 Lite tent https://www.blackwolf.com.au/store/tents/turbo-tent/turbo-li...

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  • Credit to OP who got unpublished as didn't include any deals

    This wouldn't have happened under the guiding hand of PJC


    Killa bags, I got 2 mona40's and they are tough bags.

    Nice one op

    • So $50 is a good price? Would it be suitable as a carry on luggage at the airport?

      • It's a great price but it feels clunky with the side compression straps and the dimension 55 X 32 X 29 Cm looks thick when you try to squeeze it under the seat or overhead luggage space.

        I probably go for the Vapour 30L myself, it's 'taller' upright even though it comes with a side compression straps too.


        Yes I used it for traveling overseas for 5 years. Moving from country to country every 6 weeks and I didn't put a dint in it

    • I have the old monashee 40L.

      I used it as my only bag while travelling SE Asia for 5 months in 2013.

      I also used it as my only bag while hiking the himalayas just over a year ago.

      I was able to take it as carry on in both instances, which is why I originally purchased it.

      The shoulder strap broke at the stitching while in the Himalayas over the previous 2017/18 new year period. I repaired it with a needle and dental floss, but this obviously shouldn't have happened.

      I invoked Black Wolf's lifetime warranty, but they never responded.

      I don't think this is really serious gear. If you look at the people in the videos it kind of shows that they are unfit, lack serious knowledge (etc).

      The gear is fine for casual users though. Not on the same level as osprey or even macpac as far as bags go.

      • I have also found blackwolf dodgy with their bags for serious travel. I have an old macpac which has lasted 15+ years of abuse, through similar scenarios as yourself and more.

        will give a sleeping bag a go for $20 though.

        • Yeah, I still just bought the 55l blite to replace my monashee.

          The prices in this deal are still good for what is offered. I wouldn't expect them to honour their lifetime guarantee or buy anything else of theirs unless very heavily discounted though.


          Did u go to war? Mine has held up perfectly fine, i consider myself to have done a fair bit of traveling and my blackwolf has hardly any wear

  • Yea i got unpublished because im a noob :-(

    • +17 votes

      Feels a bit harsh to unpublish. You directed us to some great deals. We’re all capable of searching a website.
      Thanks. I am now the proud owner of camping gear I will most likely never use!

    • +2 votes

      I bought a couple of sleeping bags for the kids from your original deal, so I thought it was a bit harsh to pull your post.

    • +3 votes

      Couldn’t work out how to find your name. I waited a fair while to let you repost but did try and give you credit. Great find mate!

    • I just gave you a +1 so you should get a medal at least ¯_(ツ)_/¯


      Next time publish with a title including either ebay/Xiaomi that will get your foot in the door :)

  • Cheers, grabbed a couple of sleeping bags.

  • become a member (free) to get free shipping too- otherwise $10

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    This is an amazing deal for the Turbo 240 Lite Twin - I'd buy this in a heartbeat if I didn't have the 300 version already https://www.blackwolf.com.au/store/tents/turbo-tent/turbo-24...

  • I had previously posted about BlackWolf B-Lite Hiking Backpack 55L - $120 + shipping on special.
    It's very similar to the $236 Osprey Exos 48 (VERY SIMILAR!!).


    I just bought two more because they're $56.33 delivered!!!!

  • Some prices are decreasing further. Seems a bit strange. Contour 28 Daypack a few minutes ago was $14.40, now $8.64.

  • They've started to change prices

  • Site getting OzBargained now!!!!!

    Managed to get few bags.

  • Luxe 250 sleeping bag now $18 delivered. So I bought two! Thanks OP.

  • Some of the prices have changed, the Luxe 250 bag is now $100….!

  • Just keep refreshing…

  • If anyone grabbed an extra sleeping bag they're looking to offload, let me know!

  • website crashing hard

  • Think my order got through. Got it on the paypal statement.

  • Website has been OzBargained…

  • Good work ozb. ozbargained it to death

  • totally over ordered. damn u ozbargain.

