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PlayStation Classic $49.97 @ Costco Moorabbin (Membership Required)


Noticed this today as I was in store. Looked like a good price, hopefully across other stores as well.

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    Feel sorry for the people who pre-ordered this and purchased at full price, myself included.
    Good buy for fiddy bucks though!

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      Did you use a cc with price protection? I've been riding the price down since.

      • Unfortunately not. I think it's time to get a cc with price protection for future purchases.

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        How do you get price protection?

        • Credit card that offers it

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          28 degrees offers it for 6 months. Not sure about others.

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            @Carbon Door: It changed. 12mo now I think

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              @justtoreply: If you buy an item in Australia with your 28 Degrees Platinum Mastercard and within 12 months the item is available at a lower price in the same retailer or any other Australian retailer, we'll pay the difference between the purchase price and the lower price to your account.

              This also applies to items you buy:

              for someone else as a gift, and
              through a mail/telephone order catalogue or online order.
              The item with the lower price must be exactly the same as the item you bought, including size, colour, quality and condition, make and model number, attachments and accessories and the lower price must occur after the start of your Shopper's Protection policy.

              wow this covers ANY other australian retailer…better than coles MC price protection

              • @Carbon Door: Yep that's what I have been using. Claimed 3 times already and will do again when I see the price drop.

              • @Carbon Door: I doubt it will cover any other retailer.

                Wouldn't we be able to buy fc5 from any store and get a refund showing HN deal?

                • @DisabledUser18175: Yes, that's correct. I know it sounds too good to be true but it is.

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                    @stickyfingers: I can't understand how they can offer that service. Some stuff drops in price drastically within 6 months. I really should look into getting one of these cards. However, I primarily only spend with PayPal as I buy pretty much everything online except groceries. Is it possible to use these cards with your PayPal account and still get the price protection? Sorry, I cbf googling to find out.

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                      @Shaun Prawn: Yep

                      Have a read into the PDS. It’s pretty easy to understand and will show you what you can and can’t claim and how to make the most of it.

                    • @Shaun Prawn: Yep paypal and use this card as primary

              • @Carbon Door: That is actually incredible! Thanks for sharing this valuable piece of info!

    • Sad that the NES mini plays the same games better though. May as well use any other emulation device and a real PS controller to USB adapter.

      • What really? The nes mini does psx?

        • Yes, with hakchi you can add retroarch. And you can add more new games to play natively.

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        PS Classic has better hardware specs than NES/SNES classic. Its the stock software implementation which has given this a bad rep.

        Just need to hack it with Bleem / Autobleem to unlock its potential.

        At this price you're getting Sony PS branded case & two controllers. Good price IMO if you hack it which is easy to do.

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      $50? I guess the fad's over now. I tossed my OG PS1 out about a year ago in the council cleanup.

      What's next in line in the retro-console fad circa Y2k ? PS2? or is it Microsoft's turn with the OG Xbox ? Nintendo GameCube?

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        Nothin, the PS2 has much better graphics that requires expensive hardware to render.

      • I tried to give a poor kid whose parents can't afford to buy him a system my playstation mini, he said hell no!

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          Even poor people have standards.

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      Feel sorry for anyone that buys this at $49.

      (I bought at $150)

    • But you got the product on release day.
      Do you feel sorry for anyone that bought a new phone, computer, car?

  • I'd pay fiddy for one of these, hopefully there's one in Costco next time I pop in.

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    Come on Amazon price match!

    • I'm hoping for this too. Atm $79 on AmzAu

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    Thank (profanity) I don't have a Costco membership, I've always said I'd grab one for 50 or under.

    If this hits Big W or something I'll be stuffed.

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      Not sure how old you are but there is a mini Megadrive out now 🙀

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          The snes mini doesn't natively do anything. It's an emulator too - it does work well with some superfx games because of it

      • Got it, and the NES. Mega Drive runs like a bag of shit, but I do love being able to put my Duke 3D cart in there.

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    Wow, I know they have a less than stellar reputation, but they must really be struggling to sell these…

  • Damn, I went into this discussion thinking I bet someone would have pointed out the .97 at the end means it is a clearance item. Guess I was wrong XD

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    Is costco membership worth it?

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      If you have a large family / pantry, sure.

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        Is there anything worth buying for a small family that might make the $60 joining fee worth it?

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          Roast Chicken

        • Pumpkin pie, Streaky Bacon, 1kg of Jelly Belly Jelly Beans

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          Costco isnt that cheap, but it does offer cheap fuel and 2 dollar hotdogs with a drink. It also has some great products you cant get at the normal stores.

          Shopping at ALDI not in bulk, is extremely cheaper than costco.
          People always think they are buying in bulk at costco and they are saving, but if you look at the price per kilo, it really doesnt work that way with thge majority of items. The exception would be the stuff they make instore, like the bakery items and the chicken etc.

        • +1

          We generally don't buy much on our trips to Costco, but the savings over the year well exceed the membership fee.

          Most people think you have to fill the trolley up every time you go, I've walked out with just a bag of frozen fruit on more than one occasion.

        • +3

          I definitely think so. As others have said, it is not necessarily about the cheapest price - although there are definitely bargains to be had - but also about the variety. The meat s excellent - ribs are some of the best you can bu - awesome fresh pastas, cheeses deli meats etc. Bakery items are great, for me the best bagels you can get in a shop n Australia. Over a year it is definitely worth it.

