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Energizer Hightec Steel Metal Lightning Cable - 1.2m $21 (Was $30, Save 30%) @ Woolworths


Was checking this steel cable for the last couple of weeks, thought I'd check it again today to see if it's on sale, and voila.

Might be worth calling up your local store first prior to picking up to save disappointment. Woolies' pick up service requires min. $30 spend.

Type C Steel cable now $21 was $30

Standard lightning cable now $14 was $20

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  • I thought it was a lightning rod for electrical storms but it's for apple products instead

  • Think I have seen it around $17.50 in the Clearance section of some Woolies.

  • I'm sure it's a deal for this particular brand of cable, but in general I recommend BlitzWolf cables - genuine MFi certification, tough construction, and about $10 (give or take a bit). You just have to wait for shipping from China.

    • Yea. Blitzwolf, Tronsmart, Baseus, Anker all make really good cables.

    • Here I can walk in and walk out straight away, mfi certified and in hand today not in 3-6 weeks.

      I always have a bunch of cables being delivered or shipped from bang good etc, but if I want one today, this is good.

    • I had a blitzwolf lightning cable, braided, supposed to be able to bend thousands of times, but my daughter broke it after 6 months. If blitzwolf or Anker made steel cables, I would've bought it off them, but they don't. The cable is MFI approved.

      • Almost all of the Blitzwolf, Tronsmart, Baseus and Anker ones are MFI Approved.
        Problem i see with full metal ones are instead of putting stress on the cable and plug (being slightly flexible), you are putting all that stress on the charging port.

        Not sure if this will cause the device to have a shorter life vs a cable having a shorter life.

  • Might just pick this one up because of the steel quality, since there aren't many brands that do it. So over standard plastic coating that can't handle bending here and there.

  • Just for interest I got some of these which turn the power off when your device is charged to prevent overcharging. Sounds a great idea and does work, but the ends are pretty weak. I've had two break.