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Xiaomi Dreame Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 20,000Pa Suction $319.95 Delivered @ Gearbite eBay


I've reached out to the Gearbite rep to do a deal on this vacuum cleaner and he's agreed. The price here is cheaper than through Shopro ($339.95).

This product is very popular in China with 99% positive feedback from thousands of reviews.

Brand : Xiaomi Dreame
Rated Power : 400W
Battery Capacity: Standard 60mins,Max mode 8Mins
Inhalation Power: 120AW
Dust Cup Capacit: 0.5L
Product Weight: 1.5Kg
Patented Motor: Space 3.0 Brushless Motor
Suction : 20,000Pa
Filter: Multiple Filtration
Smart Cool : Smart Cool 3.0 System
Simplified Trash: One Button to release
Operation Manual: English
Warranty: 12 Months

Original PLACE10 10% off Sitewide on eBay Deal Post

ABN 60 615 962 500

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  • +2

    20,000 Pa sounds much more impressive than 20 kPa or 0.2 atmosphere, when you remember the standard average atmospheric pressure at sea level is 101.3 kPa or 101,300 Pa.

    • Wow, I've learnt something new. Thanks alvian!

  • +8

    Is this more powerful than the latest dyson?

  • +1

    If it looks like a dyson, smells like a dyson it must be a dyson copy.

    • +9

      About time someone copied dyson so they can have more humble pricing

      • F#$k yeah Xiaomi kills off Dyson.

        This is stealing artist at best.

    • +5

      Dyson might sue them but China will trash the court case, they always protect their copycats

    • Lucky you didn’t buy a Dyson then

  • +5

    it has more suction than dyson v10 spec-wise

    • +4

      Specs mean nothing. What’s the real world performance like?

  • +1

    is this different from F8 ?

    • +1

      It's a different unit. But I don't know which one is better.

      • I've returned my F8 for this one. They seem to be identical but the Dreame has a dock.

    • Very different as they're made by completely different companies with this being the better one of the two.

      • +2

        What are you basing that on? I can't find any information to suggest this one is better and a comparison of the two seems to suggest they are almost identical. I would guess that the two units will be almost identical.

        • On which one is better? User feedback and what the rep had said.

          • @Clear: "what the rep had said."

            i guess he wants to sell his product.

            But I'm be keen to buy the Roidmi cause of the parts and charging hanging thing.
            But I am torn between the two.

            • @diddy50: Not my job to Google and YouTube reviews for people. Smart buyers do that.

              • @Clear: No real comparisons for the roidmi vs Dreame. I can use the interwebs and Googles….

                I wouldn't have asked otherwise

                • @diddy50: Spot on, there is nothing to suggest that the Dreame is better than the Roidmi at all. I think Clear realised he jumped the gun which is why he's now gotten defensive.

  • could you ask the Rep to do a deal on Xiaomi robo vacuum too? Thanks a lot.

  • +2

    chibot, Thanks, was looking for one of these from Xiaomi. Did not know they were available yet. Will not pay ridiculous price for a Dyson. This will good for the Car.

  • Any review comparison with latest Dyson?

    • +1

      Comparison with V8.


      • +1

        that’s worth watching for the guy in crash helmet and hanging off the ceiling …that thing really sucks !!

      • +1

        can we trust this one? no mention for suction setting.

      • +1

        I'd like to see a head to head review based on cleaning ability. Anyone know how these compare in terms of cleaning ability, battery life and user experience.

  • What's the difference between this and the Roidmi F8?

    I just purchased the Roidmi F8 but am considering returning it for this model.

  • Is this AU power adapter?

    • +1

      Checked with rep. It's CN adapter now with AU adapter from March 2019 onwards. English manual though.

      • I guess a single au converter should do the trick, no big deal right

  • 8 minutes of battery life in "strong mode"?
    Anyone used one of these?

  • I would like a review of whether the standard mode sucks like a normal reliable vacuum - 60 minutes. I don't want to end up with a vacuum that can only suck at max mode which lasts only 8 minutes.

