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Kogan Mobile | $14.90 for 90 Days | 20GB Per 30 Days | Unlimited Talk & Text (New Customers)


Kogan Mobile Prepaid Voucher Code L (90 Days | 20GB Per 30 Days) – New Customers Only

• Free SIM card included
• 20GB of data per 30 days
• Unlimited standard national calls
• Unlimited standard texts and MMS
• All for use within Australia
• 90 day expiry
• No hidden fees
• Voucher expires 15/05/2019

Kogan Mobile uses the Vodafone Network.

Small (3GB Per 30 Days) and Medium (13GB Per 30 Days) are also $14.90.

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  • +13

    I wish they reduce prices on their 365 days packs, our two plans are expiring today and tomorrow, and I will be switching to boost :(

      • +3

        Yes, but they have been cheaper in the past

        • +2

          Yes, but the past is not now.

          • -2

            @Bryanalves: They were cheaper then, though.

          • @Bryanalves: They will run that special again for those that can wait

            • @snensnay: How long is the wait?

              • +9

                @tempura: Are we waiting for the past?

                • @a a a: It's times like these we should be cranking up the tardis … or calling Scottie to beam us up.

            • +1

              @snensnay: If you work for kogan you need to tick the associate check box (above the post comment button)

      • +2

        Thank you doweyy, I am aware of these discounts (Kogan has already sent 3 emails), but boost works out better for our needs :)

        • +1

          All good, mistook your comment :) And Boost definitely seems like excellent value!

        • +9

          Boost $150 for 12 months with 80GB of data is probably the best. I might sign up for that one also. My Kogan Mobile expires next month.

          • @HandsomeMonkey: yep, this is the one I want to jump in, while it has less data, it has better coverage, I don't need international calls to the listed countries (I wish there are some other countries though)

      • Dick Smith is also offering the very same prices. When one of my 365 accounts (this one a Small) came up for renewal in Feb Kogan had sent me an email offering about $5 cheaper on that, but I had already bought a voucher to recharge it with. I did not receive an email for a Large 365 recharge though (same month); we recharged that on a Medium 365 plan instead.

        When I bought my personal Medium 365 they were offering a "2 for one" on the Medium 360, so I switched from Vodafone to Kogan Mobile (May), and shared cost/ code with another OBr, $290 for both! I am not sure whether to recharge this one on a Small or Medium 365 … as they have increased GBs on these 365s and I am pretty mean! (I believe currently Small 3 GB, Medium 13 GB, Large 20 GB).

        • +2

          I don't understand why more people don't buy the cheapest 365 plan, then buy $4.90/40GB/30 day SIMs as required.

          That is:

          • The 40GB/365 day plan is $315.10 = $26.26 per month.

          • The 3GB/365 day plan is $152.10 = $12.68 per month. Then add 1x $4.90 40GB SIM (to get the same 40GB as option 1) = $12.68 + $4.90 = $17.58 per month.

          So $26.26 compared to $17.58 for the same thing. Just swap SIMs or use a dual-SIM phone to use the data. And if the 3GB plan comes on two-for-one sale again, it will be even cheaper. (I'd be recharging the cheapest plan and doing this IF Kogan always has the $4.90 SIMs for sale.)

          • +1

            @GregMonarch: I think you just answered your own question with the IF
            Edit: technically that wasn't a question, but is this?

            • @muncan: I began keeping a record of Kogan activation expiry dates, to check if there are 'gaps' between each round of SIMs - so I could know whether I can use them for internet 365 days a year. But because someone edited their old post, instead of making a new post, I missed one of the dates. So I don't think I have enough entries yet, to confirm if it's possible.)

              5/9/18 - $0.98 - 32GB - 11/10/18
              4/10/18 - $14.90 - 3x17GB - 21/11/18
              10/10/18 - $0.49 - 32GB - 8/11/18
              15/11/18 - $0.99 - 40GB - 14/1/19
              28/1/19 - $2.90 - 40GB - 28/2/19
              1st 2wks of Feb - $4.90 - 40GB - 30/4/19

        • +1

          Not sure if you know, but Dick Smith was taken over by Kogan, if you compare their sites they're literally just reskins of each other, Kogan bought the brand. Their product range is usually the same, and prices are identical.

