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Xiaomi Dreame Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 20,000Pa Suction $309.95 Delivered @ Gearbite eBay


Hey everyone, with ebay 12% discount code PSAVEIT, we have decided to drop the price on this vacuum to the lowest it has been so far.

We have received great feedback so far from users such as here and here, and are excited to continue to sell this product and provide warranty support for everyone.

Brand : Xiaomi Dreame
Rated Power : 400W
Battery Capacity: Standard 60mins,Max mode 8Mins
Inhalation Power: 120AW
Dust Cup Capacit: 0.5L
Product Weight: 1.5Kg
Patented Motor: Space 3.0 Brushless Motor
Suction : 20,000Pa
Filter: Multiple Filtration
Smart Cool : Smart Cool 3.0 System
Simplified Trash: One Button to release
Operation Manual: English
Warranty: 12 Months

Thank you!

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  • Can you do something similar with the roborock?

  • Great product!

  • Price is incorrect? 369.95 x .88 = 325.56

  • Is the 20,000pa suction on the Normal mode or the Max mode?

  • If this is used once a week, and left on the charger all week.. how long before the battery starts to lose it's capacity? Is the charging station smart enough to stop charging when it reaches 100%, or to manage the discharge to maintain battery health?

    • The Xiaomi Dreame V9 is backed by a Samsung imported lithium battery that delivers about 60-minute run time in energy-saving mode operation.

      thats as much as i know

  • Not fair :( I just bought this vacuum last week with PLACE10 code and paid $319.95. It arrived this morning, can't wait to try it out after work :D

  • Any reviews on this? Or compared to Roidmi F8?

  • FYI Not au plug

  • Op any special on xiaomi air purifier??

  • is this better than dyson v10?

  • The dust bin looks a bit small?

    Also - what is going on in the second picture?



      Dust bin is 0.5L, second picture show how to remove the main dirt chambe, then you can wash it after taking out.

      • How does it compare with Dyson's cordless vacuum cleaners?

        • I have one and compared to my DC35, the Dreame is alot better. Here are my pros and cons vs the DC35.

          - significantly more powerful in terms of suction.
          - more and better accessories that have inbuilt brush tips
          - better designed dock that holds all accessories
          - battery 3 led light indicator (vs dyson when battery cuts out with no warning)

          - feels alot heavier, likely due to bigger battery and motor.

          Things worth noting:
          - the handle is angled vs the dyson which has a vertical grip.
          - disassembling the internal chambers for cleaning is slightly different to the dyson.

          • @Vietsoldier: Not to mention your paying significantly cheaper than a Dyson which is the dead give away, so it’s a better you and cheaper there’s two reasons to throw your Dyson out.

            • @DEvok: I'm not throwing out my dyson. It's moved into the garage to be a stick vac for my cars.

              Disclaimer, I'm a big Xiaomi fanboy. I find their products of exceptional quality at an amazing price point. I admire their mission to deliver excellent products to their local consumers at a price that Chinese locals can afford! I find it great that a Chinese company is focused on great products for primarily the Chinese consumer.

              So to answer your question, at the same cost id still pick the Xiaomi Dreame over the the DC35. If I had a v8 or a V10 to compare I'd give my opinion on the same but I don't own those so I can't say. What I can say is the Xiaomi is well designed, well built and excellent quality.

              • @Vietsoldier: Will you dreame produce high pitch noise when using the max mode? I find it quite uncomfortable when you hear for few minutes. I am not sure if this is normal for that machine. Thanks

    • Parts list
      8 = Electric Bug Remova Vacuuming Head

      "2-in-1 Station for battery charging and Vacuuming Heads Docking
      The battery charging is made simple and secure on the station that was constructed similar to an airplane."

      "Advanced R&D Gave Birth to the Supreme Product
      It took our R&D team 3 years of diligent and hard work to arrive at the innovative and technically most advanced Space 3.0 motor that can fast start at a lightning speed in 0.3 secs with 100Krpm cycolne revolutions to deliver 20Kpa suction force."

      It looks like a Dyson v7 or v8, but Xiamoi are smart they didnt copy dyson at all, so they gave it the model number V9, rofl

    • I think they are showing how you can use it to clean the parts. They are using the outlet of the vacuum to flush the adapter piece.

  • Does anyone know how it compares to the equivalent Dyson?

  • No flexible hose attachment for car vacuuming?

  • Torn between this and the F8.. really want the F8 for the hose attachment, no real reviews out there between the two either.

  • Hi OP,

    Any chance for a deal for Xiaomi Air Purifier 2S? :)

  • Is the brush fluffy or those bristle ones?

