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Baseus 30W USB Type C PD3.0 QC4.0 VOOC Dual Car Charger US $5.49 (~AU $7.87) Delivered @ AliExpress


Same price as last time it was posted - Price in title inclusive of GST.

The Baseus PPS 30W Dual USB Type-C PD Car Charger features Qualcomm Quick Charge 4.0 technology with certified chipset under the hood to turbocharge compatible mobile phone and tablet devices.

Quick Charge 4 offers up to 20% faster charging than Quick Charge 3.0 which means you can get up to 5 hours battery life with just a 5 minute charge.

The Baseus PPS series model charges two devices simultaneously from its Type-A and smaller Type-C ports offering up to 30W USB power delivery.

Compact bullet-shape design.
Safe, reliable charging - internal certified chipset.
Up to 30W total power output.
Type-C USB-PD (power delivery).
Qualcomm Quick Charge 4.0 technology (backwards compatible).
Fast charge two devices simultaneously.
Supports QC 4.0 and PD 3.0 and SCP and VOOC charging standards.
Smart device detection automatically regulates power required.
Supports DC 12-24V (power input) cigarette lighter sockets.
Manufactured from durable ABS materials.
Short circuit, temperature and over-charging protection.​

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  • Slightly different product to previous one, this is the C16 model (previously C15), not sure what's the difference though

    • The other one was QC 3.0 only. This one is QC 4.0 and PD 3.0. here is the full spec of the other one:

      BASEUS Gentry Series QC3.0 Dual USB Quick Charge Charger - Black/Red

      Dual USB outputs can charge 2 devices at the same time

      Rocket shape and compact size, sturdy body construction

      QC3.0 technology, charge your thirsty device with fast speed

      5V 2.4A output, rapid charging for phone tablet and most digital products

      Safe and quick charge, built-in three upgrade chips

      Intelligent identification and automatic output current adjustment, strong compatibility

      Multiple safe protection: Over-charge, over current, over voltage, over power, short circuit, over-discharge and temperature protection


      Material: Aluminium alloy + PC

      USB1: DC QC3.0 3.6V-6.5V/3A; 6.5-9V/2A; 9V-12V/1.5A

      USB2: 5V/2.4A (max)

      Certified by CE FCC RoHS

  • This is cheap and great. Bought one from China months ago.

  • Specs say PD3.0 is compatible with Apple…is it compatible with Google Pixel 2?

  • Amazon is $15.99 free delivery plus Cashback :)

  • Seeing this is VOOC..will this 'Dash Charge' OnePlus phones too? With Dash charge cable of course.

    • Yes it will.

    • Only the dual USB-A one support VOOC/Dash.
      But not SuperVOOC

      • This is dual one listed right? Tempted to get this to quick charge Samsung and Oneplus. Will that work?

        Would the USB C + USB A one work with VOOC

        Or dual USB A only?

        • Dual USB-A only from the specs, USB-C + USB-A doesn't seem to have VOOC

          • @Mostly Melbourne: Oh man been looking for a VOOC/DASH charge for my oneplus for ages!

            So it's not this one that the OP has posted? Damn….guess need to wait for the dual USB-A one?

          • @Mostly Melbourne: Thanks for confirmation. the dual USB A should work as VOOC from Oppo is compatible with Oneplus dash charge. Super VOOC is only for Oppo so that wasn't going to work anyhow. Different voltage

            VOOC standard is only used by Oppo and Oneplus, same company

            For OnePlus users, VOOC has been rebranded as Dash Charge. The differences here are almost-entirely surface level. If you own a OnePlus smartphone, you can use it with an Oppo VOOC charger to get the same benefits as you would with the Dash Charger and vice-versa.

            The good thing is these ones work with Huawei too now that's impressive

            • +4 votes

              @neonlight: I bought a Baseus charger from the last deal for my OnePlus 5. I was skeptical about Dash Charging. link:

              I got one with USB-A and a USB-C out

              Anyway, It does Dash, but there are caveats - only one of my Dash cables would work with it, both of which work in the regular Dash wall charger.

              The second is that I get 2000mA from it. Whether that's because of my car perhaps not having enough juice or what, but it is what it is. For reference, the wall charger hits 3500mA (!).

              BTW, I used "Ampere" for Android to judge how much power was going in - it's a great and free app!

              The Dash charge logo fires up when you plug it in.

              Overall, I'm pretty satisfied - a much faster charge in-car, where I was probably getting about 1200mA - 1500mA max.

              • @Droz: Thanks for your reply on this. I just bought two of the USB-As….Hopefully they do give that dash charging.

                Since I can't find any decent priced Dash charging powerbank I rather get this instead on the road.

              • @Droz: Thanks for the detailed report.

                If I had've read this I would've got a A/C but all good can't complain for an A/C at this price!

              • @Droz: I was just thinking in this case you mean I should get USB A/C one rather than dual USB A as it might not do dash charge at all?

                • @neonlight: I imagine they both do Dash/VOOC, but the pictures describing the device don't.

                  For clarification I got A/C, but people here are commenting that only A/A does Dash/VOOC based on the images. I'd say the images are wrong, as I get Dash.

                  As I mentioned below, today I didn't get Dash, but found that there was a bunch of gunk on my Dash Cable connector near the corners. I cleaned it out, and now I got Dash again, even a little more power this time. Seems the car charger is less forgiving than the regular wall charger.

          • @Mostly Melbourne: I did say this last time this deal came up - that's not true.

            USB-C + A charger supports Dash/VOOC, but obviously only if you have the Dash cable,

            • @Droz: Good to know that it actually supports Dash/VOOC. I thought it didn't since we've had returns of this product from customers claiming that it couldn't fast charge their OnePlus.

