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15% off Apple Products - iPad Pro 11" 64 GB $1044.65, Homepod $424.15 @ Myer


Plenty of other items on sale but I think the prices on some of the recent Apple products are particularly good, surely linked to Myer's decision to stop selling Apple:

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    $991 for the iPad if pop to OW before they match pricing.

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      Ie: if you're the second person in Australia to request a price match at OW, you're too late.

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        I never thought that but it’s true, their “policy” it applies only to one person

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          can confirm that isn't the case. I priced matched with the 5% less guarantee, the next day my neighbour did the same and got the same price

          • @inyaface: Same… just brought a WiFi 64gb iPad Pro on price match from ow

        • No it isn't

          • @spaceflight: what isn't?

            • @ezza: That the price match policy only applies to one person.

              I don't know why the comment didn't reply to Laziofogna

              • @spaceflight: The Officeworks price policy usually only applies to one person as after that they then drop their price. But if they don’t drop their price, there is no reason other people can not match.

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    Advertised as 15% off in store

    • Thanks, I've updated the title.

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    MYER is gonna stop selling Apple products in the near future?

    • Yes it's in the news. They don't make money selling Apple, hence decision to stop.

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        Problem is you cant get someone to help you buy one. I tried to buy a new 12.9" ipad and argued with some 70yo cashier that the older model wasnt the same as the newer one. Myer no longer has customer service. I think they rely on staff in the onsold areas of makeup and sunglass hut etc to cover their floor staff.

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      Yep, great beancounter logic. Only sell products with high-margins. Don't worry about foot-traffic or anything else. These guys really know how to screw over a failing business.

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        It brings almost no foot traffic to Myers.

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          But does it bring any foot traffic to Myer?

          • @Domingo: Don’t know about foot traffic but they have road traffic

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            @Domingo: Apparently not enough to keep Apple products once you consider the cost of keeping Apple products.

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        There comes a point where you have to kick a loss making concession out of a department store. Although the idea is yes, foot traffic. But people aren't walking into Myer to buy Apple products at RRP. They want price matches and discounted gift card purchases which on a tiny margin isn't worth the staff and floorspace they employ. The rest of the Myer business isn't doing good enough to cover it.

        This loss or major in-store concession is the start of the end in a couple of cases, look at what happened with Dick Smith when they started to change things up to what was offered in store.

        • If that’s the case, why don’t they get rid of the whole electrical department like DJs then?

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            @antler: Funny enough they did… DJs went from fully electrical themselves like Apple stuff and cameras I think to this partnership with Dick Smith which supplied those goods to them. Then dick Smith went bust and they had no more electrical for some time and only recently brought some of it back like Apple.

          • @antler: Because most of the other stuff sold in the electrical department aren't sold on the wafer thin margins that Apple allows retailers to do.

            But if you have noticed over the last few years, Myer Electrical has been shrinking in size.

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    Those with Myer's discounted gc might want to use it now then.

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      Or Westpac cards $15 off a $100 spend.

      • What westpac cards? Credit card? Any in particular. I have the black one and didn’t see any offer for this.

        • Yes and it's a targeted offer so if you don't see it in your app, you won't get to use the offer

    • I have been trying to buy a 12.9" with xmas club cards for months. Instead i bought 2k worth of Lego, Flipped it at a small loss and bought at the Apple store. Was told last month by an employee that there is a major announcement coming in April. Hence i cashed in the cards straight away.

      • Hi Spidey,

        Do you mind sharing if you know more about the 'major announcement'? Something around closing down (and hence you cashing in the cards)? Thanks.


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      Can buy MYER e-gift cards at 5% off via Suncorp app in any denomination.

  • When does sale end? Anybody know?

    • End of the month as signed in store

  • https://www.myer.com.au/p/apple-tv-4k-32gb-564878710

    Hopefully I can find one in store.

  • Haven't seen macbook air or mac mini online

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    Anyone know if any of the China companies do a UsbC to lightning at a cheaper price than apple?

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      If you find one it’s probably to have issues: Apple certifies very very few of those cables and without the certification iOS devices will reject it. As far as I’m aware, the only legit options seem to be Apple, Belkin and Anker.

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      Not sure why this was downvoted, it's a legit question.

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        They're being lazy and should search for themselves.

    • These good have one coming, with Apple approval. I ordered via Kickstarter.

