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Currency Fair Brexit Promo - Transfer Funds (Minimum of €2,000) Overseas to Receive €40 ($63)



Until 29 March, Currency Fair have increased their referral offer from €15 each (both referral and referee) to €40 each (both referral and referee). To qualify, you need to open a new CurrencyFair account and trade a minimum of €2,000 (around AUD $3300) between now and 29th Mar 2019.

Currency Fair is an excellent online foreign currency transfer company. I have used them many times to transfer funds overseas. Their exchange rates are very good (much better than the banks) and their fees are much lower ($4 fee compared to bank fee of around $20-$35). I have referred a couple of friends and colleagues to them and the referral bonus has always come through relatively quickly.

To sign up under a referral, please click using the referral link below. Don't click on the main link near the top of the deal as this link doesn't have a referral link in it so you won't receive the €40 bonus.

Referral Links

Referral: random (67)

Both referrer and referred will receive €50.

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  • Cant find the referral link

    • Grey area under post description

      If you want to find your referral go to https://app.currencyfair.com/invite-your-friends

    • The page you land on when clicking a referral link gives you no indication that you are signing up with a referral offer and that you will get €40. Their referral program has always been like this and I wish it wasn't. However I have signed up a couple of friends and colleagues, and each time both I and the referee has received the bonus fairly quickly. After you make your first transfer (over the minimum amount) you will receive an email letting you know you have received the bonus.

  • Is brexit really happened? I heard that people regretting now.

  • Is it transfer only OR trade included as well? Looks like they only send the listed currencies, right?