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BenQ W1090 2000 ANSI 1080P DLP Home Theatre Projector $849.15 + Delivery (Free with eBay Plus) @ Computer Alliance eBay


Solid price on what many say is a good first home theatre projector.

It's DLP and 'only' 1080p but should still wow most people, be good for movies, sport, and the occasional game session. Good quality 4K content is still not prolific so you're not missing too much immediately. Pair this with a high quality 1080p source and you'll have a solid home movie experience.

Review here for those that are interested.

I'm using a W1300 but this is tempting!

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    I use the Benq W1070 in our home theatre on a 150 inch screen; looks fantastic.

    Highly recommend BenQ as an entry level projector.

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      Agreed on the w1070. I have one that's been calibrated on a 135" screen and it performs really well. It overpowers light coming from outside and ceiling lights that might be on sometimes.


        Did you use an online guide to calibrate? If so, would you mind sharing a link if you have one?


          One of the ones I originally used was provided by the AVS forum located here

          Here's a direct link to the MP4 files

          I was tossing up between doing a calibration like this or an isf one. isf was simply too expensive and didn't yield much better results.

          After going through all of those steps, my setup was much less washed out and not over brightened compared to default settings.


    ditto on BENQ for 1080p projectors, brilliant!!


    With several projectors,including an extremely disappointing BenQ W1070,may I suggest considering an Epson TW5600 at a similar price.

    99% of my use is with the previous TW5300 model.


      What was wrong with the W1070 to make it ‘extremely disappointing’?


        Globe failed well before 25% of expected lifetime.

        Rainbow effect.

        Much prefer TW5300 picture.

        Quieter PJ.

        Quite frankly purchased a replacement globe,however couldn't be bothered fitting it up. Boxed.

        Have a second TW5300. One of the last. Still bnib. Has composite inputs :)


      Problem with the Epsons is the Input Lag, over 100ms in some models.
      Fine for movies, just not if you play games.
      I have a W1080ST that I picked up cheap I'm trying to repair.

      I have vertical lines down the display, after successfully repairing a horizontal line problem.
      its REALLY frustrating.

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        Meh. Have a PS4 VR for gaming.

        All the best with your repairs!


        The W1070,W1080ST,TW5300 and TW5600 are all around 33ms.


    I own this and a Optoma uhd51a (both have 3d but the latter is 4k) I don’t see much difference in the quality watching 3m away from the screen. Go for it.
    Very light veight and awesome colora and clarity.
    Bit noisy though.