Crumpets Round, Square 6 Pack or Chunky Square 4 Pack $0.50-$1 @ Coles Wynyard NSW + Others (Clearance Line/Price May Vary)


Hey all, quick post.

Cheap crumpets. Sold out inside the shop, but are displayed outside near where the roast chickens are.

Either have round ones or "toaster" square ones. The Good Baker or whatever Coles was trying to do obviously didn't work.

Probably at other locations too as it's been deleted online.

Here's a photo. Will show $1, but marked as $0.50 at checkout

EDIT: Looks like there is also a chunky square 4 pack of crumpets for $0.50 in addition to the others. Just realised that's what I bought and now it probably won't fit in my toaster 😂

Also spotted at Melbourne Central @ $0.80 thanks ajobbins

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    The Happy Baker

    I wonder if my local has it.


    Mmmm… I love a bit of crumpet…

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    These are really nice crumpets


    For those who are interested in detailed crumpet analysis, these are actually English crumpets. They are a little more dense than a standard crumpet (the air pockets aren't as big). My partner is English and she absolutely loves these … I don't know how I'll break it to her that Coles is discontinuing them if that is what they are doing rather than just clearing excess stock.


      if that is what they are doing rather than just clearing excess stock

      I tried to find it on their website but couldn't see it, thus why I thought it was clearing the line.

      I bought up a few just in case it's the former :)


      These were being sold in North Sydney for a while but unfortunately no more… I also was quite excited about being able to get English crumpets over here finally but alas all good things come to an end…


    Saw them at Coles Melbourne Central this morning, but they were $0.80

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    Bought some today, price has been updated to $1

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