expired Earn 3500 Points When You Spend $50 or More in One Shop Each Week for 2 Weeks @ Woolworths


Check your emails! May be targeted…

Get the most out of every dollar you spend in store at Woolworths over the next 2 weeks with 3500 big bonus points.

Activate your offer, then shop and scan your Rewards card in both weeks for points to land in your balance once you complete your week 2 shop.

Week 1 starts Monday, 25 March!
Just activate and spend $50 or more in one shop in store at Woolworths by Sunday, 31 March to complete week 1.

Happy Saving!

Offer not available at Woolworths online.

Edit - Some offers will allow you to shop from Woolworths online and still be eligible to get points. This will allow you to get extra cashback! Please check your emails carefully! Thanks Bad Wolf

Edit 2 - Some offers will allow you to accumulate the minimum spend over the two weeks rather than in single shops. Thanks Bigspenda

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  • +2 votes

    Probably targeted. Mine is 5500 points for two weeks at $135 each week


    So u can shop as many times asu like to make the mark.
    Mine 3500 points for $100 x two weeks

    • -1 vote

      No, in your case you have to spend a total of $100 or more in one single shop each week to qualify :)


      As per the offer in the OP, it says you must spend the amount in one shop, not a total over the week.

    • +2 votes

      It seems to be different for everyone, mine reads..

      Earn 6000 big points
      Spend $140* or more in as many shops as you like each week for the next 2 weeks. Starts Mon, 25 Mar!


        I thought that too but looking at the fine print it’s a $100+ spend at as many shops as you like ( in other words it’s just tricky marketing to imply a lie…. u can buy $100+ from as many Woolies as u like and it will qualify…. but I think that has always been the case.

        Nasty stuff from Woolies marketing….. this is the details

        Spend at least $100 (the qualifying amount) in one or more transactions in store at any participating Woolworths supermarket during each of the 2 designated weeks of the promotion and scan your registered Woolworths Rewards card at the checkout to earn 4500 bonus Woolworths points.


          I got this fine print now too - however I think Bigspenda got the other type of offer where he would just need to accumulate a total $140 over 2 weeks at Woolies. I think I had a similar offer a while back and it worked just fine :)


    They're always targeted.

  • +2 votes

    The trick is finding 50 bucks worth of stuff on sale/clearance. Otherwise the points are insignificant if you just waited for sales etc.

  • +3 votes

    I always get this but never use them as I'm a student and live the ALDI life so I feel like the trick to receiving them is to never use them when they email you them so maybe make another Woolworths rewards membership with another email and use it once or twice then leave it there and wait until you get a massive rewards points bonus and then capitalise on it.

    • +4 votes

      I have quite a few Rewards Cards in rotation. That way, they're infrequently used & I choose the best offers.

      Usually use instant $15 (or 3000pts) off $50 - sometimes 3/week. Pay with 5-7% discounted eGift Cards. Mainly buying items on special.

      For the first time in years, I have no emailed offers & not enough points to have $10 on any card😢

      It has strangely gone quiet for the first time in last month.
      Last Woolies offer on 18/2 was 4000 big points Spend $30 for the next 3 weeks in-store

      Fortunately, Coles $50 for 4 x $50 shops kicked in then. And the Woolies 1/2 price freezer sale.


    Mine is 5500 points , $90 for two weeks


    Mines 6000 points for 2x $175 shops bugger

  • +3 votes

    Woolworths kind of suck these day with rewards

  • +1 vote

    Check your own offers carefully
    Mine is $80 1 or more shops and valid both instore and online


      Dang! How many points do you get?!

      • +2 votes

        It’s still the 2 weeks same as op
        Mine is $80 x2 for 4000
        Not the greatest at 12.5% return but being allowed to shop online I’ll hit the $80 to the dollar and usually get $15-$20 out of stock each week making it a better option.


    What’s 3500 points worth?

  • +2 votes

    I got the $50 per week offer. Will hold off the shop I'd planned for today. This plus payment via 7.5% discounted egift cards is a pretty good saving.


    I got 4000 points with $65 a week x2


    Our weekly grocery expenditure= $100.
    I got 6000 points for $140/week for 2 weeks
    That means 140*2 = $280 spending
    That amounts to extra $80 spending in 2 weeks for $30 in rewards.

    No thanks. I am not bad in maths!

    At the same time, I have 6000 points for spending $110 for 3 weeks at Coles. I rather use that. As that looks more beneficial financially


    9500pts for 2 weeks of $230 for me. Easy with multiple card holders.


    Have been intentionally not scanning my card for a while now and still seem to get worse deals for these targeted shops.

    4000 points for me ($20) for spending $80x2 weeks.


      Then you are missing out. No need just get another card and rotate them, or even more than 2. I have 5. Also good when they limit gift cards to x per account.


    Mine was 200, 2weeks,8500pts…….

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