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[VIC/NSW] $1 for 5 Meals - $0.20/Meal (Normally $7.99/Meal) @ Mealpal (New Users) [Melbourne/Sydney]


Mealpal is offering 5 meals for $1. They offered a similar deal last year. Good deal if you want to try it out without the month long commitment. Screenshot of offer. (Ignore the $8.50 price as I've reused screenshot for Cheapies)

In case you don't know what this is:

Mealpal, a new app targeting CBD workers, promises subscribers lunches for under $8, up to 40 per cent cheaper than buying the same meal over the counter.

Founded in 2016 by Mary Biggins and Katie Ghelli, MealPal is available in select cities across Australia, the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Singapore, and France.

They've also now allowed you to see the menu. I've uploaded it into a giant picture.

Sydney Melbourne

Map of Venues

Note: Membership will auto-renew after 7 days to the 12 meal plan at $7.99/meal for 30 days. You can cancel anytime so do it before the 7 days is up!

Found the deal via Instagram/Facebook Ad

Update: New link

7/3: They are offering 3 meals for $3, today only
9/3: Deal is back, found on Instagram Ads.

Referral Links

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Referrer gets $10. Referee gets 1 free meal with $4.99 signup fee.

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  • how to get to the deal? Link doesn't let me enter anything

    • Perhaps try clicking one of the Facebook ads. Should load and ask to sign up. You can put a fake email address there if you want to see the process (do it in Incognito Mode if doing so).

    • You need to sign up with your email and specify your location first. Once you submit those details it will take you to the offer page.

      • Sorry guys where is the facebook ad? Can't find it using the link provided. Thanks

        • You don't need to click through the Facebook ad. Just click through go to deal or thumbnail. As above, you'll need to sign up with email to see the offer.

  • +7

    Should mention it's CBD area only.

    • +2

      ……And I just wasted $1

      • +1

        Hi there.

      • I'll buy them off you!

      • +1

        I'll give u 2 bucks so u don't waste ur $1

        I cbf signing up lol

      • Gave it to a friend already

    • +3

      I did put:

      Mealpal, a new app targeting CBD workers

      but I've added Melbourne/Sydney to title now.

    • +5

      Hi Tsuska, its me - your brother

      pliz giff food

      ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

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    that's cheap

  • thanks Op….just regsitered through the facebook ad :)

  • +2

    Boy, the reviews are horrendous

    • +1

      its bad if the app doesnt work for you, i had no issues with the app … i used it for the past month, its ok.

      you dont get a regular meal which the shop would sell, the portion they give u is maybe 20% smaller than what they normally sell.

      at full price its not that great, but at a discount, its pretty good.

      • +1

        Depends on the shop; but in Sydney there's plenty of quite good deals out there in the CBD north area around Wynyard/Barangaroo.

        e.g Two sticks you get a regular portion size, normally their dishes are $12-14 each
        Happy as Larry do the same size pizzas which normally sell for $14-$18
        Per Kilo on Erskine Street will do the same portion size meal they normally serve for $12-14
        Iron Grill will do the falafel/lamb lunch pack, same portion size, on Meal Pal which normally costs $15

        There are places to avoid though such as Vessel on Shelley Street and Pavel (though, Pavel is normally quite pricey anyway)

    • +1

      Mealpal is awesome and the app is much better now.

      I've been subscribed for over a year now and most places I go to in Melbourne the meals are identical. Highly recommend if there are places there that are near you and you enjoy eating from.

      • +1

        got any favourite MealPal places near the cnr of Collins and Queen??

  • got it through fb link

  • +2

    They did nothing wrong it's just the dodgy cancellation process makes customers unhappy. Wasn't having trouble when using them to order lunch, however takes few days to cancel my plan (since they auto renew it and I can't remove my credit card details).

  • +1

    Does anyone with experience know when I need to cancel so I'm not charged after the initial $1?

    • +3

      I used an old debit card with a buck on it

    • +1

      after your meals are done, you can cancel the plan, the plan does not renew until the next month.

    • +5

      I'll give you the answer you prefer to hear, you can cancel right away, before you order the meals, it doesn't cancel your remaining meals.

