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iPhone / iPad Lightning Data Transfer Cable $1 ea + $1 Postage @ Shopnotch


Quality lightning cable on sale for only $1 each, and is with 3 months warranty. Promotion ends by 31 March 2019.


This reliable quality cable is for the charging and syncing use of iphones and ipads, or other lightning jack devices.

Length: 1 meter

Warranty: 3 months

Limit: maximum 2 pieces for each purchase during the $1 sale promotion period, ending at 31 March 2019

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  • +2 votes

    MFi ???


    No, fully compatible one

  • +7 votes

    "lightning"… "quality"…"sale"…. these are all words to use for a post, but are they the words we need in THIS context?


    Try it then you know you will definitely receive it, this is a website introduction promotion. Take it before too late.

    • Your checkout page (asking for personal information and creating a new user account) doesn't have SSL. You might want to look into that.


    Oh, Thank you, will check with the developer tomorrow.

    • +3 votes

      I recommend clicking "Reply" to the person you are responding to, as they may not get notified of your response. Also, easier to keep track of the thread/comments.

  • +6 votes

    I just checked it and will take a pass on this. Looks eBay quality.

    • $1 for cable + $1 for shipping = $2
    • Payment options: 1. Credit card / 2. Check payments (Their spelling. Don't know why they didn't use CHEQUE, American English?) / 3. Direct bank transfer
    • Have to create account and input details, while I could just go to eBay and save the trouble

    Don't know about everyone else, but I prefer going to eBay than Shop Notch, for the Cash Back, eBay Protection, can pay via Paypal and get Paypal Protection.


    You might find there are more to buy at a bargain price from shopnotch

  • These are bulk purchased cheap fake iPhone cables. Not MFi certified and may not be safe to use. Do not buy. Also a dodgy WordPress site that shouldn't be trusted.

    Stick to the known and trusted MFi brands like Anker/Blitzwolf etc. It's worth paying few more dollars for your expensive device.

      • +20 votes

        Ok, you triggered me, it’s on.

        Lightning is a proprietary technology that Apple created.

        Anything that they don’t certify is, in simple terms, fake.

        Your cables, unless MFi certified are absolutely fake.

        So, show us an MFi certification or, fake.

    • It's a real cable, not fake, just not MFI cert.

      • Therefore fake. Especially when it mimics the look of the original genuine cable. Do not use these kind of cables on your devices.

        • There are frequently many el cheapo non MFI cert cables posted here.
          Can't really follow your reasoning. Lets say of all the display port cable deals posted, I don't think anyone is saying they are fake. They are a real cable, wires inside that connect. It may however be a VESA Certified Display Port cable, which costs a premium and has been certified to a specification.

  • No PayPal no sale

  • Only 3 month warranty? That doesn't inspire confidence. Sounds like a second-hand product warranty.

  • Do you have a valid ABN? No matching names under "shopnotch"… seems sketch

    Plus no website security… I think I will pass…

    • +2 votes

      Not 100% sure but they appear to be with the below:

      83 098 816 990 - Active - SHOP NOTCH - 3150 VIC

      If it is them, their Entity Name is Gans Trading PTY Ltd, which is permanently closed without knowing the reason.
      They are registered for GST so earn over 75k annually.

      But still, no website security, no Paypal option = no buy for me.

  • New store rep posts deal here and gets Ozrekt.

  • Any negative votes yet ? Can I vote negative in ozbargain ?