[Price Error] Melbourne Star Observation Wheel Admission - $1 (Usually $36) @ Adrenaline

Moved to Forum: Original Link. MOD: This has been moved to the forum as it's a Price Error from Adrenaline and they have cancelled the purchases. See Merchant Take-Down Request.


Valid for bookings from 1 March 2019 to 31 March 2019.

What is Supplied:

  • 30 minute flight on the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel
  • Experience the "Tales Of Melbourne" interpretive exhibition
  • Fascinating commentary throughout your ride
  • On a clear day you will experience views to Mt Martha on the Mornington Peninsula, Dandenong Ranges and Yarra Valley

*Note kids pricing is still $15.
Friend of mine said deal expires at midnight tonight but I can't find that written anywhere.

Enjoy if it is useful to you!

EDIT: Use Book10 for further 10% off (with minimum 2 experiences)

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  • +12

    Honestly can't see a problem with buying an adult ticket for kids!

    • +6

      For $1 it is probably worth the chance!

  • +1

    Can I buy adult tickets for the kids?

  • +4

    Should rename it the whoopee-do wheel

  • +28

    Is it just me or does their lingo of '30 minute flight', 'after check-in' 'boarding your cabin' make it seem like a cheezy wanna-be plane experience? Everytime I read it my desire to go decreases. It's a big wheel. I dont take a flight when I go up a lift. Do I need to watch for 'cabin depressuraization' when using the escalator at my local shopping centre!

    • +2

      I'm more concerned about cabin pressurization! If someone farts in there, can I pop open the doors or just hope the aircon filters it fast enough to not pass out?

      • +5

        Just suck it, dude.

      • +5

        I'd rather that than the fascinating commentary.

    • +3

      I dont take a flight when I go up a lift.

      How about a flight of stairs?

      • +2

        Do I board an elevator?

        • +1

          You got a boarding pass?

    • +3

      It's to help them justify the exorbitant prices.

      • +5

        exorbitant prices.



    • +1

      Do I get inflight meals with this?

  • +1

    They were already discounted to 15 or less for the month

    This must be to get them to the top /best sellers on adrenaline so its likely not a price error .

  • Can I just buy any ticket and use it in March?
    Or it has to be used for that date/time we bought it for?

  • Thanks Op. Bought 4!

  • Good find.

    Anyone able to find when morning or afternoon slots are?

  • +1

    too difficult to book a date and time in advance for the whole month…is there any work around if i cant commit a date and time from now or can it be changed ?

  • thanks op. always wanted to try it. long weekend plan sorted.

    • would like to go during the long weekend too but cant confirm the date and time from now….can i book as a gift voucher now and book it later during the week ?

      • This is what it says on the booking below.

        Changing or cancelling your confirmed booking at any time may incur a fee from the
        experience provider, Melbourne Star (Sanoyas Rides Australia Pty Ltd). If you need to contact
        them please call 03 8688 9688 (press 5).

        My ticket did state date and afternoon slot.

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    Try stacking Book10 for additional discount if you can (with minimum 2 experiences)

    • +1

      10% off works!!

  • Amazing! Just booked - thanks OP

  • Great, thanks a lot op… bought for parents !!!

  • +1

    Much appreciated OP, visiting Melb with friends for a week. Perfect timing!

  • Mother in law is here for 3 weeks so great outing for the family.

    • +2

      Yeah I'm going to look like the generous host! Thank you ozbargain and op

    • Lol, same at my end as well. Perfect timing and huge thanks to OP for the excellent find

  • is it free for kids under 5? or are they not allowed on the ride

    • Yeah it's free for kids under the age of 5. As stated in their main website.

    • +4

      On the Melbourne star site, it says kids under 4 don't need a ticket. Better not otherwise my 2 girls are waiting at the bottom… Lol

    • from MSOW website: "Children 4 and under do not require a ticket to fly"

    • Looks like they are allowed.
      From official site..
      "Children 11 years and under must be accompanied by an adult."

    • Been there many times, there is no age restriction. We have brought our baby up in a capsule (prams not allowed).
      Oh yeah free for those under 5, i.e. 5yo-1day & below.

    • thanks all much love!

  • This makes me think of the eminent publication the 'Star Observer', which helped me understand what 'Pups and their Handlers' means. I saw them marching at Mardis Gras last night, and driven by considerable confusion, i googled. Now you know.

  • +1

    Cheers OP.
    $4 spent on gift vouchers.
    Probably end up spending a lot more at restaurants and shops around the docklands area when we go.

  • Thanks Op..got a few for the family. Now to find a time to go

  • +13

    Don't forget your $0.03 cashback @ Cashrewards!