          • +1

            @Zazer: Thanks. Actually I didn't know that Kogan took Dick Smith over, but just thought it was a close relationship since Dick Smith went online only.

      • +1

        From the small print of the Small 365 plan: "Voucher expires at 11:59pm AEDT on 31/12/2019." This is the longest Kogan mobile voucher expiry I've ever seen.

    • +1

      I am holding out too, I have two plans to renew at the end of the month as last year this time they must have had the buy one get one free deal going

      • +1

        Correct; I ported over to Kogan Mobile 365 on a Medium "2 for 1" deal for $290. Was hoping they would do that again, but I believe it was also new customers only, and also I wouldn't wish to change my mobile number.

        • +1

          Changing your number is great… You get rid of all the people you never, or don't wish to speak to. Anything like bills, government, etc. eventually write you a letter.

          • @GregMonarch: Trouble is I don't wish to lose contact with absolutely everyone. I block spam numbers every single day though with the Who Called Me App. I'd miss that fun … or would I be doing that all over again?! 😃

            • +1

              @JediJan: If it's an app installed on the phone, then that stays put (works with whatever SIM is inserted).

              • @GregMonarch: That's good to know. The app works harder than I do. Some of the spam blighters ring on jolly private numbers too, so I don't think I can safely block everything … hospital services also use private numbers too, so a blanket block "private numbers" wouldn't be good for me.

    • +1

      Then get a $4.90 40GB for 30 days. Just means you have to use the new phone number on the SIM pack. The other plans MIGHT be cheaper again in the next 30 days. For that matter, why not just keep buying $4.90 SIMs. You have to SMS the new phone number to everyone in your contacts every 30 days - but so what. If they get upset, talking to you isn't too important to them. ;-)

  • +1

    Does anyone know how long we can keep this voucher before it need expire? I have a 90 days catch connect voucher which i will use in 2 weeks time, so will not need this kogan voucher until 3.5 months time.

    • +4

      it says in OP - Voucher expires 15/05/2019

      • +1

        Ah, thanks, i missed that. I will not be able to take advantage of this deal then

  • Damn, got excited but saw Voda. I’m often further than 15km from the CBD. Shame that’s an amazing price

    • +1

      I got one of the $1 kogan sims to use when I was travelling around Tasmania last year. It only worked while we were in Hobart and Launceston metro areas.

    • +1

      Have used Vodafone and Kogan Mobile for many years with no coverage issues. We are 45 kms from Melbourne too, and travel quite a bit. Last year there were coverage problems Cradle Mountain (other telcos also!) and south-west side of Tasmania. Didn't have problems elsewhere in Tasmania though. Yet to test in S.A., but Gold Coast, Queensland, N.S.W. coast, and Murray River towns no issues either. For some reason Echuca had incredible speed also. Would suggest everyone check 4G coverage maps for before purchasing though. I was advised part of northern N.S.W. coast had issues years ago but perhaps that has been rectified.

      • +1

        I'll help you. Works excellent in metro SA. 30km out from that and it's a no go. Strictly metro and regional centres only in SA

        • Thanks; handy to know as we are headed that way for a few days via Great Ocean Road and then to the Murray river towns before heading home.

          • +1

            @JediJan: Definitely don't work around the Murray. I was there last week. Telstra was fine. Kogan and Vodafone no go.

            • @tunzafun001: Spending one night in Mildura and one in Gol Gol (just over border in NSW near Mildura). On Vodafone coverage checker both towns show 4G indoor, which is supposedly the best. Would be pretty disappointing if they didn't work hey. Shall let others know I may be out of contact a couple of days; thank you for your advice.

              Leaving Adelaide (heading north-east to the river cities) I can see there are some dead patches on the way to Berri / Renmark on the coverage checker. If one is travelling to remote areas frequently we really need satellite mobiles. I wonder if 5G will offer better coverage.

              We found Echuca had great speeds every time we visited there in the past.

              A week ago there was a problem with Vodafone in a remote area (one tower), Koumala, south of Mackay, Qld., with no phone or data, for a few days; some upgrade work on that tower. I do think they should advise customers when this may happen.

              • +1

                @JediJan: Yeah, 4G (data) did work in patches (you had to search for it) , but voice calls didn't.

                Not sure if Voda are doing VOLTE yet?

