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3 Shirts for $99 at Charles Tyrwhitt with Free Shipping


It's been a little while since the last deal. I've been waiting for it. You all know how it works.

Update 17/3: Back again with free delivery with a new link thanks to mynamedoesnotfi.

Update 31/3: Back again, again.

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Charles Tyrwhitt
Charles Tyrwhitt

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    Nice! Have been waiting a while for this, thanks.

    • saaaaaame I am due for some extra shirts!

  • Hows the fitting? any store they have where I can try?

    • Fitting is nice, they should have a slim range if thats your preference. Dont think they have a store but TM Lewin is exactly the same in terms of sizing. Material and feel is abit different.

      • +1

        I don't find the fit to be exactly the same. it's been a couple years since I bought CT because went to TML and didn't look back, but they always ran a little larger for me. Couldn't find a nice fit.

      • Sorry the fit are quite different.

    • +6

      I'm a bit fat and I order slim fit. Classic are huge. I expect the extra and super slim are true slim fits.

      • +4

        This. CT's super slim is equivalent to most other brand's slim fit.

      • i bought one in classic. youll need to be gigantic to fit into those

    • They have free returns for 6 months. You could order a few sizes and fits (e.g. slim fit) then return the ones ya don't want

    • +5

      I ordered 3 last year and much prefer my tmlewin myself. Generally the fits fine on my body however the sleeves seem meet the shirt lower than my other shirts and as soon as I raise my arms above my shoulders it causes my shirt to basically get tugged and pulled by the sleeves which either restricts arm movement or causes the shirt to untuck from my trousers. Haven’t had that on other shirts but I find it pretty annoying. The three shirts were different styles too.

      • +2

        Omg you just described the exact same problem I have with CT shirts! I recently purchased a few TM Lewin shirts and haven’t looked back.

      • +1

        Haven't tried CT before but I do have a about a half dozen TM shirts. If it's true what you say then I'll probably just wait for the next TM deal

      • Yeah I've always ran into this problem and just roll up my sleeves now.

      • Oh my god I thought that was just me. I really like my CT shirts but I have the same exact same problem and goddamn it's annoying, feel so constricted. How have TM shirts treated you so far? If they can nail the fit I have with the CT Extra Slim shirts I may have to jump ship.

        • TMs have been great after I nailed the size on my second order (first batch I got the sleeves 1.5 inches than I later settled on). Probably ordered around a dozen TM Lewis and I’ve only thrown a few out because after a decent period I had sweat stains on the shirt under the armpits. The materials held up fine though, no issues with stitching etc and they fit my body well.

          Only tried the CT out of curiosity and I’m sure they fit many people but as above, the sleeves cause me issues. I still wear them but they’re usually the last off the rack when I haven’t gotten around to ironing.

      • I sometimes get this too, but I'm going to try the new 4-way stretch shirts and see if that fixes the problem first before jumping ship. Unfortunately it's currently a very limited range though.

        • Would be super curious as to how they go!

          • +1

            @Smigit: I'll reply to this with a review in a couple of weeks for you

          • @Smigit: Ok review time. Wore the 4-way stretch for the first time today and it works great. I can stretch up or forward and the shirt stays pretty comfortably tucked in. My new go to I reckon.

            I only buy the non-iron extra slim shirts so there were only 4 to choose from, hopefully there will be more in that range soon

        • seems like i am better off staying with TM Lewin

  • +11

    Thanks! Remember that this is a foreign merchant (even though it's priced in AUD) so use a no international fee card

    • doh! forgot about this.

    • +2

      No. If the price they state and charge is in AUD, then that's the price that gets charged to your card. If not, then have a word with your card provider.

      • +2

        Not exactly true. Google AU state AUD prices and they'll charge you that, but the merchant they use charges the international fee, which you'll see on your bank statement.

        • …or just pay with paypal

          • @katatoniq: Unfortunately not everyone offers PayPal. E.g. google AU

      • You may have misunderstood my comment. Yes the currency will only be AUD, no worries there.

        But Charles Tyrwhitt is based in UK so the transaction will result in an international transaction fee (or foreign merchant fee) for many cards

    • Didn't charge a fee on my Amex essential

  • +2

    Excellent was needing my next dose of formaldehyde

    • +2

      Yeah well most clothes you buy have that. So you won't miss out wherever you shop!

      • +2

        I should probably go back to the garden of Eden

  • Would you recommend iron or non-iron?

    • +4

      Non iron are great. Let them dry on hangers and they are good to go

      • Exactly. I haven't touched a clothes iron in years. Just hang them up asap after washing and no worries. The thought of having to go back to ironing… Urgh.

      • +6

        I'm not sure how so many people say this about these shirts, mine definitely need ironing after they been washed. Admittedly there are not as creased as other shirts but they still need to be done.

        • +6

          Mine are the same.
          I'd call it low-iron, not no iron shirts.

        • +1

          The non-iron effect wears off after a number of washes, I find. At the beginning they are genuinely very good without ironing.

        • That's just because you don't want to look like a low effort slob.

    • +1

      Non iron for sure

      Even if they need a bit of ironing, it's nothing compared to the ironing hell of their "Egyptian cotton" or whatever shirts.

      • +1

        Just wait for the next ozbargain mega steam iron deal. The external water tank ones make it a LOT easier.

  • I don't need new shirts now, but what are the chances that this deal will turn up again in 6 months-1 year's time?

    • +4

      Very likely. Deals like this for CT and TM Lewin come around every 3 months or so.

    • +1

      every 2-4 months judging from the deal history

  • How do you get the sale I only see it for four shirts?

