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[eBay Plus] Baseus 30W USB Type C PD3.0 QC4.0 VOOC Dual Car Charger - $15 for 2 ($7.50 each) Delivered @ Shopping Square eBay


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The Baseus PPS 30W Dual USB Type-C PD Car Charger features Qualcomm Quick Charge 4.0 technology with certified chipset under the hood to turbocharge compatible mobile phone and tablet devices.

Quick Charge 4 offers up to 20% faster charging than Quick Charge 3.0 which means you can get up to 5 hours battery life with just a 5 minute charge.

The Baseus PPS series model charges two devices simultaneously from its Type-A and smaller Type-C ports offering up to 30W USB power delivery.


  • Compact bullet-shape design.
    Safe, reliable charging - internal certified chipset.
  • Up to 30W total power output.
  • Type-C USB-PD (power delivery).
  • Qualcomm Quick Charge 4.0 technology (backwards compatible).
  • Fast charge two devices simultaneously.
  • Supports QC 4.0 and PD 3.0 and SCP and VOOC charging standards.
  • Smart device detection automatically regulates power required.
  • Supports DC 12-24V (power input) cigarette lighter sockets.
  • Manufactured from durable ABS materials.
  • Short circuit, temperature and over-charging protection.​

Specs thanks to adr8

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  • +1

    Great price! Especially for AU stock!!

    • +3

      Exactly. Still waiting for mine to arrive from last deal @ Ali Express. This would arrive much quicker!

      • +1

        expected delivery to Melbourne: 25-27 March

      • I got one of mine from Ali Express. Hopefully the other one is in the mail, but I'm doubtful

  • +2

    need Ebay Plus for free ship… damn

  • +1

    Cheers, got 2 for $1.25 because I had a voucher for $13.75 which was about to expire :P

  • What do I need to quick charge my iPhone 8 Plus? Like what cable?

    • +5

      Correct me if I'm wrong but it would have to be TypeC-Lightning via PD charger.

  • Anyone know what happens if you try to charge a USB-C PD laptop that needs 45W with one of these? Not looking to use it at the time but wondering if it will charge albeit slower than normal or if it will screw the battery.

    • +2

      just charges the laptop slower

    • Might depend a bit on the charging logic of the laptop, but generally yes, as long as it supports one of the voltage combinations of the charger it should work. The charger is limited in its output, so it might not be able to keep the laptop on without using some battery. It should be able to charge it while off, but at 2/3 the speed of the usual charger.

    • Since this is a USB-PD car charger it will work fine. It'll just charge up to 30W instead of 45W and thus… a little bit slower.

    • -1

      You need to look at the voltage. Min input of laptop needs to be met. Then anything lower than rated amps means slower charge

    • If you have a Dell or HP laptop it will not charge the laptop unless it has a minimum of 45W.
      I have been through the process with both laptops, they both usually require a 20V/2.25A (20x2.25=45W)
      I can recommend 2 car chargers that will charge my laptop, and I presume yours, I have both car chargers.
      The first is Logo Cable lin TYPE-C PD 45W from AliExpress
      The second charger is USB-C PD Charger 69W PD+QC3.0 Fast Car Charger from AliExpress Do not buy a car charger that does not have a minimum of 20V/2.25A as it will not work at all, trust me. I recommend the Logo car charger it costs about $28 inc GST+Postage but the USB-C PD cable is hard wired in so will not accidentally disconnect, also this charger has stronger springs so when you stick it into your car charger it will hold tight and less likely to fall out. But the other charger works well also, but I prefer the Logo branded charger.

  • Aren't most car cigarette lighters 12v/2.5amp max?

    • 12*2.5 = 30W ??

    • +1

      Aren't most car cigarette lighters 12v/2.5amp max?

      They're usually on 10 or 15A fuses. 2.5A is no problem at all.

  • Will these super charge a Huawei (P20 Pro) like the original SuperCharger with 5A ?
    It says USB output: 4.5V/5A, 4.5V/9A, 9V/3A, 12V/2.5A but i'm not up with whayt all of this means !