          • @stang65: Their fruit and veggies are total rip off

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          They have 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy. Instead of asking biased folk on this forum if it’s worth it… go down and get a membership and experience it for yourself. If it sucks and a waste of money tell them that and they will be more than happy to refund ur money even after a few month of use.. thank me later

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      Yes for the a2 3.5L milk and double trays of eggs.

    • +2

      Kirkland toilet paper.

      • Kirkland soda water isn't great, although I have been over-bubbling my Sodastream water, so that may be the why.

        • Toilet paper <> water. What have you been drinking?

          • @RSmith: Oh whoops, for some reason I read 'Kirk's', disregard my above comment.

        • +1

          I have my bidet attached to a Kirkland soda water reservoir. Cleans up great after using Kirkland toilet paper.

          • +2

            @Faulty: So technically you have "bubble" butt.

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      It is absolutely worth it. You make that $60 yearly membership fee back in fuel savings alone, if you decide to fuel there. Especially if you drive a car with a big fuel tank.

    • Just buy a membership and go a few times. Once the novelty wears off just go get a refund in full.

    • Depends where you live. There is like 3 in Australia all located at least 450 kilometres away from civilisation. Slightly exaggerated.

      • There is like 3 in Australia all located at least 450 kilometres away from civilisation. 

        It's more like tarces of civilisation exist 450 KMS from Costco.

    • Yes. Eggs, Yakult, fuel.

    • I think that's subjective. As some of the replies have stated some products are cheaper but that's not much use if you're not interested in that product. I buy pretty much the same thing everytime I go, which is frozen fruit, quinoa, black rice, nuts and dried fruit. I don't think I'll be renewing my membership after this first 12 month of testing, as I'm not sure I'm getting value for my $60.

      • U realise that if you don’t feel u are getting value you can go get a full refund of ur membership. Probably want to do it before the 12 months is up!

        They have 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy.

    • +6

      If you buy at RRP then Costco is cheaper on a per unit price.

      However, if you are a tight ass and only buy things when on sale. Then Coles/Woolies can usually match/beat Costco's per unit price.

      There are somethings that are always cheaper at Costco though, like Roast Chooks at 6 bucks where Coles/Woolies are up to 10 now.

      • +1

        Lifetime warranty is worth its weight too. We had to return a 2 year old Roomba robot vacuum which would no longer charge no matter what. Full refund no further questions asked.

      • Ain't we all only buy stuff when on sale? Surrender your ozbargain account if not.

        Costco is good on items that you cannot buy anywhere else

        They used to have the tasty Hokkaido scallops. They no longer stock them hence I hardly go anymore. The travel and crowds for free tasting isn't worth the trip

        Their milk, eggs, bakery and meat are the only saving grace

    • If you need lots of sugar, yes.

    • i buy heaps of items from costco, from organic stuffs to their pastries.
      it's up to individual.
      However, if u only want the membership for this, my suggestion is to signup and buy it
      then refund the membership.
      AFAIK, their refund policy on membership is that they allow it to be refunded within 12months of sign up.

  • +3

    Why did Sony make these so bad?

    • +6

      Sheer greed.

      The Vita TV would have made a great retro console, just include a coupon for some free retro downloads.

      • PSTV with whitelist hack would have suited you

    • What is so wrong with them exactly?

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        Crap performance, due to using the wrong PAL roms and unoptimised open source emulator. The selection of games is subjective but they're missing a lot of greats IMO, but the poor video output and sound just isn't on.

        Both these problems can be fixed if you hack it, 0 credit to Sony.

        • What do you mean wrong pal Roms?

          Edit. Think the comment after addresses my questions

      • +7

        Slowdown in some of the games that they included
        a very non-standardised mix of PAL and NTSC
        a selection of games that have been criticised as 'not the best games'
        Controller does not include analog controls
        Asking more money than Nintendo for a product that functions worse

    • +6

      It has games in there that weren’t necessarily big hits. Having said, One of the games I personally grew up on was Cool Boarders 2, so nostalgia trip is worth it for 5-7 minutes. Much like with the SNES mini, it’s all fun and smiles until you realise it’s 2019 and you have a backlog of 17 PS4 games that you bought on Amazon sales that are still in their shrink wrap.

  • +2

    Amazon? Make it $49 and I'll buy one

  • That's a better price. I might pick one up now, even though I have a NES and SNES mini, and a Retro Pie setup that I hardly use. haha

  • -3

    Does it use hdmi to output?

    • +6

      either answer the question or just leave it. no need to tell the guy to find the answer himself.
      anyway I doubt it uses RCA. HDMI is to be assumed.

  • No G-CON45, no deal.

    • +2

      No CRT, no deal.

      • +1

        no band 28 either?

    • I still have my G-Con and CRT, anyone know if it would work with this?

  • +1

    Can anyone confirm if it’s same at Auburn or crossroads?

  • +1

    Sony failed, total waste of money and time

    • +10

      well worth it using autobleem or bleemsync and retroarch

      No way you are getting a raspberry pi , case and 2 controllers for $50

      • -2

        RPi is more versatile though, can be used for many other things

  • -2

    Still too expensive

  • +1

    Last time I said I’d bite at $50… but now I’d bite at $30

    • Same here, but I'm still holding out, not sure if I need it. got the SNES Mini already.

    • I think you will be waiting a long time to bite

      • It has dropped by $100 within 6 months, so who knows what will happen within 6 months

        • Yeah but everything bottoms out and then rises eventually. In this case its already the cheapest of the flashback consoles if I am not mistaken, and it has the latest IP of the lot also.

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