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RTX 2060 MSI nVidia GeForce VENTUS XS OC 6GB Gaming $495.20 Delivered @ Futu Online eBay


For those that missed the recent Gigabyte RTX 2060 deal or simply prefer this over it. Over $60 cheaper than staticice at time of posting. Possible to get a game via redemption (see ebay listing).

UPDATE 25/03/2019: Back in stock.

Also available from same seller if preferred are:

Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2060 OC 6GB @ 513.60

Thanks to r0xz for the original 20% off at Selected Sellers (Maximum Discount $300) @ eBay .

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  • How much better over 1060?

  • Keep in mind that while the Ventus fans are reasonably quiet below 60%, there's no fan stop, and they get pretty loud under load.

    That being said, there's 4 pipes on the heatsink, so there's decent value for money here if you're OC'ing, or if you just want a 2060 to put a custom cooler on.

    • Hows your Gigabyte going? Noticed mine easily ramps up to 82c under load but i think default fan curve doesnt max out until slightly above that?

      • I'm still rocking a 1080p75hz monitor, so I haven't even opened it up yet. Might do a quick stress test over the weekend.

        • My 60hz is envious of your 75hz.

          • @Xizor: Overclock it with CRU:

            Follow the instructions, and if you're on single channel DVI, just use the LCD reduced preset to keep things within the 165 Mhz pixel clock. Just remember to hit F8 if it shows up 'out of range' after you use the restart tool.

            • @jasswolf: Im using a samsung lu28e590ds which is [email protected] Is this took the same/easier way to making a custom resolution in nvidia control panel?

              • @Xizor: Oh well then you're not using an old monitor then. XD

                You probably don't want to overclock unless you're confident you can drive 4k75Hz with your settings, but just play around with it, starting at 75 Hz. If that displays out of range when using the restart tool, just hit F8 and drop to 72 Hz.

                If you're running via HDMI, you're going to want to used that LCD reduced preset I mentioned, but you might find you have more leeway with DisplayPort depending on the hardware in the monitor.

  • Sorry, I haven't been into gaming for a decade and a half. Does this card require power to be plugged directly into it? Friends PC is just a 500w business HP.
    thx. My bad, I see it requires 8pin.

  • +2 votes

    I just bought this as I thought it was a good buy :) did a fair amount of research, the gains between this and a 2080 weren't worth doubling the cost!

    I was between this and the Gigabyte at $513 and after checking the reviews for this on NewEgg decided it was the better buy anyway.

  • Thanks, picked one up hoping it's enough of an upgrade over my 290

  • Damn it took Bitcoin 10 years to die to finally get reasonable priced video cards again. My youth was ruined due to stupid internet scam money that made video cards too expensive to play games on.

  • Got an email from the seller saying they listed the wrong model, should have been XS OC, might want to update.

  • Back in stock with last one and I snatched it :D at 12:00pm 27/03. So if you want one, I suggest you check regularly