  • Anyone knows if this is Qualcomm certified? I was not able to see the brand or this model on the list:

    • +1

      The list is 2 months out of date so it's likely they haven't got around to adding it. Otherwise the controller Baseus are using would be certified.

  • This is the one that dash charges right?

    • BS-C15 does not work for dash charge

      • Are you sure? If it's based only on the crappy ad, you'd be wrong. I'll have to check the model I have, but it does Dash, and had a USB-C port too

        • I mean model BS-C15 it's not quick charge for One Plus. I've been checked

  • tried to sign up ebay plus but there is technical issues.

  • Where do I get a PD rated USB C - USB C cable (ideally 2 or 3 meters) from for a reasonable price got one, nevermind. And I got a 45W PD USB charger from ali for $12 as my laptop requires 45w

  • +1

    This model BS-C15 does not work for Oneplus

    • Damn, thanks for the heads up.

  • lol my first post got removed. (tried posting a link) i think aliexpress has the same ones on sale now but it’s 1 instead of 2. (for those who don’t have ebay plus). works out to be a bit cheaper too

    • Make sure you add 10% ontop of AliExpress as they add GST at checkout. Even then it's going to be a case of local stock vs china stock.

  • for the 2nd time recently ebay charged me $15 postage when it should have been free.

    • Pic?

        • What does your Paypal transaction show?

          • @eug: $30

            • @Duff5000: The right-hand column doesn't mention "eBay Plus discount"?
              Did you contact ebay the last time? What did they say?

              • @eug: They just said it was a bug on their end and they would refund me. Not a big deal i guess, is annoying having to contact them for this again though.

              • @eug: Sorted it out.
                The email saying i paid says i paid $30

                Ebay purchase history says i paid postage.

                Paypal account summary says -$30

                Only if i go into the details of the paypal transaction does it show they only took $15 out from me and ebay funded the other $15.

                Thats is about as clear as mud.

                Now i don't know if there was a problem in Jan or the support person just didn't know what was happening then either. They did however send me $14 to cover the postage in that instance.

                • +1

                  @Duff5000: Yeah, that's how they do it for some reason. Guess you're $14 ahead now. Congrats. :)

        • Do you have eBay Plus?

  • Anyone have a suggestion for a AC wall outlet version of this? Looking for something compact that can charge laptop, Switch and QC/VOOC smartphone (all USB-C)

  • How come the pictures of the ones you can choose a different to the one that's showing on the main photo

    • It's what SS chose to have on their listing or that specific model is now out of stock.

  • Would this charge faster than a built-in USB port that may car already has? Trying to charge a Samsung S10

    • +1

      Yes, much faster. The ports built into cars usually only supply 5W, or at most 10W. The S10 can pull 18W from this.

  • Sonofa….

    I inadvertently bought 2 of these thinking my eBay plus trial was still active. These guys wouldn't cancel my order to allow me to re-purchase with a renewed eBay Plus membership. Bloody BS!

  • Would the Type C model charge a Samsung S10 quicker then the USB version? I don't have a cable for the Type C. If its much faster then I will get a cable otherwise will use my existing USB to Type C cables

    • QC4 is exclusive to Type-C, so if your S10 supports QC4.0, yes.

      • The AU model S10 doesn't have a Qualcomm chip so not sure it supports any of the QC specifications.. Basically want a car charger that will charge my S10 very quickly and also have the option of charging an Apple iPhone 8.. Confused about the differences between PD and USB ports on these devices in relation to which charges faster

        • Samsung use Adaptive Fast Charge in their phones which is a rebrand of QC 2.0, so these QC4+ chargers will be compatible.

          It's rumoured that the SD855 will feature faster charging but the details are all over the place at the moment.

  • Great little gadget, highly recommended

  • Postage coming up as $15 for me?

    edit: This was already covered above, sorry - need ebay Plus

  • +1

    Expired? Added two to cart and it shows $30?

  • +1

    Added 2 to cart and the total price was $15 with eBay plus. Don't think this should be marked as expired

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