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Lygte Review of Lii-402

Product name: Liitokala Lii-402 Micro USB 4Slots Battery Charger
Input : Micro USB DC 5V/2A
Output: 1.42V
Current: 2000mA1 1000mA2 700mA3 500mA4
Constant voltage, cut-off current: less than 100mAh
Standby current: less than 15mAh
Compatible with:
3.7V Li-ion battery include
Size: 112mm x 90mm x 30mm (L x W x H)
Weight: 150 grams (incl. micro cable)
USB Output function
1. 0pen-circuit voltage of USB output : 4.9-5.3V; and the 4th slot is fixed for the USB discharge power source
2. Output current: 1000mAh
3. Open circuit current: <1mAh
4. The corresponding voltage is 4.75-5.25V under 1000mAh current
5. Cut-off voltage for discharge protection: 3.0±0.1V

Package included:
1 x Liitokala Lii-402 Micro USB 4Slots Battery Charger
1 x USB Cable

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    I got one of these in a previous deal, and it's working pretty well. Charges AA's quickly, convenient that it uses a micro USB so I have it in a draw and plug into my phone charger when I need it.

  • +6 votes

    This is the answer to the question "what is a good charger to use for my eneloops/18650s".


    Great simple to use smart-charger. Have charged AA, AAA's and 18650 many times without any issues.


    How does the current on the 4th slot work? Is it always 2000mA?

    • +1 vote

      No you can change the current on each slot between 500mA, 700mA, & 1000mA. Only slot #4 supports 2000mA which if selected could charge 1 battery at 2000mA and the other slots would have to be empty.

      Only slot #4 support 2000mA current
      1000mA can only be used with one or two batteries on the charger.
      700mA can be used with up to 3 batteries.
      500mA can be used with all four batteries.

      Taken from lygte review of Lii-402

      • +1 vote

        Oh I see, that makes sense. Thanks!

        • +1 vote

          Personally I just leave it on 500 mA .. rather than risk stressing the battery any more than needed. Would have thought safer this way and longer battery life (more charges) as a result.

          • +1 vote

            @Matt2018: While this is true, it's possible for some chargers to not detect that the battery is full when charging slowly, as the delta-v charge algorithm isn't too reliable at low charge rates. This can result in overcharging.

            This charger looks like it has -dv/DT and voltage based cutoff, so it should be fine regardless. Great little chargers for the money.


    Thanks for that :)


    I have the 2 slot version and it's been great. Time to get the 4 slot too! :)


    I have this charger. Works with no problems.


    Thanks adr8. Was waiting for a nitecore d4 deal but at this price this a legit bargain.


    Any recommendations on 18650?

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    Craig Reucassel, if you're listening, do a War on Waste rant on non-rechargeable batteries. A great toxic landfill.

    There should be little excuse for supermarkets to be full of shelves of single-charge batteries in 2019 when rechargers are so cheap. I own 2 of them when I misplaced the first! :)


      Nah bro, alkaline still have a place, they have 25% more voltage and more 50% more current.
      It’s hard to design around the physics of just needing more power.
      You also don’t need the abc to help you think for yourself. I know a lot of people spontaneously form opinions at 8pm on a Tuesday night, but it isn’t healthy to not read widely. The entire life cycle of a product should be evaluated, and recyclable batteries aren’t that rosy.
      I saw the chaser keep cup revolution unfold with all the db’s at work getting them, I ask’ how many have you gone thru?’ They say ‘this is my third’ ‘ and what do you do with them’ ‘dunno, chuck in the bin’. You see ceramic and silicone aren’t recycle friendly. Studies found you have to use them 300 times to just see benefits over paper cups.
      Chaser just chase ratings, do you listen to them on triple m for more stunning advice?


      Low power/use devices (like say a TV remote) are better suited to long life primaries.


        I disagree, I have LSD NiMh batteries in all my remotes. I charge them all once a year, during the Christmas break.

        One of the worst things about alkalines is that they can melt down when they go flat, and you may not know this until the remote stops working and you go to change the batteries. It can destroy the remote, and many items are almost inoperable without their remote.

        NiMh batteries never melt down, when they go flat they are fine.


    Can't seem to get "Free standard shipping". I selected "free shipping" but it still says "Priority Direct $3.36".
    Anyone experience same issue?

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    Starting current of 500mA seems a bit tough on my little AAA's.

    • +1 vote


      I'm no expert but I vaguely recall the recommended ideal rate of charge being approximately 0.3 times capacity. So roughly half the minimum charge rate on this device would be better for AAAs.


    This or Maha C9000?

    • +2 votes

      Maha C9000 is way more expensive, are you serious?

      While the C9000 is a good charger, it has a problem: as your batteries get older and their internal impedance starts to rise, the C9000 will just display "bad" and refuse to charge them. This is why photographers like this charger, if the charger charged them, they can be sure their batteries are in tip-top condition.

      But for the average person who doesn't use batteries in high-drain situations much, it means you can't charge batteries that are only part-way through their usable life. So you either throw out the batteries too often, or you buy a second charger that isn't so picky.


        What's the best charger out there then?

        • +1 vote

          There are a number of really good chargers, but it depends on what features you need.

          Maha C9000 is the best charger for photographers.

          Ikea's $15 LADDA charger is the best (and also cheapest) easy-to-use charger - just plug in the batteries, and take them out when the indicator light says they are charged.

          Liitokala Lii-500 is the best full-featured charger, and it can also charge li-ion batteries. Some sellers supply these without a mains power supply, check before you buy.

          If you have uncommon batteries, like C-cells and D-cells (NiMh), then I don't have experience in suitable chargers for those.

          Note also that I haven't tried every charger that exists, these are just my opinions based on chargers I have studied or that I own.


    I've found this is a great little charger… Well worth the money


    Now we just need a good deal on some rechargeable AA and AAA batteries.

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