  • I know it's very much a 'how long is a piece of string' question, but what are the fits like on the extra / super slims? I always find a lot of business shirts are either too wide or baggy around the waist if they fit me both in length + chest, even the ones that claim to be a slim fit, so i'm hoping these are actually quite tapered.

    • +3

      Like an above commenter said, the classic is reeeeally big. Don't get scared off by the names, extra/super slim are likely to be closer to a standard slim-fit.

      • +3

        wearing them two days then washing

        you must sweat a lot less than me

        Haven't ironed them once

        once washed I hang them immediately
        but I always find I need to iron them
        I don't wear blazers/ coats

        what are you doing differently :)

        • Would also like to know what he's doing differently.

          • @movieman: To clarify I dont wear them two days consecutively, I wear them once a week and wash every 2 weeks. And i dont specific apart from dry them on a clothes hanger. Our washing machine is a Bosch and seems pretty gentle on clothes whereas my mum's miele one is absolutely brutal and thrashes them.

            • @richy_o: I will second Richy here - I follow the exact same process. No issues.

  • Next time I'm in a store like Myer I have to remember to try some of their CT shirts so I know what size to get when this deal comes up in the future.

    • Do they have them in stores?

      • I've seen them somewhere, maybe it wasn't Myer. But yeah anywhere to try first will do.

      • I don't believe any stored in Australia stock them. Definitely not Myer. Would love to be wrong though!

    • +1

      Myer only stocks TM Lewis not CT

  • +2

    finally, been waiting for this, cheers OP

  • anyone having trouble clicking on "continue to payment"?

    just doesnt do anything (mobile and desktop).

    EDIT: all good

  • Thanks OP. Almost bought a few days ago at 3 for $119 (plus delivery), as I was concerned that the 3 for $99 deal was a thing of the past.

    Also bought a pair of chinos for $69 (down from $89) to take adv of the free delivery.

  • Just wanted to say that CT's return procedure is an absolute delight. No question asked, you just fill out a form and bring the items to the nearest collection depot (which there are plenty, you should easily find one within 5 km). They refund you within 7 days.

    I've returned a couple of suits and quite a few shirts after wearing them for 5 months and had no issues.

    Quality is also excellent.

    • +2

      I've returned a couple of suits and quite a few shirts after wearing them for 5 months


      • -1

        Honestly, because I got fatter during that time and they were no longer a good fit…

        • +15

          This is just abuse of their generous return policy.

          • +1

            @lubos: Unless the generous return policy covers generous helpings of cake.

          • @lubos: Their founder has been quoted saying "I don't want anybody having a shirt they're not happy with" and doesn't even mind if you've spilled wine on the shirt you're returning

            Fair use of their return policy

            • +1


              Their founder has been quoted saying "I don't want anybody having a shirt they're not happy with" and doesn't even mind if you've spilled wine on the shirt you're returning

              good to know

              After 5.5 months of using the shirts, and failing to look like the models in their catalogs who wear identical ones, I plan to return them as I will not be happy with them :)

    • Do you pay the postage fee for returns?

      • No

  • +3

    Bought once again! love the brass collar stays over TM Lewin's plastic. better arm length options too..

    • +1

      I keep losing the bloody things and end up with a dozen shirts and no collar stays to be found anywhere!

  • If anyone is having trouble getting the cart to show the 3 for $99, close the webpage (after adding the 3 to the cart) and go back there via the link here again.
    It updated the cart to the correct sale price for me, no idea why this was being problematic for me as I generally always take advantage of 3 for 99 without issues.

  • This may be a silly question, but how do they identify the size of the shirt by just the collar size and arm length?

    Has anyone bought a number of these shirts and have received their correct sizes?

  • Is there anywhere in Brisbane that has these shirts in person as I have a lot of trouble getting shirts to fit. (wide chest, thin waist etc) so I want to tey them on to workout my size

    • +1

      Just buy and return if unsuitable like Cake Boy, @timmylol, above.

    • +2

      There's a T. M. Lewin in Edward St.

      I've got shirts from both and sizing is similar, if not exact.

      Or, as mentioned, order a few in different sizes and exchange the ones that don't fit.

  • Their return policy says they will deduct $5.95/$7.95 (depending on the page) from your return credit to cover return shipping costs

  • +6

    it is with great sadness that I will say no to CT's generous mail offer of 4 shirts for $259, including non iron :)

  • Good quality shirts but can't seems to find a size that suits me well. As posted above, the armholes are too big and baggy. Fyi, I ordered extra slim and I'm not slim.

    Sticking to my use and throw VH euro fit.

  • Thanks OP, have been on the look out for this deal to come around again.

  • OP could you let us know where/ how you found this deal

  • ooh I needed some of these! I have three from when I was a size 12 and I got fat. They're really decent shirts! (sadly can't return them, I've had them for three years now.)

  • Do they have short sleeved….couldn't seem to find any.

    • Yes, they have a short-sleeve filter you can select

  • Thanks OP

  • Cheers OP, completed the annual CT shirt bulk buy.

    Did it an hour ago though and haven’t received any kind of confirmation email other than the PayPal receipt which I find strange.

  • Speaking of formal wear, does anyone have any recommendations for value-for-money ties? Those at CT is just way too expensive…

    • Uniqlo's online store has silk ties for $20, should probably be in-store as well. I don't own any so can't comment on the quality but for that price, should be worth a try.

  • IS anyone having issues placing orders, 2 different machines, 3 different browsers and it will not allow me to proceed with payment.

    • The website was a little unusual for me. Like I'd click on the link here, add 3 shirts to basket totalling $99. Then I'd go to cashrewards and come back to website, my basket is $250 or so. I tried many ways and just couldn't do it through cashrewards so once I get my invoice, I'm going to email them. I instead bought it directly from the website. Is this what you're asking?

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