                I have an old Telstra sim that I keep alive with Credit Me 2 U for these situations/ should an emergency present itself.

                Telstra coverage in the region is ok.

                • @tunzafun001: So far we personally only had Voda problems on more remote parts of western side of Tassie. I noticed many others had the same. Even though Cradle Mountain gave you complimentary wifi vouchers they didn't work either! Somehow we survived it all lol. We could do with satellite phone services to come down in price.

  • +2

    Note that they often have appalling coverage in CBD and adjacent areas (some literal blackspots), presumably because they don't purchase enough bandwidth.

    • +2

      I've never had issues with their coverage, even on holidays. Different providers work better for different areas.

      • +1

        Good for you. That doesn't mean my warning should be negged. They're cheap, and they seem to cut corners in providing coverage.

        • +3

          Not sure why you're getting negged for providing your experience with their coverage. Downvoting him is literally the equivalent of covering your ears going "LALALA I'm not listening! They can do no wrong!".

        • +2

          Should tell us it's melbourne CBD.

          Sydney CBD is fine.
          My local area, speeds tested, Vodafone (kogan) is the fastest, followed by Optus.. Telstra finishes last.
          It really depends on your location..

          • +1

            @cwongtech: Also depends on the handset and the band's supported.

            Vodafone/Kogan provide the best coverage on my Mi Max 2.

            I'll be jumping on this once my Catch Connect Deal expires.

        • I can't see any reason to believe that they don't have the full Vodafone network, like any other reseller. Lower prices do not mean sacrificing coverage. Like any network, your coverage is highly subjective and depends on your handset, what band you're on, physical obstructions, and of course your location. There are coverage issues with every provider.

          • @zzymurgy: Coverage issues (by issues I mean blackspots) in the centre of a city are not subjective. Maybe it doesn't handle my Galaxy S8 well, but more likely it's a terrible network. Having 'full network' means using all towers - I'm referring to bandwidth.

  • New Customers

    What does this mean? Can we keep activating new SIMs as new customers?

    • +2

      I think so but if you want to keep your current number you’ll need to port it to another provider if you’re already with Voda then back to Kogan. It’s what I’m going to do, I’m already with Kogan but my plan expires in May so this works out perfectly. I’ll port my number out to Optus then back to Kogan on one of these new SIM’s then redeem the voucher

      • +1

        That sounds good as we only need them for burners.

        • +1

          Yep, that's what I do. I have a main phone, then have a secondary one which I use for burner sims. However, if that's what you're using these SIMs for, then you probably shouldn't go for this one, as this one is much better value, plus has more data. Only downside is that you'll have to swap each month, rather than every 3 months. Up to you :)

        • Are you planning on robbing a bank.

      • I'm currently with Lebara (using Voda network) and was previously with Kogan (5 months ago) - would I be considered a new customer?

        • +2

          From what I’ve read on previous deals, you need to be with a different provider to be considered s new customer. So being with voda now won’t work

          • @johnnytran: I ported over from Vodafone to Kogan Mobile on a "2 for 1" offer last year and that was considered "new." So if you are with Vodafone you should not have to port to say Optus to then later port to Kogan Mobile. We have 3 x 365 Kogan Mobile accounts now. Suggest ring them to verify though.

            • @JediJan: That’s good to know! Might only be different with Optus then, I’ve been reading on here people have had to port out to a different provider to be considered a new customer

              • @johnnytran: The "365 day" recharge rates have been the same as the "new" rates too. (Not the 30 day accounts though; recharge rates are very high $s, so turn off auto recharge on Kogan accounts)! I recharged both Small and Medium Kogan Mobile 365s in February for the very same. They sent me an email offering an even better rate for the Small but I had already purchased the recharge voucher; rats!

                Log into your account and go through the recharge process (without actually doing it of course) and check this though. I have another due for recharge in May.

          • +1

            @johnnytran: Not correct. We’ve been switching from Lebara to Kogan for the last 2 years constantly. Never had any issues with 2 numbers. All ported ok each and every time.

    • +1

      Yes, so long as you don't wish to retain your existing mobile number. "New" means new mobile number.

      • Or if porting over from another Telco, you could keep the same mobile number if you specified so.

  • +1

    ooo sweet, my phone plan is expiring end April so I couldn't get Lebara. Least this gives me more time to shop around.

