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[Switch] Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition $17.10 @ Harvey Norman


Need to use code: GAMESCENTRAL

Enjoy this crazy Hardly Normal shopping day :)

Bought Super Mario Odyssey… Such a patient Nintendo fan. Haha. Let’s help Gerry clean the stock!

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    Insane price,
    Keep the deals coming Gerry!

    edit: darn I forgot the code. Oh well, $18 is still a steal

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      I would also like to thank Gerry.

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    Nice, got 2, one for me one for Xmas gift. I didn't need to use a code.

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    wow this is Hardly Normal

  • Got it for 30 before and i thought that was a Bargain

    • It was.

      And it's a bargain again!

  • Awesome! Thanks.

  • There are a couple of other switch games for $18; WWE2K18 (widely considered the worst AAA game on Switch), and Fifa 18 (mediocre reviews).

    Another interesting one is Mortal Kombat 11 Pre-order for $52 ($49.40 after promo code). Seems very cheap for a pre-order.

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    Good first post OP

  • awesome

  • +1

    Due to laziness, I opted for shipping. I hope my order doesn't get cancelled due to getting ozbargain'd. Thanks op

  • Paid $30 at Target, damn!

  • Got one thanks op. Now sure if I am gonna play it but it's ozbatgain. Brought odyssey for 48 played one week sell for 50. Now another chance for 46ish and maybe sell for another 50

    • -1

      Wow how will you spend you $6

      • Lol, Maybe I will add 1 dollor to pay for another 12 months online membership. One of the family account

        • Look I understand, but he'd be spending hours to get that $6. So we're looking at an hourly rate somewhere near $1 per hour to get those flips done if he's a fast seller. Would you honestly call this a reasonable way to spend time?

          Edit - I meant this for Capt. Newspeak below.

          • +1

            @freakatronic: Lol do not take this serious. I am not going to buy this game again and sell one more time. Actually if I want to buy a copy of odyssey right now, it will be at low 30 with coupon/store credit/gift card. Of course not from HN. Have a good weekend.

      • +1

        Do you know what website you're on? Lmao

  • +4

    These are also on sale -
    Yoshi’s Crafted World – $49.40
    Sekiro – $49.40
    Days Gone – $49.40
    Mortal Kombat 11 – $49.40
    Rage 2 – $49.40

    • Thanks preordered Yoshi!

  • Got a copy. Thanks OB!

  • +1

    Just ordered for delivery thanks. Was going to wait to see if any others would come cheaper, but I did not want to wait and then miss out on this.

  • purchased, cheers!

  • +1

    my order pick up at bundall just get back ordered

    • mine did this for Thomastown.

      • As long as not cancelled, I hope they get some stock from somewhere soon

    • I got one from Bundall a few mins after the deal was posted… Loganholme still marked as with stock.

  • hell of a deal, and local pickup

  • Thank you! purchased for pickup at my local

  • Wow, surprised it wasn't cancelled. Confirmed click and collect

  • Just picked mine up at Spingvale HN, thanks so much OP! Bargain🔥

  • Thankyou OP!

    I got pick-up at Watergardens (Taylors Lakes), which looks like the last store with stock in Melbourne's western suburbs.

    • Ah beat me by seconds, now showing as out of stock for delivery even!

      • +1

        Ah, sorry to hear there was only one 😕

        • All good mate, hope you enjoy it

  • My order for pick-up has been back-ordered.

  • soldout

  • +1

    Nearly pulled the trigger on this yesterday with Amazon’s sub-$50 price thinking I’d never get close to that old Target deal. Picked mine up from Cannington HN just now.

  • Back in stock

  • Just ordered for delivery thanks OP

  • Looks like I just missed it

  • Back in stock

  • Back in stock

  • Thanks! Ordered.

  • thanks op. i thought i missed it…but it is now back in stock. bought one :)

  • got one. do they send you an email to confirm the order? I lost the webpage I was on that said success with the details.
    EDIT: Ah the email confirming the order and details just came through. ;)

  • Gone again.

  • How does the pre order work at HN? Do they take the whole amount out now or at release date? TIA

    • +1

      I'd suggest order from Amazon as it's 52 as well now. With 6% cashback (shopback).it will be 49.16 delivered. They charge you when it shipped. Why not.

  • +3

    Mine got backordered as well so rang the store as per suggestion in email and the guy in gaming told me that they only had one in stock but got 23 orders, so 22 went on backorder. Pretty poor inventory system. Told me they'll attempt stock transfer from another store and at worst direct from supplier, but I've been told to phone Tuesday when their online orders staff member returns? This is Fyshwick ACT btw.

    • +1

      Was he confident that you would actually receive the game? I'm a bit concerned by the fact 22 people managed to order an item that actually wasn't in stock.

      • How did you know your order was backordered? I ordered yesterday before store close but still yet to hear anything since the original order confirmation.

        I agree, last time this happened I got strung along for a couple of weeks on the promise that they were going to transfer from another store. In the end, they just refunded.

        • +1

          You'll receive an email if it was back-ordered.

    • I'm one of the 22 on backorder. Yay.

      • Do not loss hope lol

  • Sold out pretty quickly. I wonder if the average quantity purchased via Ozbargainers was 2.0 copies

  • Just got a call from hardly normal that they cannot process my order as they are out of stuck!!