    • The bigger head is a fluffy material with a slightly stiffer bristle material in between the fluffy bits, if that makes sense. The smaller head is a longer bristle material.

  • Xiaomi is the chinese Dyson, same technology but advanced Chinese tech, overall get a Xiaomi as same as Dyson only cheaper.

  • How does warranty work if any problems?

    • +2 votes

      Main device will come with 12 Months warranty, if have any problems we will cover the return postage as well. Accessories come with 3 months warranty.

    • Gearbite is pretty good with returns, generally good with all their Xiaomi product

  • anyone had problems with the trash debris?

    I had the dyson v6 or whatever the purple one is and while you can entirely eject the bucket with a second press of the release button, its hard to get stuff stuck between the wall and the back section of the bucket thanks to the shape of the middle bit (hope that made sense)

    wondering if this can be taken apart for better cleaning


      One button to release the buttom cover. You can also remove main dirt chambe by follow the instruction here, then you can wash it after taking out.

      • I've only used mine a few times, but each time I've had to remove the main chamber to empty the bin which isn't the most hygeienic method.

        Just can't get all the crap it sucked out!

        Apart from that, this thing is great!

    • Here's a copy of the English manual. You can see how it disassembles for cleaning the internal cyclone and filter. It's slightly different to the dyson, but it works. http://imgur.com/gallery/wkkLKSV

  • How does this compared to VAX blade pro vx63? They both seem to be around the same price range.
    Not many reviews on Xiaomi :/

  • Wondering how this would stack up against a similar priced Dyson V6?

    • It should be equivalent or even better than the v8-10, look up reviews for comparisons.

  • Good artists copy, Great artists steal - Steve Jobs

    Xiaomi definitely killed off Dyson this time.

    All these Chinese companies making heaps, stealing profits away from Western companies they doing great.

    Power to China… Apple no more. Xiaomi Huawei Rocking the world, Xiaomi taking over Dyson hahaha

    Even the Koreans cannot compete with their LG cordless zero.

    The race is over Xiaomi won. You can buy two of these for one dyson or LG

    Say hello to your overlord

    You would be silly to get Dyson v10 after using this

    Me gonna wait for v2, existing Dyson V6 not dead yet

    • neonlight, lol. Dyson made in China, but at Westerners Prices. Xiaomi for me. Dyson to much Cash.

      • Haha good I agree. Xiaomi all the way. Only problem is it has a small compartment

        Dyson made in Malaysia I thought

    • I hope they keep releasing more vacuum's. The prices that dyson ask for are criminal. Need to be put in their place.

      Xiaomi & roborock and already killing the robot vac competition at a reasonable price point, hopefully they can do the same for cordless vacs too.

  • Does this suck or a Dyson better?

  • “This code can't be applied to your order.”
    Psaveit does not work. I havd been trying for hours.
    Is the shopping category covered by this code?

  • An image in the description says the sale price is $339.95, but the actual price is $352.22

  • This has only got a fluffy head for hardfloors(?). No motorized head for carpet? Is that right?

    • roonie, Has two power heads, the smaller one is a bug Zapper type. The heads are felt like material "Just like the Dyson" They do a great job.

  • Hi @Gearbite,

    Where can i purchase replacement parts from? specifically the roller heads for hard and soft floors.

    Thank you.

    Kind regards,

  • Have the vacuum delivered this morning. Was surprised with the lack of any packaging. It came in its own box without any wrapping or shipping box. The box was damaged in couple of places. I haven't opened it yet (left for work) an don't know if anything inside was damaged.

    • The box has plenty of polystyrene. I'd be surprised if anything is damaged.

    • Opened the box and indeed there was a lot of polystyrene. All seems to be OK and undamaged. The build quality is very good. I played a bit with it and so far like it. The plug is not Australian though. I decided not to twist it but use an adapter instead.

  • My Vacuum arrived on Thursday coming without any extra packaging. When I tried to charge it with my Au adaptor its not charging at all. The battery led lights are not flashing. When I press the trigger button the vacuum works at only 1 battery bar led light. Messaged gearbite but so far the only questions asked is if I am using adaptor and for me to try to plug and plug it again. Anyone here has the same problem or any ideas?

  • You can buy this on aliexpress with cashback and it will come to $260-270 +5% cashback.

    • Yeah but would you wanna risk that much for a store with 0 rating? And it's got what? 3 orders? From a store you've never heard of?

      Sure, this costs slightly more but you get the peace of mind with an Australian store, fast shipping, and active rep on ozbargain where plenty of ozb'ers have reviewed this seller.