    • The cheapest Apple certified usb c to lightning is about $15 in China

    • I think IKEA may have one for around $10

      Edit: Yea na, that was a standard lightning cable

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      Off course not, Apple will take as much money as possible from you.

    • I recently bought a USB-C to Lightning cable for around $10 at a shop in the Philippines. It's not Apple certified, but so far it works perfectly. The brand is hoco.

    • Kogan will release mfi certified version of this soon

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    Thanks OP. great timing. Been eyeing an iPad on ebay. was after the 256GB model but out of stock. settled on the 64GB instead.

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      I purchased two

  • Does this sale (at least in-store) include the non-pro iPads?

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      All iPads in stock. Excludes special orders and clearance stock

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    No new Ipad Mini :(

  • Any deal on Apple Watch? Can’t see anything on the website.

    • Watch is part of the deal too. Saw them earlier

    • They're on sale, but Myer lists them for 1.5k and 1.6k, so…

  • Thanks OP. Can confirm that OW will do price math up and Ipad Pro 64GB Space grey just out of stock at OW north ryde store.

  • Can anyone show a pic of the in store poster please? Need in case OW requests
    Thanks in advance

    • you don't have to. I just showed myer website and they are OK to price match up Ipad Pro 64GB Space grey (unless the items are sold out).

  • Could not find iPhone XS in their website. Do they sell these?

    • Haven't seen any in-store only X and Xr so I don't think they opted to stock it this year as they have probably had plans to stop selling apple products for a while now.

    • I saw iPhone XS on their website last week. I think they’ve sold out so it was removed from the website

    • I picked up a 256GB XS but it was the last one they had. They only had 64GB stock at my local store so I had to call around. Give a few stores a call, you might get lucky

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    iPad Pro 11's out of stock now

  • Lol their Apple Watch is twice the price of the Apple store!

    • Its ceramic version, Not cheap

  • Hardly any stock of anything worth buying. Spoke to a sales person and he admitted they haven't ordered any stock for over 2 months - they had no new iPad Pro models (only the 10.5" models left) and all Apple TVs were sold out weeks ago.

  • Don't forget cashrewards!

    Oh, its excluded. :(

  • As of my visit there around 5:30pm today, Melb CBD store has no stock left of watches at all. They only have a few display units an they aren't currently selling those.

  • Good deal!! Picked up the last watch at Chadstone

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      please stop yelling at us.

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        I heard him all the way over from the Adidas deal

  • Awesome! I just got officeworks to price beat. Thank you OP!

    • Which store if you don’t mind me asking?

      • I just called up officeworks and did the price beat and payment over the phone.

        • Thanks for letting us know.
          I think we’re quite lucky, went into Officeworks with no luck earlier today. Tried my luck with asking JB to match and surprisingly they agreed. Officeworks don’t usually allow price beat once it is out of stock.
          Anyways enjoy your new iPad!

    • Could you please post a receipt?

  • Been looking for the standard iPad 6th gen (ideally under $400 as it has been in the past) but doesn't seem to be part of any of these or recent ebay sales… Anyone seen this recently?

  • Very tempted to go for the iPad pro!

  • Not directly related to this deal but Myer in general.

    I made two purchases 12+ hours ago on Myer's website and made payment via Paypal. I then got an order confirmation on the next browser screen.

    But, as of now I'm yet to receive a confirmation email and the funds haven't been taken from Paypal yet either. Strangely Shopback have tracked my transaction though.

    This standard for Myer?

  • Anyone had their order ship yet?

    • order still processing, taking uncharacteristically long for Myer

      • That's what I'm thinking too, usually things are shipped next business day.
        I'm in no rush to get it, just thought I'd check if anyone had any activity.

        • just called up, order has been refunded due to no stock left

          • @ozbaddict: What item did you order?
            I have the 64GB space grey 11” on order.

  • Managed to get yet another Apple TV 4K 64gb at MYER Eastgardens. My third one! Incredible product.

  • Tried my luck at JB today - no hassles on the iPad Pro 11. Matched immediately with a smile.

    MYER actually does have some stores with stock, however heavily limited. Also they seem to be not doing phone orders for any apple products, so only way to get them is to go in store (transfers are also not allowed).

    • Which JB store did you get price match?

      Myer online says iPad Pro 11" is out of stock. Did JB still price match even though online says out of stock?

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