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Optus Alcatel 4G Wi-Fi Modem + 4GB Data $20 @ Kmart


This is the most frequency support device on market if unlocked, supports 4G 700MHz (Optus), 4G 850Mhz (Vodafone) and Telstra next G/3G 850MHz
Unlock code from eBay seller: $5.00


  • 150Mbps download
  • 15 devices support
  • Come with 4GB data
  • 4G LTE: B1/B3/B5/B7/B8/B28 700/900/850/1800/2100/2600MHz
  • 3G: B1/B3/B5/B8 850/900/1800/2100MHz
  • 2.4GHz wifi

Cons: No external antenna port

Compare to the other deal Huawei E5577:
They are very similar in hardware feature, but

  • Alcatel modem has unlock solution
  • ALcatel support 3G 850MHz and 4G 850MHz, which Huawei E5577 not support. So this one should work better than Huawei E5577 with Telstra and Vodafone sim if unlocked.
  • This Alcatel comes with a wall charger.

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  • How much is it normally?

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    From the previous Optus Alcatel 4G Wi-Fi Modem deal post

    Unlock this modem for US$0.99 via eBay.

    You could also attempt to price-match/beat at Officeworks

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      I don't think Officeworks sell unlock codes…

      • Should have mentioned that the price-match/beat was for the actual modem.

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      Unlock this modem for US$0.99 via eBay(ebay.com).

      Confirmed working

      Please note this modem isn't as fast as an older Android Flagship phone (I have a Sony Z5) in terms of the connection speed.

      Approximately half, when two kogan sims are in both (Z5 and this), the alcatel modem is definitely a little bit slower.

      Splatoon can't connect via the alcatel modem, but can via the Z5 (hotspot).

      Just an FYI for anyone looking to use this as a permanent wifi modem at home.

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        saved me $20

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        The Android phone will have better speeds due to carrier aggregation

        • Do all android phones support carrier aggregation? Is this somewhat related to 4G+?

          How would one know if carrier aggregation is supported on any specific model of 4G modems?

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            @Major Major: Look for the devices CAT number at gsmarena

            For example I think CAT6 devices can go upto a max of 300mbps, CAT9 is 450 I think 🤔

            The Huawei B525 modem and the iPhone 6plus are CAT6 and CAT4 devices, S9 is CAT18


            For modems check ltemall or just google the modem name and CAT

            • @kehuehue: Thanks for your help!

            • @kehuehue: dosnt matter what the device is, the tower wont allow you to do this sadly,.. optus have a cat9 modem they market incorrectly as cat 11, telstra is the only one that is cat11 but locked tot hem but the ipad pro is gigabit cat (11+), but still gives you the same speed due to tower connections max limit.

      • How did you unlock with the eBay code? I plugged in and it pops up with the Optus-based homepage and I can't find anywhere to input the unlock code..

        • You need to insert a sim card from another carrier, then you will be able to input the unlock code at It won't give you the option to enter the unlock code if you are using an Optus sim.

  • How's it fair with Huawei E5573?

    • Overall E5573 is better than this modem. It's dual band wifi and has external antenna port. And Huawei usually better built than Alcatel.
      The only advantage of this alcatel to e5573 is the alcatel is 4G 850MHz (Vodafone) compatible, but E5573 not

  • I bought the Optus Huawei E5577 off ebay for $39 (BigW)

    Down side is that its been terrible so far compared to my Vodafone 3G dongle…. I thought 4G was supposed to be better.

    • +1

      With these doesn't all the data have to go through through China before it gets to it's destination :)

      • With internet and telecommunication tech and rules made by Unite states, networks itself built by Australia and everything online monitored , but the data sent to china and back secretly? Yes, I BELIEVE it!

  • Is the battery capacity on this better than the 1500mAh on my Vodafone R216h pocket wifi? Tried looking but couldn't find anything.

    • 1800mAh battery

      • Thanks appreciate it!

  • Will I be able to use it with oversea sim?
    Just wanting to buy it for travel purpose.

    • If you unlock it as per above posts and the carrier supports bands, then yes.

  • I'm with Optus, and need an external antenna port - what device should I go with? Don't mind with unlocking devices either.

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      Medium to low end: Huawei E5573 (dual band wifi)
      or E5577 (single band wifi but with screen) if you don't schedule to use it with other carriers
      High end: Netgear AC800S

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    Paid $25 for this the other day - it's a good buy!

  • Soo…..I'm with Optus and I have the 4GB roaming deal with my phone plan. If I stick my phone sim into this and fly to Japan, will it still work?

    • It should but why don’t you simply hotspot your phone?

      • Will drain the phone battery faster i guess..

  • I'd appreciate someone comment on my situation:
    my place is some 800m line of sight away from a telstra tower in south Hurstville which only has 2 bands B28(700) and B3(1800) on the tower:(, (Optus has 4x4G Bands on the same tower).

    At the moment, i use a old non-B28 China Droid phone that only use the Telstra B3 band i assume. i average about 6Mbit/s, which i am OK with. I have cut off my ADSL which also averaged around 6-7mbit/s, my main use of internet is browsing and watching youtube.

    now the biggest issue i have is when i am away (in a different room or 2 walls away) from the hotspot phone, my connection drops out A LOT, is this because the hotspot phone's WIFI signal is too weak? if this is the case, would this Alcatel unit make things any better? would the Kogan N300 4G LTE Modem & Wireless Router KA4GL27 make a huge difference to my situation for the better? I am all ears to your suggestions, many thanks!!!

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      Right i made some progress on this and thought i share it here, i used an old wireless router that has DD-WRT installed and made it a repeater my my china-droid hotspot, work a lot better now at least on the wifi signal strength front.
      google DD-WRT repeater mode if you also fancy to have a go.

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    Can I know how long is the 4GB data expiry date?

  • I bought 2 today. Both of them say expire on 1 Jun 2020 on the box.

    • So if it doesn't die by design, it will expire in 2020.

      I'm amazed they moved to a 'use by' date after years of practicing all that 'best before' vagueness…

  • I bought one, when activating sim card it ask to choose a plan, least is for $15…how can i get only the 4GB included?


  • would anyone share if the sim card is already in the slot of the unit or it's separate when u first open the package. cheers.

    • +1

      sim comes seperate. Its inbetween the product box and the display box

      • Thanks, priced matched one from OW, they have it for $25 w/o matching, which led me to think they have a diiferent model?. My one from OW is MW41CL OV Hset Bdl exp 1/Jun/2020, is the Kmart model the same? Cheers

  • 3 of these left at Southland (VIC) as of 3pm today

  • Would anyone using it care to comment on the wifi strenth of this unit through a double brick all or a concrete floor. Many thanks.

  • +1

    Got it from OW with price beat. Good stuff thanks

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