expired LG V40 ThinQ 128GB Handset (Moroccan Blue) $999 (was $1,299) @ JB Hi-Fi


Found this from JB Hi-Fi's latest catalogue, and it seems to be the cheapest yet. Pretty great deal considering it only got released in Australia recently.

Key Features:
6.4" OLED QHD+ FullVision display
3120 x 1440 Resolution
128GB Storage
Qualcomm SDM845 Snapdragon 845

5 Cameras
Rear Camera 1: 12MP Standard with low light mode (F1.5 / 78°)
Rear Camera 2: 16MP Ultra-Wide Angle (F1.9 / 107°)
Rear Camera 3: 12MP Telephoto with 2 x Optical Zoom (F2.4 / 45°)
Front Camera 1: 8MP Standard with low light mode
Front Camera 2: 5MP 90° Wide Angle

Triple preview/shot
AI assisted
DTS: X 3D surround sound & boombox speaker
32Bit Quad Hi-Fi DAC
3300mAh battery (supports wireless & fast charging)
Dual SIM
IP68 rated dust and water resistant
Android 8.1 (Oreo)

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  • +9 votes

    I'm not sure why anyone would buy this over other phones in this price range. Specifically, S10e or Note 9

    • +5 votes

      because this is still a top notch phone?? ;)

    • -3 votes

      It has SD845 which many people believes is more capable than the exynos version of S10

      • +2 votes

        I think you mistook the SD855 for the old SD845 this one has. The new 7nm Exynos will wipe the floor with SD845 but can't compete with SD855.

    • +1 vote

      The quad dac. It's genuinely superb on my v30+.

      Other than that I agree, but for me at least, quality audio will keep me on lg phones.

      Also, buying with price protection and keeping the phone till it dies is a great option.

      If you like to upgrade every year, stay away from lg phones, the resell value is terrible.

      But, I bought my v30+ from jbhifi for $999, I've had about $530 refunded to me with price protection, so I essentially payed $470 for a phone I'll hopefully get 3 years out of. Seems pretty reasonable to me.

      • -1 vote

        Your Price protection is with ehich company and how do you lodge a claim and how many times can you claim it ;)


      Because the audio quality on Samsung is terrible

  • +9 votes

    get back to me when its $430


    The way its looking it should drop down even further so best to wait

    • +3 votes

      Or best to buy with price protected card. Start using it from today and claim price difference when needed

  • +1 vote

    Is it me or is lg trying to be like the big players but price themselves out of the market


      They tick most important boxes for me… But their pricing strategy is a complete mystery.

      Hard drops within 6-12 months.


    P30 pro comes out in 5 days


    Not a great deal at all. This might have been released recently, but it's a last-generation phone. With the newest phones already moving to the SD855 and phones with the SD845 over a year old now, this phone is behind the times. It's a good phone, but compared with phones like the Galaxy S9/S9+ or even OnePlus 6T, it falls up surprisingly short.

    • +7 votes

      falls up



      Typical LG. Release phone a bit later than everyone else with that particular soc to save money and then sell at premium pricing, not provide timely updates, act surprised the phone didn't do well and the pricing tanks, blame something, rinse and repeat with next gen.

  • +1 vote

    this phone will probably get android pie after android q's official release

  • +1 vote

    LG are the worst at doing upgrades, wouldn't touch this with 10 foot pole.


      Do you remember the LG chocolate phone? I was working at Vodafone back then. One of the first touch slide phones to come out. They rushed it onto the market and it was a piece of S**t. I've never seen so many phones come back faulty from any manufacturer

  • +1 vote

    perfect timing for January 2020 under $450… enjoying my v30+ :)


    ….oohhh yeah…. NAHHH.
    Having owned the V30+ (and the 2018 Koleos) when they came out, both have the worst price depreciation (both sheeeeet resell value)….

    buy for keeps. Silently weep scrolling thru ozb the following year…


    People complain and cry about LG while flocking in droves to buy stuff like Huawei and Xiaomi lol

    China syndrome ?

    Rabid fanboys incapable of reason ? Hmmm