TP Link LB130 E27 Colour Bulb (Google/Alexa/IFTTT Compatible) $20 (RRP $79) @ Kmart


TP Link LB130 Colour Bulb @ Kmart
Price: $20 RRP: $79 ($69 elsewhere)

-Google Assistant compatible
-Amazon Alexa compatible
-IFTTT compatible
-800 lumen/ comparable to 60w incandescent bulb
-E27 (Edison) fitting
-3yr warranty

LB100 in white (per tag) also $20 [$17 elsewhere Officeworks, Harvey's, Amazon]

Good offering for a colour bulb in this brightness. Saw $20 clearance tag at Kmart (Sunnybank QLD) [1 left in the cabinet], the tag was for the white bulb - but attached to colour. Scanned at $20 regardless of white/colour. Not sure if store-specific error. Looks to be removed from TP Link range on their website. After checking, IFTTT compatibility through the Kasa Smart app. Your lights could change depending on weather, doorbell, your favourite sports team scoring etc (with any trigger from an IFTTT applet).

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