  • +5

    I've used mealpal for a few promotions. I've had around 50 meals by now. Can personally say that 35 of those meals were not fresh. probably 25 meals were not as much quantity I had hoped for and left me feeling hungry.
    Only worth buying on promotions where it is extremely cheap (<$4 per meal)

    • +1

      Melbourne or Sydney? A lot of the places near me actually make the meals when I get there.

      • Yeah mate that’s why I said 35 of those meals. The rest were cooked after I came. I have had a sore stomach all 5 times I visited a Japanese place. They are the absolute worst offenders especially with pink raw chicken. Watch out for them. I just threw it away.
        I’m in Sydney

        • Japanese places which Chinese owner/staffs?

    • Booked 116 meals last year.
      It's good once you work out the good value restaurants and you chain the welcome back promotions. There are some which prepare meals which are poor quality/awful value.

      If you're in the northern portion of the Sydney CBD, the best value meal has to be the Poached Chicken from Thai Tree at 259 George Street.

      As for this deal, I've got my new email set up, free Telstra prepaid SIM on the way so I can validate via text. Looking forward to a $0.20 Laksa.

      • Yeah I've been using them non-stop to. I'm so dependent on them that I don't know what I'll do if they stopped this.

      • Can you link me the free telstra sim please ?

  • +3

    Does anyone know when this $1 offer will end?

  • With labour day coming up on Monday, if I sign up today will it end next Friday? so I lose out on one day due to the public holiday? Is that correct?

    • +1

      Yeah it is, hasn’t realised that! Signed up last night and says it finishes on Tuesday

  • Is there a collection time? It appears to make reference to "lunch" a lot, but I'm wondering if I could pick meals later? I probably wouldn't get into the CBD around lunch time as I'm just outside at Newtown.

    • +1

      I book to pick up a meal at 1 PM but a lot of the time I come in at 11:30 and they give it anyway without caring about the time of my booking. And vice versa.
      Best to pick them up early as they make in bulk, and the ones at 11:30 are probably a lot more fresh than the ones at 1 PM

    • Generally in the 11:00 am to 3:00pm time frame depending on the restaurant

  • I'm going to give it a shot….

  • +1

    Man I haven't had so much trouble cancelling a service since World Of Warcraft. Its about 8 different screens and the options to cancel move continuously as you progress through.

    • +1

      wait till they keep emailing you offers to join after you finally manage to cancel

      • I no longer get these emails :(

  • -1

    Can’t see the menu. Have to sign up and pay the subscription fee first.

    • +2

      I've linked a screenshot of the menus in the post. Or just go into Incognito Mode, sign up with a nonsense email and you'll be able to see the full menu.

  • Can I cancel right after I made a payment? I hate auto renewal.

    • +2

      I'll give you the answer you prefer to hear, you can cancel right away, before you order the meals, it doesn't cancel your remaining meals.

  • didnt realise it was cbd only. Not sure why they make you enter your card details before any other information.
    Signed up and its asking for a business. already entered my card info and wont let me cancel the account till i enter a business. anyone know if theyre gonna charge the card even though i havent finshed the sign up

  • remember that it is labour day on Monday for those in VIC. Might not use the full 5 meals

  • Any good places in sydney that someone would be able to recommend?

    • +1

      Depends where you are? A good place near me is down n out burger. Definitely gonna jump on that

      • More towards town hall and central region but open to everything.

      • +1

        just had the down and out today. good burger at great value!

    • +1

      From my experience last time, just get burgers from wherever. Other places were sometimes like Groupon promos with their off-menu versions.

  • I registered this afternoon using the FB link but have not been able to login yet….is any1 else hving this problem?

  • Anyone know when this deal will expire?

    • Having a look at their Bit.ly stats, the offer started March 4 11PM. Last year's deal ran for 10 days although it should have been a 1 day deal. Could finish anytime but this campaign is running worldwide.

  • +2

    Looks like this deal expired

    • Updated with new link.

  • Still advertised on Facebook, but the deal seems to have ended

  • Updated with a new link from a Facebook ad. Still works.

  • When I click Get Offer or bit.ly link in the new fb post, it doesn't mention $1 for 7 days - after email, password and city you choose plan^, then it asks for card details displaying "12 MEAL LUNCH $95.88" next to it as my chosen plan.

    Quite scared to give out the CC at this stage.

    ^ there it reads "Your plan will last for a 30 day cycle. Meals are available on weekdays, excluding holidays." No mention of "$1 for 7 days of lunches" like in the fb post.