  • +3 votes

    Really got to learn not to post the deal before I had purchased, noob error ;-)

  • Well after roughly 50mins+ of stuffing around, clicking refresh, re inputting my card details (because it came up with errors) and removing and adding various items. My original purchase of 59 dollars has ended up as 3 transactions of $97, $161 and $99.
    I didnt get any pop up or email so I kept thinking the site was crashing, but I just looked at my bank account details to find that some went through…
    Anything I can do about this?

  • I got a BW bag 11 years ago and it's good as the day I got it with minor scruffs.

    Indeed BIFL quality.

  • Site is borked, CC and paypal not working grrr. Can't actually make payment. Yes I saw some prices go up too. But the one I know for sure is not out of stock so not sure if price went back up due to out of stock or what…

    • I thought CC wasnt working, kept trying till it crashed fully. Check your banking details, see if any transactions went through. I had a few go through.

      • Just checked and you are correct!! I've been charged twice now on CC and once on Paypal. With zero email confirmations. Paypal receipt has finally come through… crap.

  • Blackwolf is good stuff. Great find

  • Payment processed by bank at correct price but site crashed before confirmation and no email confirmation.

    EDIT: order shows in “Order History” when logged back in. I gues we’ll see.

  • The site is now unreachable but I did earlier manage to place one order. I speculate they pulled the plug.

  • Thanks, OP. Got a Zambezie for $37 delivered. Ordered w/Paypal @ 21:45

  • This deal has not expired and is still available

  • Seems if you are signing in you get the 500 error at checkout most times. You dont get the error if not signing in but then have to pay shipping.

    • Signed in for free shipping and it seems the the credit card is billed even with the "The page cannot be displayed because an internal server error has occurred" error at checkout and no confirmation email issued. I now have multiple transactions showing on bank statement, so not sure what's going on. Hopefully can sort it out in the morning.

  • Thanks OP and re-poster. Got a Micron 300 for $23 shipped! Hopefully it goes through

  • bought a 240 twin with the extra fly and screen…hopefully the family likes to camp!

  • Thanks! Made a purchase and hopefully it arrives :)

  • What is the synsilk lining of their bags like compared to cotton? El cheapo bags have polyester lining which is horrible in warmer weather, so does synsilk breathe better?

  • Paid with PayPal. Payment went through on Paypal but no confirmation from the store website - instead it went back to the homepage with an empty cart. No email confirmation either. Website now says the item is out of stock. A little bit worried!

  • Ordered at 11.30pm. Website returned a 'success' page with order number (paid by cc). No email yet, but these guys are pretty good (ie. not shonky.). They are the manufacturer, not retailer so should honour the clearance (which by the way is pretty solid. These prices are very good for their gear).

    • Got the same for a further order with tent and chair

    • can you guys see your order on your My Account | Order History?

      After completing an order via paypal it did say to print out this order receipt page as Email confirmations were not currently working.


      Working for me: getting both Order & PayPal confirmation.

      Site is getting hammered: 9000+ clicks.

    • The clearance price is mentioned on their facebook page as well. So definitely not price error.

  • Wondering if anybody contemplating on getting a Grand Teton 90 Travel Pack?

    Anybody had experience with this pack? Looks ok on demo youtube. its a 2013 design im guessing.. not that date matters?
    on prodrev put 1 star claiming bad design for his back?
    edit: 150 on ebay brandnew

  • I know someone who has a 70+10 bugaboo in a khaki colour, he isn't using it anymore and he believes it should cost a lot cheaper than rrp, if ya know what I mean.

  • Ordered a couple sleeping bags for the kids and for me and a daypack. See what turns up…

  • Oh I had a small blackwolf hiking tent that took some serious battering, took it through nz and canada. Was a fantastic tent for the price, just as good as tents 4x the price from the likes of macpack and what not

  • Ordered the Micron 300 Sleeping Bag (Green) for $22.37 delivered.
    $187.62 saving is pretty damn good!!

  • I can recommend the freestyle 30 daypack. I have been using them for years for every day use. I also use them bushwalking and on the mtb and motorbike. It's just the pack I always have. It is supposed to be an urban pack, but it is really one of the better designed packs in general. It has bigger zips, better harness points, good back ventilation considering there's no frame, it's tough (I come off my bikes a few times over the years, and taken tumbles while climbing etc).