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[Refurb] Fetch Mighty TV $251.10 Delivered @ FetchTV eBay


Fetch Mighty PVR, Set Top Box, Recorder, 4K, HD - M616T

Free-to-Air live and via Catch-up TV
Paise and rewind live TV
Record up to 6 shows at once
Record up to 585 hours of SD TV
Record every episode with Series Tags
Built-in Parental controls
Over 8000 movies to rent or buy including the latest releases
Add Movie Box for $1 per month with 30 pre-selected movies at any time, with one added daily
Built-in access to streaming services - Netflix, Stan, hayu, Youtube, TED, Streaming subscription required
Option to add premium channel packs from just $6 per month, with no lock-in contracts
Buy the latest shows from the TV Store
Free app for Apple and Android
Watch premium channels on the go
Watch shows and movies anywhere
Use your phone as a handy second remote control
Set your recordings remotely
Browse by genre, cast & crew or popular TV & Movies
Streamlined Universal Remote
Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity
Works with the Google Assistant
Compatible with fixed line broadband from any broadband provider
Requires 3Mbps / 15Mbps for 4K min speed.​​​​

Original PRINCE10 10% off Sitewide on eBay Deal Post

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  • +2

    I find Fetch has old apps and no Amazon Prime. Cumbersome.

    • +3

      That’s an amazon problem not a fetch one.
      A lot of hardware doesn’t have amazon apps not even android tv boxes have an official prime app yet.

  • I haven't got an antenna. Would these be of any use without one?

    • +6

      You can use it for the catch-up, netflix stan etc apps. but you miss out on the pvr part

      You might be better off getting the vodafone TV at $72

      • PVR is the best part of the fetch tv

  • +1

    I bought a refurbished Fetch TV from JB HiFi and I would have thought it was new!!
    If you're in the market for a Fetch Mighty I would highly recommend the refurbished models.
    The price on this one is the best I've seen. Also this is the official Fetch TV store.
    I love my Fetch TV, the user interface, the multiple tuners, you can pause and rewind live TV,
    If you're watching TV and miss something (the phone rings, the kettle boils etc) you can rewind and watch what you missed live.
    Great for sport when you want to see something you missed!! It also has Youtube, Netflix, Stan apps.

    • Can you load mp3, wav, flac etc and use it as a music player? how is the interface searchable ? Thanks

      • No.

      • It does have the ability to view videos from your USB, but not 100% about music

  • +2

    A lot of these might be from ex-Optus cable users who dumped Optus once the NBN rolled in. I was one, I had to ship mine back in the flimsy bubble wrap supplied by Optus via the post office.

    If mine's in the mix, it's 3 years old, had a few bumps on its return home.


    • Are Optus not competitive. I have 2 fetch boxes on Optus HFC, NBN just became active in my area … Do they not just roll over the plans?

      • I think optus is same price as telstra NBN

        TPG NBN and Vodafone NBN are probably cheapest at $89 for 100mb unlimited

        • I have 100mpbs on cable, and a fetch box with all the channels for 90 dollars. I got another fetch box for 15 dollars. So all up I pay 105 with two fetches. Am I not going to get that on NBN?

          • @bobdobal: As someone who just switched to nbn from being on Optus cable.
            I was paying $80 for unlimited cable with fetch and all channels.

            They force you onto the new plans which only includes one channel pack on fetch. (You can keep your mighty box even through some of the new plans only include fetch mini)

            If you want all the channels you have to pay an extra charge every month.

            I gave them the flick and switched to AussieBB.
            miss the fetch by so might get one of these from Ebay.

            $90 a month gives you unlimited with one fetch channel pack.
            50mb speed ($110 if you want 100mbs speed on nbn)
            Extra fetch tv channel packs are $6 each and then $1 for movie box.

            Optus CVC is pretty average to be honest (Vodafone and Kogan use Optus cvc as well) so its honestly not worth it. Better off paying for a service that has a good CVC assignment. A quick search of whirlpool will show you the ones with good CVC.

      • Awful customer service. Glad to see that brand (Optus) out of my house altogether.
        Contract snafus, scripted hell desk, unreliable invoicing.

    • They won’t be ex Optus stock.
      They use different software for the lotus units.

  • Thanks got one. 2 year warranty as well.

  • i did not know fetch tv can be sold. i have 2 i think … barely used … did not have to send back.

    • +4

      I think they are locked to the optus network, these are supposedly unlocked

  • Good deal ;)

  • Thanks OP, ordered one.

    Is it possible to add apps, like Kayo?

    No biggy if not.

    • +3

      Can't load apps, only use what's available

      • Thanks danz.

  • Thanks … was looking to replace my Altech PVR9600. Parents have one of these and seems more stable than the Altech.

  • Can we use it for a multi-room setup with an existing Optus service?

    • No, they can only be used with other retail fetch tv boxes

  • I asked the Optus support person if I could used one I had purchased as as second box ( multi room) with my existing Optus fetch package and they said I would have to pay an extra $15 a month which seemed pointless because that is the same as hiring one from Optus.

    I don’t believe them but don’t want to buy one to find it doesn’t work unless paying Optus

    • +1
      • Boxes purchased on this site can be added to existing Fetch retail accounts as “Multiroom” devices. These boxes cannot be combined on accounts with boxes from broadband or phone providers.

      That's me out.

      • @JerryB well this probably explains why it won't activate for me now sad

        • Spoke too soon. Fetch replied and they have fixed the issue.. so all working!

  • If it doesnt work, just return it

  • Anyone aware of good deals on the Mini?

  • Hit an issue with the Fetch Mighty … so hopefully this info helps a few people.

    If you run it into a Receiver (mines a Yamaha, but apparently also affect Marantz) then into an older TV, you get a HDCP2.2 error with no picture displayed.

    To get around it you need to buy something to strip it out prior to the signal getting to your receiver.
    Another $50 to fix this issue (Connect FTV Mighty to the Splitter, then into your receiver)

    Apparently Foxtel IQ4 suffers from the same issue (currently I'm on an IQ2, but when Foxtel gets kicked).
    Doesn't seem like the software on both boxes has the smarts to be set to max at 1080p and not use HDCP2.2.
    I'm not in any hurry to rush out and buy a 4K TV given the limited content available.
    Have contacted Fetch, but doubtful I'll hear anything but crickets.