  • +3

    i just bought the gift voucher…the voucher says expiry 03.03.2022??? so can it be redeemed will 2022 ? Please advise

    • +1

      Tried to redeem my Voucher, date selection only available within March 2019.

  • +2

    Um is Life insurance included with the $1?
    Crack…..how many times has this been repaired?

    • +2

      Too many for my liking

    • +4

      Your chance of dying on the way to the wheel is greater.

  • +2

    Don't forget 3.85% cashrewards cashback !!

  • +2

    Deal of the week!
    Thanks OP

  • +1

    Now it's time to decide when's the best time to go. Either when the lights are on at night or when it's sunny with everything in a visible distance. Any recommendations? :)

    • +1

      Can only use between 11-6pm. So no nightlights

      • Opening Hours:

        First entry at 11:00 AM - Last entry at 6:15 PM
        (Summer operating hours: Last entry in summer 9:15 PM)

        So till 9:15 PM?

        • +2

          Opening Times

          Yes, we are open: 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

          May to August 11am – 7pm daily
          September to April 11am – 10pm daily

          Christmas Day and ANZAC Day1pm – 10pm

          Please note:

          Ticket sales close 45 minutes prior to advertised closing time
          Last flight departs 30 minutes prior to advertised closing time
          Main gates close 35 minutes SHARP prior to advertised closing time

      • First entry at 11:00 AM - Last entry at 6:15 PM
        (Summer operating hours: Last entry in summer 9:15 PM)

        Is now still summer?

        • Computer says no.

  • A pleasant surprise for my wife's birthday :)
    Thanks op.

  • gift voucher says expires 2022 ie in three years…so can we book till three years?

    • It also says:

      "Valid for bookings from 1 March 2019 to 31 March 2019."

    • It says all gift vouchers have 3 years expiry.. so I’d say so. Not sure how they couldn’t be accepted when it’s in their terms.

  • Omg! I made the booking too fast, without change the date nor select as a gift. Now the ticket date is 3 March! Wasted $3

    • +10

      Now the ticket date is 3 March!

      Better hurry, only 48 minutes left…

    • +3

      You should be able to change your booking. My confirmation email has the following:
      Thank you for making a booking with Adrenaline.
      Please note: If you are lost or late or need to change your booking please contact the experience
      provider, Melbourne Star (Sanoyas Rides Australia Pty Ltd) on 03 8688 9688 (press 5).

  • thanks alot Op :)

  • Thank you OP! You rock!

  • +1

    Cool can take my boyfriends for a ride

    • +1

      Boyfriends? Ohh okayyy

    • +1

      You can also try the Melbourne Star.

  • Thanks OP!

  • Darn wish I am in melb

  • "March Madness"

    Does this mean sale is on for the whole month? Hope so

  • Don’t forget to book through QF for a couple of points

  • BOOK 10 stopped working :)

    • try ….. bonus10
      someone below said it does

  • +2

    2 Amazing deals (Tesla n this) posted today.
    One I wanted but couldn’t, still upvoted.
    And other I didn’t NEED but got anyway.
    Such is OzB at times. Thanks heaps OP.

    • Today was a blessed day indeed.

  • +2

    If I bought the “afternoon session”, can I go anytime in the afternoon?

  • Is there anything else that have '/MarchMadness' in Adreanalin website?

  • +2

    BONUS10 works

  • buying one for every family member.. 24 and counting.. I feel sorry for the poor sucker(s) who share a cabin with us

  • After I purchased with gift voucher x 4 adults, I've tried to making a booking with 'Redeemed My Voucher'. It only shows 1 x Adult Participant available and ask me to pay extra $3.
    Anyone have same problems?

    • +1

      You get 4 vouchers in 4 separate emails. I think you need to redeem individually.

      • +1

        No you don't.

        At checkout you can stack your voucher codes.
        I bought 4 gift vouchers then redeemed them together

        • Oh that s great, saves some troubles.
          I also noticed that you cant use any coupon codes with gift vouchers, they only work if you buy the tickets directly.

          • @truetypezk: Not true. I used the 10% off code for my gift vouchers.

      • Oh thanks a lot, other emails were in junk folder.what a deal !

    • you just gave me a mild attack for a sec:

      Q: My voucher has already been paid for, why is it asking me to pay again?
      You do not have to pay anything further when redeeming your voucher, the booking price showing will be covered by your voucher.

  • +2

    Enjoy seeing Costco from up high.

    • Free unlimited parking at Costco docklands is the main reason for me to keep my membership lol.

      • +2

        Isn't it max 2 hours?

        • -1

          His name isn't Max though…

        • Nop, that s just what it says on the sign to deter you from staying too long. Give it a try if you don’t believe me:)

          • @truetypezk: Do we still need to ask for extention tickets from staff when staying over 2 hours? Haven't been there since the one in Epping opened.

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