    • +2

      I recommend you pair one of these with a robot vac (Mi Robot or Rockrobo). Nobody wants to vacuum for 60 minutes each week so let the robot do that. Get one of these for spot cleans and 8 mins is ample.

      This is what we do at our place, and our house has never been cleaner or dust free with minimal effort!

      • It is actually what I plan to do - get both. I didn't have a good experience with a Dyson v6 last time so I am sceptical about this one and need a review. I have heard lots of good reviews about the robovac, so I am definitely going to do that

        • What was wrong with the v6 (outside its high price)? Dyson stick vacs work great from my own experience.

  • +16

    I bought this just recently for $339 and have only owned it for a week. Used it today to vacuum my entire house, approx 100 square meters. 70/30 floorboards/carpet. With the little ones there's plenty of crumbs and crap on our floor constantly. It's got 3 power settings I, II and max. Found going between 1 and 2 was plenty for all surfaces. Had enough battery to do the entire house and used the other attachments to get webs in corners and skirting board. I wasn't timing or anything but managed to do the entire house in about 20-25 mins with battery left. I really like the soft roller head, even tested it on my TV unit for fine dust and it picked it all up. Big bonus of it was how balanced it feels - its easier than the Dyson it's replacing. Now bare in mind I'm comparing this to what I had previously a Dyson dc44 I bought Dec 2017 from ALDI. Will it replace my Shark Rotator wall plug in vacuum, not quiet but I definitely can see myself using it less and less as this is definitely good enough for 80% of the cleaning we do.

    • Thanks for the review! +1. Would you buy again?

      • +2


    • Thanks for the review!!

    • +1

      So your verdict is that it's better than the dc44? In terms of cleaning ability how do the 2 compare including the cleaning attachments and rotation floor brush?

      I own a Xiaomi Rockrobo S50 (which I rate highly and upgraded from the mirobot) and currently use a Dyson DC35 for spot cleans. Would this be a worthwhile upgrade for the dyson? For yourself are you replacing your Dc44 with the Dreame?

      Thanks in advance, cause you being an actual user will probably really help me and others if I should pull the trigger on this one. From the photos alone I like that the crevice head has a retractable brush attached vs my dyson which has 2 seperate heads.

      • +1

        I'm pulling the trigger and getting one. Fingers crossed it's as good as the Dyson V10 at 1/4 of the price. Looks to have all the attachments.

        More info here https://china-gadgets.com/dreame-v9-vacuum-cleaner/

      • +1

        I say go for it. It's 100% better than my dc44. No "stabbing" at crumbs on the floor or bigger things like Nutri-Grain because the dc44 kept kicking it around instead of picking it up. I'm really pleased with the buy!

        • I just opened the Dreame (it arrived today) and whilst I'm very impressed by the suction at MAX here are my initial impressions (after 2 mins btw). Compared to my DC35 it feels a lot heavier, and I would say alot less balanced when using it as a spot vac rather than a floor vac. My Dyson is used with the spot vac crevice nozzle 95% of the time given that the RoboRock does the main floor cleaning duties.

          Because it's heavier it feels very front heavy and it makes it feel as though the tip of the spot vac is alot further away (when it's infact about the same distance as the DC35).

          Another area of concern of the Dreame vs the DC35 is that the main dirt chamber seems to be permanently fixed to the motor. With my DC35 the dirt chamber is detachable which has been extremely useful over the 6 years I've had it as i can take it apart spray it with a hose to clean caked on stains, then use a hairdryer to dry to to prevent water damage. After this I re-assemble the DC35 and it's good as new. I really worry that wet items will cake themselves onto the Dreame and any attempt to clean it as i do with the DC35 will lead to a wet motor and a dead unit!!!

          Given the above I'm not at this point confident that the suction will hold up as the unit ages with caked on dirt in the dirt chamber and there seems to be no easy way to disassemble it for easy cleaning.

