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Logitech G512 Mechanical Keyboard $95.20 @ JB Hi-Fi


Last price on ozb I could find was $118 during HNs Logitech sale.

Seems like a decent keyboard, however it uses propriety switches and not Cherry MX ones. Linked ones are "tactile" which are apparently similar to browns. They also have two more models which are similar to blue & reds:

Blue equivalent: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/gaming-keyboard/logitech-g512-ligh...
Red equivalent: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/gaming-keyboard/logitech-g512-ligh...

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  • good deal but also Logitech G Pro Wireless Keyboard for $127.80

  • oh didnt realise the wireless typo.

  • If this keyboard uses the same keys as the G910, i'd highly reccomend for general use. I use the G910 at work and its brilliant. Not sure about gaming use though.

    • Romer G are the same keys are the G910. I used one for about 2 years for gaming and loved it. I'm using Razer Yellow keys now and much prefer the feel tho. The two are very different and takes some getting used to swapping between the two. The Romer G keys aren't as "clicky" imo.

  • Cherry MX are proprietary switches.

    Personally I hate Logitech switches but there is no one switch that everyone wants to use.

  • The logitech crayon seems a fair price @$69.30 for those with the 2018 ipad.