Logitech G433 7.1 Surround Sound Wired Gaming Headset $83.30 @ JB Hi-Fi (Was $119)


I was actually going to buy these for a while now. Just been waiting till on special. Luckily just realised one thing that would annoy me. Is the mic can’t be lifted up when not in use, would need to plug it out.

Was actually looking forward to getting them.

Oh well. Hopefully someone else finds this useful

Also available in camo blue

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    Checkout the G533 basically the wireless version of these with a mic that folds up. (not on JB there a rip off on there)


      Work on Xbox? Also, not looking to spend more then $100, I currently have some Afterglow LVL5 and I love them. My kids have more expensive ones and I still prefer the Afterglow ones, other than they're a bit tight on the top of one of my ears and the mic seems low for people trying to hear me


    Bought 1 of these and enjoy it for the price! Its comfortable and noise blocking is good because of the ear-cups go completely over the ear, and enhances sound perception.
    As far as the mic goes , I believe there is a inline mic on 1 of the included cables.(3.5mm) I have not tested it yet, but could be a alternative for the also included boom mic.
    For the price atm, bang for buck, you get a 7.1 system for sub $100..from a major brand.

    EDIT..just tested in game and inline mic works without the main side mic plugged in.

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