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Samsung 860 EVO 500GB 2.5" SSD $99 + Free Postage @ CNC Corporate IT Services


After a weekend of researching SSD prices for a mate's new system I saw this pop up in my Facebook feed today, beats the lowest price on StaticIce by $15 and with free shipping.

Limit of 2 per customer and while stocks last

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    A true ozbargainer. A weekend's research to save $15. Great work :-)

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      And sharing it too. Thanks OP

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      And for his mate too.

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    Nice work 👍

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    Got one, thanks!

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    Been looking for weeks for a price lower than $115. Great deal plus delivery within a few days. Thanks OP!

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    Damn these are so cheap nowadays.

  • Hello RAID 0!

    • Is RAID 0 healthy for SSD's? I thought that all the writing wore them down very quickly as opposed to standard use.

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        I don't think it has health issues for the drives, but it's pretty pointless as it won't really make a noticeable difference in performance to be worth it.

        Raid 1 or 10 I can understand for the parity.. however raid 0 just doesn't make sense imo

        • Sorry, I meant Raid 1… Wouldn't this wear out the SSD's?

          • @yoshi864: Raid 1 would only cause the same amount of writing as normal non-raid use. Raid 0 would mean half as much writing per drive. The trade off with raid0 is that you lose twice the data if you lose one drive, and you don't really get any performance benefit.

            You'd be better off just mounting one inside the other, or running them jbod.

            • @macrocephalic: Depends on the application, but if it is to go in a normal desktop then you would be better off buying a NVME m2 card with at least twice the performance and a PCI card to mount it in (assuming the system doesn't have an NVME m2 slot available.

              • @whats up skip: Keep in mind that some motherboards won't boot from the PCI slots, particularly older ones. You can still use it as a program or data drive, though.

                • @JMC: You are right. Most won't. I should have clarified that. I had just assumed the person already had a SATA SSD and would have used the additional as a dedicated high speed data drive for video editing or similar.

    • Hello year 2000!

  • Cheers OP, bought one.

  • Man…. impulse buying.
    Great deal. Thanks OP

  • hmm I wish I had a 2.5 SATA in my laptop

  • Thanks Mun.

  • Thanks OP for the a new zfs mirror

  • Zzzz was going to buy when I got home… Oh well

  • Would this fit into a mid 2009 macbook pro?

    • Sure would.

      • Thanks! Oh also are these Significantly better than the crucial MX500?

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