This was posted 1 year 8 months 25 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Free $10 Credit @ Hey You App (New Users)


Hey You is Australia’s largest order ahead app with over 610,000 registered users. You can view menus and place orders for food and drinks through your phone. There’s no waiting required - once the order is ready, you can bypass the queue and go straight to the pickup counter.

We’re now live in Brisbane, and with nearly 100 local merchants already on board (and more to be announced over the coming months), it’s time for Brisbane to say “Screw The Q!”.

Signup today with code SCREWTHEQ to get $10 Hey You credit to spend on your first order.

Brisbane deal but can confirm it works in Melbourne.

My first post so go easy one me haha

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  • Worked for me yay I got a free brekkie

  • +1 vote

    Bad app that doesn't give any deals to existing customers. Only new.

    • I do not agree. I use it all the time in Brisbane.

      50% off all CBD venues between 11.30 -13.30 last week. $2 coffee all day the week prior. Coffee deals the two weeks prior as well.

      I cannot see how this is a sustainable business.

      • im with RtN since getting this app havent been given anything other then an annoying e-mail asking me to use to the app

      • Keep getting amazing deals also - love this app.

      • I work in the Northern Beaches in Syd and don't really get anything.

      • I believe it is sustainable, for any normal transaction (last i checked the user is charged a service fee) and so is the vendor you purchase from.
        IMHO they are double dipping!
        Very sustainable once they ramp down these deals and stick it to both the consumer and the vendor supplying the food.

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    a lot of my local food joints/coffee places are now using ritual

    not sure how long hey you will last

    • that said, it everyone changes. A new app comes up with deals for both cust and owner then they all switch. the cycle continues.

  • i wonder how many dup users are among the 610,000 lol

  • There just aren't enough cafés listed for this to be worthwhile at the moment.
    There must be over 100 cafes within 5km of my current location yet Hey You has only 2 listed within 10km (technically 3 but 1 is offline) and 0 within 5km.

  • Pretty much 'dead' at the Southern Cross side of Melbourne CBD. Lotsa places have been 'offline'. Skip seems to be the better option

  • Does anyone here know what cut Hey You gets from the businesses?

      But last i checked (over a year+ ago) they charged over $1 on a meal (to the vendor) and then like 20c to the consumer… so like >$1.20 per meal transaction. coffees were obviously less.

    • 15%

  • How to stack sign up code with referral code ? Is there two different fields to enter ? Just want to make sure I get both correctly…

    • Enter referral code when signing up and the above code in redeem section of menu after signing up.

      • Eh I can see the $5 in the balance and $10 under history but not in the balance :( not sure this worked…

        • Balance now shows $15. Dont be impatient like me :)

        • arg I can't see the $5 balance under history even though I took the same exact steps!

          Let's see if patience pays off!

          • @rwandrall: The app isn't great. Try closing and reloading the app as well.

            • @Realdee: @timdee thanks, I've tried from the website but no luck. the $10 balance came up though. Hoping support will entertain my request to sort this out ha!

              • @rwandrall: The website doesn't work to give you the $5 referral bonus. It's been like that for a while (or forever) but if it isn't a bug then they shouldn't have a field for it.

                It will be interesting to hear what they say. I think someone here did enquire and was told it was expected behaviour.

  • I find after not using hey you for some time, I can sign up to a new account using my existing mobile, just need a new or bogus email.

    Seems to coincide with these codes for new users… 😂

  • Hey You has really gone down hill recently, especially in the Macquarie Park/North Ryde area.
    Used to be many cafe's doing $2 hot drinks, breakfasts, lunch and coffee and now I struggle to find one that's online (at full price).

    I guess they've moved on and thus so have I.

    • I am in the same area but never used Hey You yet, was planning on trying it out with a code for lunch one day, so you are saying there really isnt many options now?

      • Like you'll still find somewhere to spend the $10 but it's nowhere as much as it used to be.
        I'd say 1 in 5 places that used to accept Hey You are still accepting (and online).

  • Cose isn’t working. :( I have a new account, not placed an order yet.

  • Thanks OP

  • +1 vote

    says invalid for new account - no longer working?


      also, when I try to enter a referal code for a new account it also says "the code you have entered in invalid"

      tried on chrome and mobile chrome and random browser

      • Did you try it on the App?


          the app is totally (profanity).

          can't log in - "unable to log in with provided credentials" when entering user name and password

          just tried at home on my mac and it works.


          who knows.

  • Works for me.

  • If this doesn't work, another code that isn't as good is 'NOQ10' that gives 1st time customer $10 off the 1st order.

    Picked up a physical card at the coffee shop I visited earlier, and expiry date on the card is 1st May 2019.

    Disclaimer: Haven't tried doing it myself as I'm not a new customer.

  • There is no more stack with the referral code. You can only use one code :)

  • not working here. is it working for anyone else?

  • That sucks $5 less I been through my 40 SIM cards that I bought for 5c each :)

    • same the most i got stacked was late last year up to $35 lol was feasting everyday for a month.

      they seem to ban your accounts now? i have credit in some accounts but when checking out it says payment failed lol

      at least can still get a free burito with every sim =)