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[PS4/XB1] Destiny 2 $5.00 + Delivery (Free with Prime/ $49 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Cheapest on Amazon yet! Might be price match of HN (for those who got it), or cheaper shipping or free if you have Prime!

Dont forget Cashrewards/Shopback!

PS4 Link
XB1 Link

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +2

    Plus $29.95 for the three DLCs to get up to current content.

    • +2

      Where are they available for that price? PC as well?

      • Is there all inclusive Game + DLC bundle price that includes the Forsaken Annual pass

      • That was the price on PS Store…

  • +1

    They havn't matched southpark or cod yet but hoping they do. I can get farcry locally but if they match all 3 i'll gladly buy from them.

  • +13

    It would be nice if Amazon Australia created some of their own unique deals instead of simply price matching every different major store.

  • I hear it's quite hard to get a game nowadays. Is it possible to play PvE if there aren't any real people around, like with The Division?

    • +2

      There is definitely $5 worth of enjoyment in this game either way. I paid $10 for the Division, never played with another person and thought i got good value for money

    • +1

      Hard to get a game of what ? Destiny is an easy game to hate on but it still has a cult like following. It will never be dead

    • I have 0 issues getting a game. Quick to get full matches.

  • +1
    • War Frame free.

      • Warframe is a free to play game, it's always available for free.

        • I think that's what he means. Like when people say why buy BO3, when apex exists.

  • Do you need online subscription as in xbox game pass or xbox live to play this game? I don’t have either subscription. Was only thinking of single player gaming.

  • Isn’t this free to play now?

  • +1

    Bought, thanks OP

  • Do you need to have played the first before jumping into this?

    For $5, worth a try.

    • +1

      Nope. Go for it.

  • Is this playable without Xbox Live Gold? worth it for single player?

    • You don't need Gold to play it solo, the campaign is pretty short and repetitive but the core shooting gameplay is solid and it has some really pretty graphics.

  • For anybody whose played it recently, how's the game in it's current state and can it be enjoyed without needing to pay for DLC?

    • +3

      Not owning the DLC locks you out of a large portion of the game features, the game is not really my thing so I never bought the DLC but the base game by itself is good entertainment for a weekend to play through the campaign. For $5 it's okay.

      • Thanks. I've previously refused to buy it out of principle as i know they've really pushed for the DLC. Valid point though regarding the expectation given the price as I would be happy to get at least a few hours out of it. Purchased.

        • +1

          The new DLC is quite good. Gambit play type is unique and heaps fun. Do yourself a favor.

  • Should be free
    Battle.net gave it away for free for a period lol

    • I think that was PC only

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