    Why did they let me order then? Aaarrgghh. Not. Happy.

    • Looks like many of us will experience the same thing. Because their stock system is crap. Everytime a bargain comes like this, part of the order will get cancelled. Haven't contact by them yet. But I am fine as I do not really want to play this game, just for bargain happiness. Actually I am quite happy that I have more time focus on my current games.

      • Yeah I was buying it for the bargain too, just a little heart broken that I won't have it anymore haha. Breath of the wild still keeps me busy for my casual gaming habits.

  • No way, was waiting for this to go on sale..missed out 😥

  • Mine got backordered. Even my preorders are backordered?

    Da fuq?

    • +1

      Yeah, I cancelled my pre-order once Amazon price matched. I trust them to deliver on time a lot more than HN.

      • That's true, Amazon is better

  • +1

    My order for delivery still says Processing on the Harvey Norman site. Does this mean I will not get it?

    • They do not have enough stock. Just wait, if you are lucky, you still get it. Otherwise they just axe your order. My pickup order is same backordered.

      • But shouldn't I have got an email telling me something?

        • For my order, they sent me an email saying backordered about 1hour after place order, and then no more contact.honestly I do not think they could fulfill all orders as this is a clearance item,they want to get rid of the stock. there is no point to order new stock to sell cheap. I believe all backordered order and most delivery order placed at later time will be cancelled. Unless people are lucky. Let's see.

          • @ce5himm: Just checked my emails and received an email this morning that order is on its way. No tracking, but at least it is coming.
            Hope others get their game also.

            • @star64: Ha. Good to hear that. Enjoy your game.

  • +2

    Just FYI, no email, no update, no nothin so far.

    • me neither.

  • Just received a call from harvey, there's no stock nationwide (that's what she said)

  • Yes - I got told that the item was oversold and they are looking into alternatives. To be honest, I'm waiting for them to issue a refund.

    • As expected, the familiar hardly normal is still as it is.

  • I received my order on Monday, so some stores would have had stock.
    Mine came from Bundaberg QLD, so maybe they might have some in that store?

  • Anyone been told backordered, receive any updates? Refunded? In stock soon? pickuped?

  • My order was cancelled, so disappointed. Was looking forward to playing Hyrule Warriors :(

  • I rang in a few hours ago. The lady gave a call to my designated HN store and came back saying she couldnt find the right person to talk to. Rofl!

    So she is going to email them so they can contact me.

  • It's been 6 days, no updates at all. I would think at least they should let me know they are going to refund me, or they've sourced the stock which I do not hold any hope. Again Hardly Normal. I wish they bankrupt soon.

  • +2

    158 votes on this. I wonder how many actually managed to get a copy.

    No word on my back-order.

  • Got an email saying backordered now.

    That's like $20 from everyone and earning interest and got cancelled later on lol.

    • the only issue is the communication. not concerned with waiting but i havent received anything post-confirmation. submited a brief followup and nothing to that either.

      • Yes, I understand probably they do not have enough stock, and even issue a refund. Does not really matters. But no communication like you said is very annoying. That's how they lose customers.

  • +1

    Spoke to my local store today (Fyshwick) and the guy in computers said they are expecting stock to leave the warehouse tomorrow for arrival at their store by Wednesday.

    • +1

      This gives me some hope!

    • +1

      Just to second IndigoHarlequin that I received the same message for HN Knox.

    • Thx for the update indigoharlequin as I'm also waiting on Fyshwick for pickup details

    • Any luck with the Fyshwick order? Me, nothing as yet

  • +1

    I actually had 2 orders - 1 for pick-up at Thomastown and the other for delivery (I figured surely I'd get 1). Have been on the phone chasing both orders up and just found out the Thomastown order won't be fulfilled and waiting to hear back on the other.

    What's annoying me at the moment is that I've had to chase this up. Thomastown have told me I have to organise the refund myself through head office.

  • I received nothing yet. Probably wait until you guy get a result.

    • +1

      Chat with my local store. Was told some Melbourne shops received stock today, and we should get them in couple of days. The truck is definitely coming. Guess I have to wait another "couple of dayssssssssss" to know how much luck we get.

      • +1

        I wonder if orders for delivery will now be shipped since they have stock to send to stores?

        The guy from customer service was supposed to be calling me back. No word yet.

        • +1

          Someone already received delivery order. I think it is all depends. If you place order early, you may already received it. If you order late maybe already get cancelled. For pick up, if your store order stock early, they may get new stock,. If your store act slow, or the staff just do not care, not even order,. Just tell people no stock. All possible, that's iwhy I think it is like gamble.

  • ordered for delivery and it arrived today.

  • +2

    (profanity) over the whole country imposing an australia tax on intl orders and still cant come up with the funds to create a proper online ordering system……..

  • +1

    HN called me saying they will receive stock. They said I should receive it first week of April. I ordered for delivery.

    • They called again to apologise for the delay and say it will arrive April 15th.

  • Just got a confirmation that my order had been shipped ,after having it on backorder for quite some time since initial purchase.

  • +1

    2 and a half weeks after I order, i finally get an email saying they are out of stock and asking if I want a refund or credit towards another item.
    How bloody pathetic.

  • Got an email saying order is ready for pickup at my store