    • Same here. Prefer the Telstra network and Boost have SIMs available at various retailers… Maybe Aldi will introduce a 365 day deal in the next month…

  • +1

    Note how similar this offer is to the Catch Connect 54GB for $15 plan, the only real difference is that data is monthly whereas on Catch you get it all at once.

    • +1

      Kogan have been running this deal for a while now it's great for a small user I'm on my third one about to buy another

    • -1

      jesus christ…can't believe how cheap it is these days, $5 per months for 6 months

      • +3

        lol. 90 days = 6 months?

        • combine with Catch Connect and this plan could get total of 6 months…i'm on one month plan with catch connect right now and seems to be good so far, plan expire on Saturday.

    • +1

      And don't forget with cash back it will bring it down to 10 bucks.

    • +1

      one thing need to consider with catch connect is problems with porting out…never had any problem with Kogan and i can laid back within hours getting ported but with catch connect facing some issue with catch connect system.

      Cheap might be not good but Kogan is on my list while catch connect can consider as Risk…

      • What he said ☝🏿

  • +1

    They also have $4.90 for 40GB | 30 days only (not 90 days)

    New customers only.
    Voucher expires 30/04/2019.

  • +1

    Kogan drew me in with a 1 month free offer from last year, I ended up getting a 365 day plan rather than churn. Very clever…

  • So much valuee

  • +1

    I wish other providers offered plans as good as this instead of fixed term

    • Kogan Mobile upped their GBs during the last year (for existing customers also). No issue to recharge on a lower 365 plan also. We recharged a Large 365 with a Medium, and when my Medium 365 falls due I may even recharge with a Small.

  • Last year kogan was hot, now it’s not.

    Best and cheapest offer for 90 days is catch at the moment. 6.50$ for 4x simcards, and also for some reason 10$ credit showed up on my account after purchase.

    • +1

      How does one find such deal?

      • The front page of www.catchconnect.com.au I guess… $15 for 90 days = $5 every 30 days. No idea what he means by 4x SIM cards though. Maybe there's a maximum of 4x SIMs per customer.

      • Search for catch in Ozbargain, it’s expired anyway I got two

  • What would be my best course of action my plan expires on 20/04 just pick up a cheap $2 sim from else where then port in then port out straight away?

    • +2

      With Kogan you need to wait at least 30 days before you can port back in to Kogan.

      • is it OK to port out to vodafone and port back to kogan in 35 days (vodafone prepaid lasts 35 days)?

        I'm just worried that porting will be problematic or kogan won't see me as a new customer because I'm not changing networks.

        • OK i won't be able to do this in time then. I will probably go boost for the next 3 months

  • -1

    This is where I hope they are not as BAD AS AMAYSIM,…. Do you need verified credentials of ID to put through their system to use the service? or is it like ovo and catch, where they actually appreciate business and don't force you to be treated like a credit-risk postpaid customer despite this being a prepaid service??

    • You are required to provide ID (licence or Medicare card) but at least you do not have to put your credit card details on file.

      • Huh? I've always needed to provide my card details for Kogan.

        • Meaning you may use your card to pay but when you set up your account, sign back in and remove those credit card details and turn off automatic recharge; very important as recharges are much more expensive.

          • +1

            @JediJan: Ah, I misunderstood then. Fair enough, you do have to put them on file but can remove straightaway.

    • I thought all new mobile sims need ID to activate beacuse of law in Australia at least

      • +2

        Kogan requires a credit card to activate the SIM + driver license or medicare card number. Then you login to your account and remove the credit card details.

  • +1

    If more data is needed, I'd rather have this for about the same price https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/394895

    • Yes, but what does it cost to recharge after the first month/s?

      • +3

        $4.90. Buy another sim and new customer.

        • The cost to recharge the 30 day plans after the first month/ s for 40 GB (XL) it is $49.90. With those 365 days plans you get to retain the same mobile number. Also, there is a supposed limit to the number of active accounts you can hold; fair use policy applies etc. Note the question in the set up process where it asks you how many sim accounts you have.

          I believe other 30 day recharges are:
          Small 3 GB $16.90, Medium 13 GB $29.90, Large 20 GB $36.90. Remember to turn off automatic recharge debit!