              • @Mostly Melbourne: I did explain in my other post that it was finicky, and I had to clean my connectors on both the cable and phone.

                Once the gunk was gone, I've been happily Dash charging (at a slightly lower rate than with an AC charger)

                It definitely didn't work the first time I tried, but I switched cables and then it was fine

    • Does VOOC only work with dual USB version (VOOC has only been mentioned on the dual USB photo on aliexpress)?

  • I had a different all in one version, works as a DASH charger for my OP5!

  • Never heard of this brand. Are they reputable/reliable/safe?

  • I do need a new car charger like this. I also just preordered a galaxy s10+. To charge that, will I need a type c connector? Or will side other side of the charging cable for the s10 still have a regular size usb port?

  • First time users are eligible for a $3US off their first purchase, just look for the banner on the home page and click through. So if a first timer, charger comes down to $2.49US - just follow the links. : )

  • I'm a bit confused. There are 4 options. I need the VOOC one?

    • There's really only 2, there's 4 because of black qnd white versions. What do you want to charge?

      If you want VOOC, then the photos indicate you need the two USB A port one.

    • VOOC is for OnePlus and Oppo phones and only seems to be on the 2 USB-A ones, not the USB-C one.

      • I got one and i tried to used charge OP6 with original cable but its not quick charge for OP6

        • I've got a OP6 one too - did the dual USB A one not work? Or the USB A/C one?

        • Really? I just ordered two. Thinking it will work with Oneplus 6….

          I hope your one is different to this one listed.

        • As mentioned before, I got the USB-A + C one. I successfully charged my OP5 with it in Dash mode, which is the same as VOOC

          Today, it didn't Dash charge, but I found that my cable was really gunky - I cleaned out the connecter (carefully) with something - you can use a toothpick - by scraping out the gunk on the pins.

          Plugged it in - Dash again.

          It's not written on the pictures for the USB-C+A one because, well, it's a cheap and badly made ad.

          The charger is pretty good though.

  • Looks like the black ones are out of stock…

  • Have the USB C + A version but Huawei Supercharge doesn't seem to work on my Mate 20 Pro (have tried the original Supercharging cable and another one certified for that) :(.

    • I have the same charger and I used a usb c to usb c to charge my phone. It doesn't say super charging but the charging rate is much faster compared to a qc3.0 charger that I have. Granted its not charging at max speed but its alright for me

      • Ah, have only tried a cheap C-C cable alongside the A-C cable so far. Will try a proper one and see if that improves things. Which phone are you using for reference?

        • I'm using a Honor View 20,
          Only supports 22.5w superCharge though
          I tried the USB A to USB C on my phone and it says that it was quick charging

  • The cover on my car charger says 24W max. Is it safe to use this one?

  • Total output of the 2 USB ports reaches 5V 5A at max

    So when both ports are used, only 25W total?

    Does anyone know of a car charger than can do both ports at QC3.0 speeds when used simultaneously? I've had a look but most throttle power when both ports used (which to me defeats the purpose).

    Thanks in advance!

  • With tax it's $10.98 USD for two

  • Thanks OP. I was holding out for a deal on Blitzwolf but this looks good.

  • These chargers are excellent and fast, I use it with my Pixel 3 XL

  • Anyone else having issues checking out? Tried 2 different cards, 28 Deg and Commbank and got failed messages — "Reason: System error. Suggestion: The system is busy. Please try again."

    • I had the same problem, tried 3 times and I would get the same message.
      I used incognito mode to log in and pay and it worked first go. Maybe something to do with cookies

    • I paid with Alipay and it’s on my card as pending, but then I got a message from Baseus saying I still needed to pay.

      I think there’s some delays in the payment gateway.

  • Thanks OP!

  • bought two and was charged $15.53au

  • Paid $2.49USD delivered inc GST with new user discount coupon. Now the waiting game.

  • Just bought and it is already shipped. Shipping date is by 24th of April for free shipping. Just wondering if someone could tell me what the average shipping time has been for shipments via this free shipping method based on past experience?

  • Did anyone else see the micro wiener in this deal's thumbnail?

  • Can anyone who already has this comment on the brightness of the LEDs? Don't need/want ports that are lit up, especially in bright blue at night, but if it's fairly dim it might be bearable.

  • Anyone received their charger yet? I'm still waiting. My order appears to have left China ion 1st March but no sign of it arriving in Australia yet. If it has not arrived by 24th April then I can apply for a refund. Hope that is an easy process.

    • Oh I spoke too soon. Typical. Charger arrived yesterday so all up 24 days to deliver. Charger is very small. Just tested it out this morning with cable connected to USB Type-A port and it seems to charge ok but need to use it for a bit more to check fast charging capabilities and the Type-C port.

      • I checked my charger too but my phone mate 2o Pro do not detect it as fast charging. I have other chargers and they all show up as a fast charging. I wonder if it as good as its claimed

    • Got mine today.

  • VOOC doesnt work. I used my Oneplus official cable and it doesnt fast charge.

    • I believe the Oneplus 6 uses SuperVOOC (Warp Charge) which is different to VOOC(Dash Charge) and not backward compatible?

      • I think the 6T McLaren edition uses Warp Charge, which needed a different battery setup (

        6T doesn't

        That article also says you can use your OG OnePlus cable, so that would indicate backwards compatibility.

        Have you tried cleaning the gunk that collects on the inside of your USB-C connector, on both the cable and the phone?

      • OP6 has normal dash / VOOC. Tried with official cable and doesnt fast charge. Same cable works with OP6 charger.

        • I had the same experience with the BS-C15C until I cleaned my cable's connector, especially in the corners near the pins. After that, I had Dash work successfully

  • I'm still waiting for mine. Anyone hasn't received this yet?