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Xiaomi Dreame Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 20,000Pa Suction $307.95 Delivered @ Gearbite eBay


Great price on this vacuum cleaner - cheaper than the last deal.

Here are a couple of reviews from Ozbargain users -
Review #1.

Brand : Xiaomi Dreame
Rated Power : 400W
Battery Capacity: Standard 60mins,Max mode 8Mins
Inhalation Power: 120AW
Dust Cup Capacit: 0.5L
Product Weight: 1.5Kg
Patented Motor: Space 3.0 Brushless Motor
Suction : 20,000Pa
Filter: Multiple Filtration
Smart Cool : Smart Cool 3.0 System
Simplified Trash: One Button to release
Operation Manual: English
Warranty: 12 Months

Original POST10 10% off Sitewide on eBay Deal Post

ABN 60 615 962 500

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  • How long does this last after fully charged? Also is the suction power big enough?

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      eco-mode for 60 mins, standard 28 mins and max mode 8 mins. Max mode have 20,000pa suction.

      • Hey rep, thanks for this deal, might jump on it.

        Any deals in the near future for the s50? I'm looking at getting both.

  • Great price - thanks OP!

  • +1

    Had mine 2 weeks and love it.

  • How does it compare to Dyson?

  • Hi rep, unrelated to this thread but are you restocking the Mi Purifier 2S soon? I missed out on the last deal unfortunately.

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      Still wait for new stocks.

  • I like the stick vacuums the ones where motor is somewhere in the middle of the stick. This one is too heavy and not well balanced

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    Most reviews I see above are compared to a dc35 and dc44 Dyson. I don’t think that is a fair comparison. I wonder how comparable it is to a v6. When I got my v6 5 years ago I remember it being 100% better than my dc44. I think considering the solid 2years warranty on a v6 Dyson I don’t know about paying similar money for a xiaomi. I mean people buy xiaomi phones because they are 1/2 the price of the competition. And for 1/2 the price you can put up with no warranty and quirks but for similar money I think it may not be worthwhile.

    • The V6 (few years old now) doesn’t even hold a candle to Xiaomi Dreame. The Dreame is compared to the v8 and I believe the suction is slightly stronger than the v8 too.

      At $306, it’s about half of the v8 don’t you think?

      • The v6 is 100 air watts at max and this is 120 air watts max. The Dyson has two years end to end Aus warranty and replacement parts available once that warranty is over. As you say This xiaomi is a better performer. But I think wouldn’t hold a candle is a big call. Also, You can get a v7 for low $300s during sale periods to and the head is much better than a v6 head so that might close the gap a little. Also there is the lg a9 range available for mid to low $400s and that comes with interchangeable soft and carpet heads for that. So this is good value and it has a 3 in front of the price which puts it in the give it a go range for someone that would not buy a hand stick otherwise but the competition is not necessarily blown away.

        Historical v7 prices:-

        Alternative options using 10% off code:-
        V6 animal origin with the updated direct drive head.


        • Good on you for keeping things in perspectives. It’s people like you who give more expensive brands a chance in the market.

          And I can totally understand that. It’s just like how I splash almost twice the money for an iPhone when I can get something equivalent if not better spec at half the price. I’d justify it with irrational reasons to make myself feel good about paying more for an iPhone.

  • Seems a good valued handhold,should be bit cheaper in order to get more dyson lovers' market.

  • Rep, you claim in previous post Carpet Special Head available in 2 months time. Is the roller on the Xiaomi Dreame head removable? Looks to me like it is and looks to me to be the same as the Roidmi F8 roller (just different color).

    So my question is, does the carbon fibre brush/roller on the Roidme F8 (which is available now) fit the Xiaomi Dreame?

    • I thought I'd ask this here as you seem to know both the models…
      What is the difference between the F8 and the Dreame? Which one is better / more worth the money?

