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Buy One Get One Free New Yorker Pizza @ Domino's Pizza


Buy one and get one free New Yorker.
Offer ends tomorrow.

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  • Side note, wtf is "The Big One"?!

    “The Big One” is priced at $49.95.





    For comparison, the New Yorker is about 10,000KJ. So it's about 3.5 of them. Or about 7x traditional size pizzas. Equates to $7.14/traditional, or $14.30/New Yorker. Hmm not bad

    • i wonder if i could eat one on my own

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      Has anyone frozen dominos pizza to eat later? If so, how well does it keep, and does it taste ok when re-heated from frozen?

      • Yup I have when I can't finish it. I usually microwave leftovers anyway, and I find the frozen ones taste the same as the ones I've left in the fridge (but I usually let it thaw first…haven't tried reheating direct from frozen)

      • I haven't frozen, but I've kept in the fridge for up to 3 days and I use the oven to reheat rather than microwave (prefer the crispy texture over soggy).

      • Just a tip. Don’t store pizza in its box. The cardboard they use isn’t food grade. They buy a pizza box (printed) for 0.8c each. That’s cheaper than a sheet of A4 paper!!

        Move leftovers to a plate and wrap with cling wrap.

      • Yep frozen it for a long while.
        It tastes fine if <1 month… Past that time the dough starts to taste funny, but definitely not off.

        I actually like it put in a sandwich press, works well directly from frozen no need to defrost. It's a quick meal when you just want something to fill up your stomach.

        In having said that I don't eat dominos much because it generally tastes like the same yuck after taste, almost irrespective of the toppings. It tastes even more like the same disgusting aftertaste once you've frozen it (time dependent of course)… Don't get me wrong I used to love it, when I used to gym I could afford to eat a pizza a day. But I just throw it out now, it's generally cheap enough to not feel hurt.


      Wtf? Looks like 12 slices so that's 3000kJ per slice. That's lethal.

    • Say good bye to the gym mate.

  • I don't bother buying from dominos anymore even with the discounts with still not worth it. My 2 local stores Banyo and Virginia hardly give you any toppings.

    • I guess it depends on the store culture. I have 2 Domino's near me and one always mess up my orders or lacks toppings while the other store is fine most of the time.

      • I made a complaint with dominos and got a free coupon for pizzas. I ordered the supreme and meat meatlover. What i received was supreme that looked like it was vegetarian, and a meat lovers with maybe 5 pieces of bacon. Ive goong back to ordering from my local privately owned Pizza shop and couldn't be happier.

    • And the local stores have started jacking their prices (to pay their staff minimum wage…..)! No more $5 pizzas around here. The pizzas have also started getting smaller. I can now fit the whole pizza box into my microwave, when previously I couldn’t. Could justify their average pizzas when they were cheap, but not when they want you pay real money and have reduced the size.

    • Damn, Virginia used to be Godlike years ago.

      McDowell has (profanity) up my delivery orders the last FOUR times - you read that right - it's not even the closest store.

      • Virginia has been owned/run by Indians for a few years now and it's gone downhill. Last time I order from them, I had to call them up because 45mins had gone by and no delivery. I ended up driving to them to pickup the pizza because the kids were hungry. When I got there the place was a mess. Pizza topping all over the floor. Rats and mice would have had a feast there.

        As for Banyo it's run by a tightness Chinese guy who is very tightarse when it comes to toppings.

        You should try pizza plaza. I'm so glad I went back to them!

        • No doubt run by Caucasians who keep it cleaner than an operating room, and the pizzas are 6" high with toppings and barely fit in an SUV?

    • I maintain that Domino's isn't even food.

    • I would order supremes with just the capsicum removed. (For years I thought I hated capsicum. But one day I made a meal using fresh and it was surprisingly ok. So I don't know what Dominos does to it, but their capsicum is awful.) Anyway, I'd remove it and receive a pizza with nearly nothing on it - a supreme - with nearly only sauce!

      I complained many times in their feedback, never received a reply. Once I think I complained on their FB page. They gave me a free pizza and it too was the same. I think the manager phoned me later to ask how it was, and said if there were ever problem just phone the store and get a replacment. I said, I'm sorry, but the replacement was nearly empty too, and if I phoned every time a pizza was nearly empty, I'd be phoning them after every order and get free pizzas forever. He scoffed and said something like well that's not going to happen, then claimed the toppings are the same at every store - and I said, sorry that's just not true - there are two stores 30 and 40 minutes away where nearly every time their toppings are a reasonable amount - not overly so, but what you'd expect for the price - at least 50% more than his store puts on.

      Dominos really needs to provide some kind of measuring cups and make the stores use them. They'll make a few less pizzas over a shift, but the glaring difference between stores will disappear, and people will know what they're going to get from every store in Australia. I haven't bought one for months because I'm tired of paying for dough with sauce.