    • All expired now.

      • Thanks.

        As for the FB post - full-on false advertising, isn't it?

        • I'm guessing the people in charge of ending the campaigns on their site are different from the people managing the Facebook/Instagram campaigns. But yeah it will result in many people on Facebook/IG clicking through those ads thinking they've scored this $1 deal but instead get hit with a huge charge.

          • @neil: Yeah, the reasons why it's not in sync are pretty obvious.

            Should be Mealpal's problem and responsibilty however.

            Anohoo, thank you neil.

  • I'm only seeing a 30 day plan , no $1 deal on the link?

    Your plan will last for a 30 day cycle. Meals are available on weekdays, excluding holidays.

    12 meal or 20 meal lunch ?

  • 3 restaurants in the food court at the bottom of my building use mealpal - too easy

  • They are offering 3 meals for $3, today only for those who missed out. I've added the link to the bottom of the OP.

    • got it, thanks. just checked and theres no where in syd cbd except chippendale and north sydney, is that because its 1pm and all the good stuff is gone? and I should try tmr?

      • That's correct.

  • +1

    Your account is set to cancel on 12 Mar 2019.

    Great - you click Change plan and then bottom right click Cancel, keep clicking cancel cancel cancel (don't enter a date to resume or pause) and you will still get to use your remaining meals but it won't auto renew. note - it black mails you with a $19 reactivation fee if you leave….

    • +1

      I deactivated and reactivated the same account last year 5 or 6 times — didn't pay that fee once.

      • didn't pay that fee once.

        How/why though?

        Do they always just waive it and use it purely as a threat? lol

        • +1

          I believe so.

          The cycle went:

          1. Sign up for MealPal
          2. Cancel cycle immediately
          3. Use meals
          4. About 1 week after the end of my cycle, receive a "Reactivate and save XX%!"
          5. Reactivate, repeat process from Step 2.

          Never charged more than the cycle cost. Probably just a threat. YMMV.

  • +1

    lol less than half stores remain on list compared to last year. At this rate its gonna die out next year

  • +1

    They've been around for a few months now. I get constant deal spam from them which makes me think the service is dying because it verges on desperate. Don't sign up for a deal that requires you to stay for several months because you might not get the benefit..

    • They've been around for a few months now

      More than a few months.

      First line of the description:

      Mealpal is offering 5 meals for $1. They offered a similar deal last year.

  • I joined them 2 years ago - good lunch around Barangaroo / Wynyard

  • Deal is back, found via Instagram ad.

  • Wow, this defaulted me to Melbourne, told me I couldn't order food in Sydney and cancelled the trial.

  • Meals have been cold. Pretty underwhelming so far.

    • mines been good thus far, still wouldnt pay for it on a regular basis but $1 for 5 meals has been amazing

  • I tried the service and I didn't like it. So I wanted to cancel but the hold/cancel selection on the website directs me to send email to [email protected]. An Email sent to cancel and their support replied to ask why I want to cancel. I had to write another mail to explain why and still waiting for reply to confirm my account is cancelled.

    I don't really recommend this because it's not so easy to cancel the service and you have to enter your credit card details before sigñ up. They automatically charge your card after certain date depends on your selection.

    • Pretty sure it does let you cancel without having to email them.

      • Maybe it's just unlucky for me. I clicked the hold/Cancel the subscription and it says to contact [email protected] to make changes to your account.

        • Weird. I did it just yesterday.

          • @ChillBro: So do I. I believe the service like this should be easy to subscribe or cancel so it will not overcharge you. Hope they can confirm the cancellation before 13/3 as it will renew my plan automatically.

        • +1

          I've seen this before. I was helping my brother out with his account and he was directed to send an email to cancel, whereas in my account, I was able to self-service everything. I don't know why there was a difference…

  • What's with the QR code scanning on pickup? Why don't they just have "ok, I'm here" screen?

    • +1

      They only introduced that about 2 months ago, I don’t see why they did it

    • To make sure you pick up in person.

      • To make sure you pick up in person.

        As opposed to.. remotely..?

        • +1

          The clock strikes twelve, illumination's stoned.

  • can we eat mealpal twice in a day? I missed friday cos I was at a work conference and the meals expire today

    • If you have two accounts.

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