      • +1

        Have the F8 buying the V9 for another family member. The motors have the same specs. The accessories all "appear" to be the same. Bins are different and total suction figures different. Batteries in V9 now from Samsung. Will update when V9 arrives.

        Bought the F8 on special at release. Came with all accessories. Very happy with it. Would buy again but V9 just released and cheaper at the moment. Downside is V9 does not come with the carpet carbon brush roller or the flexible hose. I believe they are basically the same unit with some minor modification in the newer V9 model.

        I am guessing crowdsourcing paid for the F8 to be developed and now Xiaomi cashing in with the V9.

        • Thanks for that.
          Also, based off this comment, seems like the brush head fits


          • +1

            @kmish: V9 arrived so can now compare to F8.

            Accessories while very similar have different electrical connections. Suction pipe from head on V9 has larger diameter than V9. Brushes in head on V9 connect to head motor with 3 prong sprocket, 6 prong sprocket on F8. Tried inserting F8 carpet brush in V9 and it would fit if not for the different sprocket. Can see no easy way to get F8 carpet brush to work in V9.

            • @rifter: Could you let me know how the head that would work on carpets for the V9 performs?

    • roller on the Xiaomi Dreame head is removable. But F8 roller will not fit for dreame V9. Dreame V9 have better suction performance. It start motor in 0.3S and suction won't be weaken during the use.

  • Looks a good option.

    Is there due to be an update to an AU plug this month and an indication of attachments? Think i read this on a previous post.

    Does the CN and an adapter really make a difference?

  • +4

    Here’s my review:
    I’ve had mine for about two weeks, but one of the parts were faulty. Gearbite ebay store quickly supplied me with a return label, I posted only the faulty part and they’ve sent the replcement back to me today. The Gearbite store is very efficient with helping!

    In regard to the vacuum itself, I don’t have any Dyson vacuums to compare it to. I have the $89 Kmart vacuum that has been compared to Dyson and my review may compare to that. I’ve never owned a stick vacuum before but I was surprised by the power by this vacuum at standard and max mode despite the small size. I have a 2 bedroom/2 bathroom unit and the baterry lasts to clean the whole unit switching between eco and stardard modes.

    It’s a “trigger” style power button that you need to push and hold to use the vacuum. I don’t find my hands get cramped or sore, and I find the trigger button makes it easier to save the battery while moving stuff (chairs, random unsorted piles on the floor, etc) around. It quickly turns on and off when pushing the trigger.

    The grip is mostly comfortable but my wrist gets sore after using it for a long time. The grip feels the same as Dyson hand sticks which I’ve tested in Harvey Norman.

    I cleaned the inside of my SUV over the weekend using the bug removal head and the two 2-in-1 heads which were very easy to switch out and got most of the tight corners.

    The dust collector is very efficiently made and the lid pops open very quickly making emptying a breeze. Just make sure it’s positioned over the bin first or you might have to vacuum again like my husband did.

    Unfortunately the only disappointment I have is that it performs poorly on rugs and carpets while using the standard mode. I’m unsure if it’s the roller head design or what, but for now I’m going to lug around my corded, extremely heavy Kmart vacuum since it makes my carpets feel extra clean. My home is a no-shoes-indoors home, so the rugs/carpets don’t get heavily soiled but they do gather dust and some food crumbs in the living/dining. I could perhaps use the bug removal head but it doesn’t have a joint and is at a set angle. There’s supposed to be a carpet head available as an optional accessory available in 1-2 months, which I’n looking forward to getting and trying.

    I didn’t mind that it has a US plug as I had a spare converter plug lying around.

    Edit: forgot to mention that it’s much quieter than I expected, and it doesn’t heat up after extended use.

    • Thanks for the review. How does it perform on carpets in the Max mode? Or is there no such mode.

      • +1

        It's pretty good, but it's quoted to only last 8 mins on max mode with a fully charged battery - so I avoid using it plus it takes a while to charge to 100% again.

    • +2

      Carpet Roller will able for sale around May.

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