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Bose QC25 Noise Cancelling Headphones Black - for Apple $168.30 Delivered @ Videopro eBay


Decent price for the QC25 NC headphone.

15% off* with code PCVID15. Ends 4/3.


Original 15% off All Items at Computer Alliance & Videopro on eBay Deal Post

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    That's a bloody bargain.

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      Just cause the products you want to use this with are stupid; doesn’t make this not good

  • For Apple?

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      • What does that mean exactly? Are these not bluetooth?

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          No, they are wired.

        • +10

          It changes the wiring of the buttons to control volume/pause/play to suit either apple or android devices. "Apple" headphones work with Android devices, you just may or may not be able to use those buttons (and vice versa). The audio/noise cancelling is unaffected.

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      Afaik the unit is the same as the android version; the cable's the difference. You can buy an "android" cable quite cheaply and you're good to go. E.g. this $7 one

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    You can get Bluetooth adapters that plug into the earphones and connect to the bluetooth device, phone, iPad etc. They are, relatively, cheap from ebay or Amazon and the sound quality is pretty good. Our headphone jack is in the glovebox of our car, thanks Mercedes, so we use ours to connect my iPhone remotely to the sound system in the car.

    • I've been looking at these. Did you get the Bolle and Raven ones?

      • We got the szmdlx wireless adapter, which worked well but we lost it. We are buying the nulaxy one this time to try it.

        • Does the adaptor affect the sound quality/noise cancelling?

    • So you can make these wired headphones wireless is that what you're saying?

      • You can make any wired headphones wireless by plugging a bluetooth receiver into the headphone.

        • Okay. Once i tried getting a receiver for my car head phone jack and the phone wouldn't link to the bluetooth

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    IMHO the real advantage of these is the battery is a standard AAA one so you don’t have the problem of losing noise cancellation if the “internal” battery dies completely.

    • Considering how long the battery lasts in my QC35 (over two years old now), it’s not a big deal. They charge quickly too.

      • +3

        How will you feel in a few years time when the battery dies completely? With the AAA battery you just carry a spare and swap it over, no downtime. I have the QC 15 and it is an advantage on a plane to be able to do this. I thin not having a removable battery is a backward step.

        • -2

          I’m two and a half years in and battery life is excellent. If I get to 5 years I’ll be more than happy.

          No, I don’t miss AAAs at all.

      • Most of my headphones are 10+ years old. I still have a set I bought in the 1970s that get frequent use.

        So longevity is a concern. Headphones should last as long as you do.

  • What are they like if you don't use noise cancelation much?

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      A waste of ~$100.

      • Agreed, either turn on the noise cancelling every time you use these headphones, or get Sennheiser headphones instead

        • What kind of Sennheiser do you recommend on the cheap?

      • Ok, but its there when needed am thinking for home use, for $168 what's going to be better?

        • +1

          ATH-M50X for a start…plenty of other options too. These are for lightweight travel ANC headphones. Although I personally would much prefer the QC35s, $160-odd for the 25 is a deal.

          • @xyron: So would i but double the price even on sale, Bose seem to have the comfort for me from what i have tried. Why wouldn't they be any good at home/office, i don't travel that often on planes.

            • +1

              @DisabledUser260423: If you dont need ANC, there are better corded headphones available with better sound quality. If you do, whether you are in an office or on an aeroplane, these are a great deal. I am responding to your original query that stemmed from the premise that you "don't use noise cancellation much".

    • -3

      As above, a waste of money.

  • Be careful with these. They work great (NC and comfort) but I've bought three pairs from three different sellers (one grey importer, once from Qantas and once from Bose direct) and each time the noise cancelling function has died between one week and two months in. Think there was a bad batch at some point, YMMV.

    • +1

      Must have just been a bad batch. I’ve had mine for 3.5 years and not one issue with them. Mate also had them even longer and no issues as well.

      Use them daily at work and they’re great, extremely comfortable.

    • +1

      When did you buy the three pairs? Hopefully it is fixed now

      • Over six months or so from towards the end of 2017. It's a real shame because they are pretty awesome and its a great price but I've been burned too many times!

  • Good price if you're ok with corded headphones. I mostly use mine on planes so that's fine. Think I paid well over $300 for them a few years ago when these came out …

  • I had these for several years and they were fantastic. Way more comfortable than the QC3’s they replaced, AAA lasted a long time and the noise cancellation was outstanding.

    I could never go back to wires after swapping mine for the QC35s upon their release, but if you prefer wired headphones these are great. Exceptional price too.

  • Amazing price like legit

  • Thanks OP! Just scored a pair for my wife to use in aircraft.

    • Same, will be interesting to hear difference to my new Sony cans.

  • Great price!

  • Buy one of the airmod adapters and you have QC35 functionality. Have this exact config and can recommend.

    • +5

      So $270 for a hacky QC25 Bluetooth implementation that only claims 8hrs, or $335 for the real deal QC35 II. Doesn’t seem worth it.

      • -1

        Depends. Maybe if it was the QC45s I’d agree with you. AAA battery in the 25s May be compelling for some if they discern no difference in the NC. Am pretty sure the battery in the 35s cannot be replaced.

        • What are you talking about? There are no QC45s.

          I’ve had both QC25 and 35, noise cancelation was excellent on both. If you want Bluetooth functionality you’d be silly not to buy the real deal.

          Having to swap batts on one device and recharge batts every 8hrs on another to end up with a hack job? Pass.

          • @Mitch889: There will be at some point. Sony M3 NC is superior to QC25/35 IMO. Why upgrade from QC25 to 35 for inferior technology. Better to spend 40 bucks on a hack than to spend $300+ on something which is inferior and will be replaced in the near future.

      • Agreed.

        I bought the QC25 well before the release of the QC35 and if I needed wireless functionality the 8 hours on the airmod is a deal breaker.

        Note I wear my QC25 exclusively on flights so that may be a factor. Those who wear them daily might be fine with the frequent charging.

        • You can get adapters that plug into the end of the cable for under $20 from Amazon and some claim 13 hours play time.

  • So is this a better deal than getting the qc35ii for $320? Nearly half the price. Is the sound quality on par and noise cancelling? $320 is a lot just for some headphones

    • Use the Google thingy there are a few sites that give direct comparisons.

  • all the reviews say qc25's have even better sound than the qc35II. what's the point of buying the new one's, even getting the blue adaptor, apparently the sound is still better on the Qc25's. Jim's Review on youtube!

    • they are same when both on wired. Bluetooth sucks.

  • thanks op…got this and use eBay Qantas mall to earn some points :)

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    Is this only for Apple?

  • WARNING!! Dont buy from these guys. Product may be dilevered but if something goes wrong they will NOT honour warranty.

    • Bose will?

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        bose wont either. they dont cover warranties from ebay

  • What a shame, none left. Anyone know of a similar price for these somewhere else?

  • Anyone have there headphones shipped yet? My eBay guaranteed delivery day is Friday.. no notification yet, so might end up being $10 'cheaper' with an eBay's delivery guarantee voucher..

  • mine is shipped today