This was posted 2 years 10 months 6 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 6 - i5/8GB/256GB with Type Cover (Bundle) $1421 @ The Good Guys


Pro-abably the cheapest the Surface Pro 6 256GB has ever been with type cover included

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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  • Are you sure this is bundled with type cover?

    • Hmm, it says bundle in the title, but it's hard to tell. Could it include the pen as well?

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        This appears to be for the same bundle I bought last week for $1550. It did not have the pen included in the bundle but that is included in the sale as well.

      • The before discount price ($1579) matches the current bundle price from JB, and that doesn't come with the pen. I'm doubting this will either.

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      Rang, and comfirmed it does come with type cover (no pen)

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        Old fashioned communicator. I like it.

  • Any good deals for i7?

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      1366x768 screen…

      • I am more after performance rather than graphics, as I need it for work and don't care about graphics.

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          It looks rubbish

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            @DisabledUser139667: You wouldn't know a good deal from a bar of soap. That's an awesome computer at a great price.

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          For work you say? I hope you like scrolling through spreadsheets.

        • You say this now, I used to think the same way….

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            @sushimaster: For work, you don't need a discrete video card. But Full HD (1920x1080) is the minimum I would use.

            • @Trojan: Yup that's what I was saying. Like plz don't get HD (720p) Windows 10 scaling on it is disgusting.

              But I might be not ok with it cos I normally use a 2k+ panel

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              @Trojan: This times a million .. friends don't let friends use laptops with less than 1080 horizontal pixels in 2019

        • If you are after performance why would you even consider a Surface?

      • isn't it 12.3-inch Screen, 2,736 x 1,824 PixelSense display (Contrast ratio: 1,500:1, 100% sRGB color, 10-point multi-touch, 3:2 aspect ratio)?
        correct me if I am wrong.

      • no

  • It was cheaper with TGGC in early Feb.

    • Combined with the 5% off gift card to make it $1349.95

  • What is a "type cover" ?

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      Basically the keyboard. The Surface on its own is really just a tablet.

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      It’s the keyboard and when you fold, it protects the screen.

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      Thanks for that.

  • Can anyone please confirm whether I can use 5% GG gift cards with this?

  • looking at a pile of dead surfaces in the corner. sigh. people never learn

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      maybe they need some services !!

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        tumbleweed rolls by in the background

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      Previous model Surfaces were rubbish, although I believe they've come a long way.

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    Uh oh, a Surface deal…

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    On the surface this may be a good deal….

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    One might said a good deal has surfaced..

  • Is it just worth to get the Surface Go instead which is much cheaper if just use for downloading and web browsing?

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      The Surface Go is okay for web browsing and watching videos, but the Surface Pro is significantly faster, has a nicer and larger screen, better speakers, and is powerful enough to be your only computer. The Surface Pro is the currently probably the best device on the market to provide a good tablet experience and a good 'PC/desktop' experience- it's an awesome allrounder device. It's not as good as an iPad for tablet use (less applications available compared to the iPad and an OS that still isn't built as well for touch), and not as powerful as a larger Windows laptop (no dedicated graphics for gaming, thin chassis), but it does a pretty good job at most things for most people.

      For just watching movies and web browsing an iPad or Android Tablet might be cheaper and just as useful if you're considering a lower cost option, but the Surface Pro with the keyboard and 256GB storage is an excellent device.

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    I've been holding out for a good Surface Pro 6 deal for some time. Ended up getting a Yoga 730 refurb from GraysOnline on eBay for $880 using the 20% off deal. Same i5 chip and 8GB RAM as the Surface here, except lower screen dpi and ~100g heavier.

    On the plus side, the Yoga has a better form factor for my use (95% in laptop mode), a more readily replaceable battery, crucially has USB-C (with external GPU support, which I'm curious to try one day).

    I know the two devices aren't identical in form or purpose, but it might be worthwhile for others considering their options.

    eBay link:

  • I priced matched with gerry (shudders) as my local had no stock. What a great unit these things are wish I would of done it sooner (replaced 14' macbook pro)

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    I have the Microsoft Pro 3 the only problem with mine is the battery lasts about 3 - 4 hours tops with fair usage. Hopefully these are better now.
    Always best to do your research for certain needs and wants of a particular device.

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