  • They also appear to have hidden having sourced cheap vegetables under the big new mozzarella announcement. I always listen to people say Dominos tastes like cardboard but I always loved it, until I ordered pizza last week and it literally had no flavour at all. Sent them a message asking if they had changed the toppings with cheaper versions, and explicitly said I wasn't wanting my pizza replaced just wanted an answer so I knew if this was the new norm. There response was to offer me triple what I ordered in free pizzas and refused to answer my question.

    Used the voucher the other night, and same result, no flavour at all despite being loaded with toppings.

    No more Dominos for me.

  • I give Dominos a chance every now and again, but I find their pizzas to be consistently poor and unsatisfying. It is a shame because there was a time when I couldn't get enough.

  • Dominos? Meh. I get gourmet pizzas now. Better toppings and more of them.

  • I used to buy domino's pizzas but found they were really stinjy with toppings and those you did get tasted like crap. I now get pizzas from a local shop called Perfect Pizza (if you are in WA I highly recommend them). Their family sized pizza is about size as domino's new yorker but loaded with high quality toppings and much better crust. Can get their family supreme (with optional free anchovies) for $21, or $18 on Tuesdays. So not much price difference really. I know this might not be the OzB way, but I reckon it's generally worth spending a couple extra bucks to support your local small pizza business.

    • i'm with you here.
      With the size reductions lately and the stinginess of toppings lately, the actual mass of a Dominos pizza is about half the size of a large pizza from my local.
      So by weight i think the local pizza joint is actually better value. It might cost $13 but is the equivalent of 2x crappy $7.95 dominos pizzas. and tastes a lot nicer.

  • Are the new yorkers similar size to costco pizzas?

  • just in time for footy season kick off

  • i get the aldi wood fired bases which are $6 for 3 so $2 each and add my own toppings and into the oven ….cheaper and better than dominos.

  • How much is one..?

    • $17.95 pickup

      $28.95 delivered

      It's alright I guess with the B1G1F but considering you can get like 3 pizzas + sides for ~$30 delivered it seems better value to go for that instead if you're wanting it delivered (even then only because I feel you've got to have garlic bread with pizza.)

  • The New Yorker pizzas are awful. Wouldn’t eat them if they gave them away.

    • Lost the appetite just simply look at the display pictures, looked tastyless ,

    • Are all dominos pizza awful now or just the new yorkers?

      • I liked the rectangle ones when they were out. They massively oversold how good they were when they brought them out but they were better than the standard ones.

        The new Yorkers are just bigger versions of their standard basic plain pizza's. They are plain and tasteless. I've had them twice, about a year apart in case they improved. They didn't.

        Dominos generally are pretty ordinary these days.

        • Oh right

          I remember the rectangular ones now.. i think called chefs best… i loved the cambert one before

  • i've lived in NY for 25 years and this comes nothing close to the pizzas in NY

    • Seems like the Americans are butchering Australian culture and cuisine and Australians are butchering American culture and cuisine.. go figure.

      • who said i was american. i'm australian now. i prefer australia than america anyway. no guns, medicare, better weather, nicer people, and better asian food in australia.

        • My statement wasn't worded right and came out as an attack on you when it was meant to be an observation on how Americans have been mimicking Australian culture and Australians have been mimicking American culture and in some instances it has come out all weird.

          Yeah it was a global observation not a personal attack sorry sometimes I make shortcuts and word things weirdly so I always try and double check or look at it later.

          My bad.

    • just curious, what is a genuine NY pizza like in NY?

      • there are di fara's, joe's pizza, rubirosa, john's of bleecker st, roberta, lucali's, etc

        • @ pizzadoh

          I meant what does a genuine ny pizza taste like in ny?

          • @Triton: And what ingredients they typically use?

            • @Triton: oh sorry, i misread your question. they use the same ingredients more or less, but in my experience it's the taste of the sauce that's most important. i feel the pizza sauces they use in australia taste a bit bland and off. i also love fresh mozzarella and i don't see it much here. i miss the melting stretchy cheese, the orange oil dripping off when you fold it in half, and the thin crispy crust. T_T

  • I think I've satisfied my curiosity now about the New Yorker pizzas.

    First one I got last year during the discounts wasn't bad, but the two I got today weren't an improvement. Made in a hurry, and one of the bases may have been baked in too much oil.

  • Cant get this code to work in any nearby Dominos (Toowoomba QLD)

  • Bought 2, 1 and a half left.
    3 of us can't even get through a full pizza. Not because they are big. Tasteless and no topping.
    2 pizza bases for the price of 1.

    • Yeah the larger pizzas even the add $3 one to make it 50% bigger seem to sacrifice taste somehow for larger area.

      I haven't checked but something feels off maybe the dough is different or thicker to accommodate the extra toppings man I don't know but the normal still feels better and tastes better.