          On a positive unit I find the Dreame's docking station, and brush heads more intelligently designed vs my DC35. That's my 2 cents for now, but for me at this point my DC35 is still ahead despite it having less suction power.

          • +5

            @Vietsoldier: Ok had this for a few more days now. The cleaning issue is no longer an issue, I read the manual and it's different how you disassemble it to clean, but it works. So that's no longer a negative. The main difference is now is the extra weight, but that comes with the fact you get a far more powerful motor and likely a bigger battery too. I highly recommend the Dreame at this point, it doesn't make sense to pay such a steep premium to get a Dyson!

            Xiaomi rocks!

    • +1

      Just bought one mostly because of your review!

    • Hey do you know if it's possible to open the roller and add the carbon fiber brush like the roidme? https://www.gearbest.com/robot-vacuum-accessories/pp_0093123...

      • yes.

        • +1

          Hi Rep, I am looking to replace my dyson V6 with this. My house is carpeted and wondering if I need to buy a separate brushing unit for it. If yes, where do I get it from there are not enough parts for sale on ebay.

          • +1

            @Bot456: Carpet speccial roller will available at May.We will put online once available.

  • Looks identical to F8 but willing to give it a try, at least it’s xiaomi 🙌

  • The code doesnt seem to be working.

    I'm debating between this and the Roidmi F8, that soft host attachment would be extremely useful for cleaning your car.. Would I be able to find a hose attachment somewhere somehow?

  • Would it be best to wait for the AU adaptor or buy now and save $$$$

    • It says CN plug, which I thought was the same as the AU plug?

      • Thanks I didn't realise that 😊

      • Got mine, haven't tested but the plug looks more like US plug ||(two straights)instead of the CN/AU /.

        • Correct, it is a US type plug and requires an adaptor. Does anyone have an adaptor that they recommend?

          • +1

            @Fabio08: I'm using the xiaomi powerboard :)

  • The code does not work anymore.

  • While we're on the subject of cheap throwaway hand sticks… Here's one I saw at Bunnings today for $115.

    They had a demo unit, cheap and plasticky, pushed it around for a bit, not sure what to think. Can't compare it to a Dyson but is it worth $115 for what it is?


  • Mine arrived Today, very well made, just charging now. According to my Xiaomi smart Plug "24 watts while charging"

    • +1

      Please keep us posted! Mine should arrive shortly and I am hoping I made the right decision to return the Roidmi.

      • Does not Last long at Max. Did Main bedroom and finished and went flat. Easy to use and clean filters. Been using it on low to median. Did most of my house yesteray. Never ran out of battery. Picked up the fine powder dust off carpet. Just like my corded Dyson. The filter on top was qiuet dirty afer 2 cleans. Washed it in cold water..dryed and back in Business. Very Happy

        • +1

          I believe the max setting doesn't last long on many of these vacuums, but to be honest I don't think you really need it. Are you worried about being able to buy replacement parts if needed?

          • +1

            @Fabio08: Fabio08 Yes, you are correct. Dont realy need max setting Very Quiet as well

  • +1

    Just got mine and did a quick unboxing. The unit itself looks and feels superb and the docking station is exactly what the Roidmi F8 was missing. I did a really quick vacuum in the kitchen and it picked up more than I expected.

    My only worry is that this doesn't appear to be selling in many places and there doesn't seem to be any replacement parts at all like air filters, etc.

    • +5

      Thanks for your feedback, We will bring filters and parts around March to May.

      • +2

        and an au plug?

  • Any one find a way to not keep finger on trigger when using? Shame it is not push on push off. Minor nibble. But still happy.

    • +3

      Just got mine. Very very happy. The suction is stronger than the dysons I tried in stores. Best money I have spent

  • Does this have better suction than the Dyson V6? Since the discounted price is comparable to the Dyson V6 price of $299.

    • Doesn't blow air in your face like the Dyson V6 does.

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