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OVO 250GB XXL Mobile Broadband $79.95/30 Days (Was $99.95)


Been looking for a 200Gb+ plan for mum, and came across this.

"Enjoy 250 GB mobile broadband data with no contract and no fixed line."

Uses Optus 4G network, and uncapped.

Recent deal was $20 extra

Chat said no expiry in near future.

Still hanging on for an Optus deal for around the $60p/m for 200GB and a tablet :) but may succumb to this especially being no contract.

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    Can vouch for this service, have been very happy for the past few months. Have been mainly using for Netflix. Note that they also now have a 500GB/month plan for $109.95.

    • How much do you use Netflix, and how much data do you think you use in a month? Looking at doing this, have been on NBN unlimited before so not sure how much data I use.

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        We watch a lot of Netflix, Prime etc. and use approximately 200GB of data a month but will also be dependent on your playback quality settings (SD, HD, Ultra HD/4K), for reference we use HD playback for Netflix.

        • Legend, thanks for getting back to me.

    • Any recent speed tests (especially during the peak evening period)? TIA

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    Probably good to have no contract in case needs change. That said if you were ok with 24month commitment would a phone plan with 200GB be better value? Flog the phone and have call costs covered as well?

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    Optus itself has 500GB with 80$/month. Spintel (also Optus network) 39.95$/month for 250GB. These are mobile broadbank so no calls etc.

    • How do you get the plans month by month without modem?

      • month by month without modem

        You can't BYO.
        You either have to pay upfront for the modem or go on a 24 month contract

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          Ah so not really comparable at all then.

          • @onlinepred: Imo it's comparable for those that don't have a modem and would need to buy one anyway.

            • @kierand: $272 for the first month. Ouch. I would just go buy a $40 optus 4GX modem and plug into existing modem. Or get the $69 hotspot.

              Either way, I am only getting 4G while NBN is getting installed - a few months apparently. I have a bunch of modems lying around, and a few support USB modems.

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                @onlinepred: Fair enough, though the cheap wifi modems are great for one or two users, most can't handle much more than 1/2 a dozen devices and none that I'm aware of provide a wired connection to the LAN. I went the two year contract and got the modem $0 upfront, if I break the contract I just need to pay the remaining cost of the modem.

                • @kierand: How do they calculate the cost of modem? Eg say the modem cost $240, then I guess the 'buy out' price is $10per month remaining on contract?

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                @onlinepred: That's only on the month to month contract. The modem is $0 upfront on the 24 month and no cancellation fee apart from modem repayment

                • @Androidrian: So if I want 2 months it's $352, vs $160.

                  • @onlinepred: Ite geared towards more of a semi permanent solution as opposed to a short-term one.

                    • @Androidrian: I think that's a good summary. If say under 10months and have your own device then OVO. If over that, then Optus (or whatever). Of course other factors at play.

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      Spintel is a 'throttled' service so not a like for like comparison. It's basically ADSL speeds.

      As per the CIS:

      Whilst the Wireless Broadband 4G service uses the Optus 4G Plus network, it is designed to be used in the home and its data speeds are different to mobile and mobile broadband speeds on the 4G network.
      In metropolitan areas where there is 2300 MHz coverage at your nominated address, download and upload speeds of up to 12/1 Mbps are available.
      If 2300 MHz coverage is not available at your nominated address, download and upload speeds of up to 5/1 Mbps are available

      • That almost caught me out of the Yomojo offering… Plus the almost uniform terrible reviews they cop

      • Ok. I didn’t know that.

    • You need to go directly with Optus if you want full network speeds.

      • The OVO chat said it was uncapped, I assumed that meant I get full speeds. Is that incorrect? That would make a big difference to me

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          The post I was replying to talked about Spintel's home wireless broadband service, so that's what I was referring to.

          Simply put, if you want wireless broadband at home (or fixed locations), go with Optus. You'll get good prices, uncapped speeds and a home WiFi modem.

          If you want mobile broadband on the go (e.g. on a train), OVO is fine. It's more expensive but you get improved mobility.

    • They've also announced the whole optus $70 for unlimited 5g rolling out, which has a 4g fallback. I'm waiting for this to launch so I can replace my 4g setup.

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    This new pricing from Ovo puts them firmly as the best deal on mobile broadband without lock-in contracts.

    You can also stream anything they have on Ovo Play without using your data allowance.

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    Recently purchased the Optus 4g mobile broadband. $80/month and 500gb. Getting speeds up to 150mb/s on a good day.

    Technically a 24 month contract but you can opt out at any time and just pay the residual cost remaining on the modem.

    So much better than my ADSL2 which is the only home option for me at the moment.

    • I’m on Optus 500gb without buying the modem on a monthly contract

      • What you did for modem?

        • Had it from spintel

    • Are you paying 80 or 85 per month. Cannot find the $80 offer but do see a $85 offer. Thanks!

  • So with the Ovo 250 gb mobile data plan can you stick the sim in a spare 4g phone and just hotspot from that.

  • So I'm about to sign up for this and using Cashrewards ($15). Then when I fill in the sign up form, there is a space for a referral code. Problem is the referral links in Ozbargain I can't work out what the code to put in? If anyone wants to PM me their referral I'm happy to use theirs.

  • So I should get the exact speed on this as my Optus mobile broadband 200gb plan?

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