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Samsung Smart loT Doorlock SHP-DR708 $999 + Free Shipping (Was $1199, Save $200) @ Digital Door Locks



A New Era of Smart Doorlock Technology with the Samsung New Wifi IoT Smart door Lock.

Simply unlock your door from anywhere using your mobile, you can also assign one time password or a password for duration of time on your mobile phone.

Visit the website for a Video illustrating how the lock works and more images about the app and features of the lock.

  • Remote Door Release
  • Share Passwords - One time password or duration of days
  • 5 different ways to open the door
  • Door bell built-in - get notified when people approach your door.
  • Must see video to understand the features and benefits

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  • +2

    never buy gen1

    • -1

      I think this is third gen now?

  • -2

    for lesser money I can convert a regular lock into a smart lock. One that can even use a USB port or NFC to let a user open the door with a yubikey.

  • Is this limited to outward opening doors only?

    • +1

      Hi SKySky

      Both directions can be used.

  • +1

    Seeing as how easy a phone and computer gets compromised…not entirely sure if I'm ready for an IP connected front door quite yet!

    • +1

      I work in cyber security and you are correct, we are a little ways away before this should be a thing. Will pick one up though to test out and see how secure it is.

    • Hey, going through inspections and looking at the locks people I having… They look like bought in a toy store.
      I don't think they are much safer than the electronic version :)

  • I keep a spare key in an outdoor safe.

    • +3

      I keep it under the floor mat too.

    • So what's your address?

      Used a Keysafe until I saw all the YouTube vids of how easy they are to crack😱

      Now keep a key up my arse - airport security love me🔑

      • So what's your address?

        It's a digital safe in the ground.

        • Oh, let's hope it doesn't get wet⚡

          • @Rather be Travelling: Nah it's out of the weather.

            • @conservative: Neighbour got locked out of house last week after garage door motor was replaced. Remote failed to open door. They haven't used house keys for years.

              Door people couldn't get into house to fix. Had to get son home from uni to let them in. He wasn't happy.

              Recommended burying spare keys in garden in plastic, just in case.

              They're sworn off relying on tech!

              • @Rather be Travelling:

                Recommended burying spare keys in garden in plastic, just in case.

                My siblings, mother and father have spare keys. I'm good. ;)

                • +1

                  @conservative: That's the situation neighbours were in - unable to get in. Needed to rely on adult children (at work & uni, they had only keys) as they only use their door control remote to access house.

                  (If keys had been hidden, would have saved many hours contacting son & waiting for him to arrive home with his keys.)

                  They went for a short relaxing walk in local park - decided not to take phones so they would not be disturbed.

                  But without phones, they didn't know their children's numbers (programmed into their phones) & there is no pay phone near if they did know the numbers.

                  They asked me for help..
                  Took ages to find unlisted mobile numbers using my phone.

                  They never expected to be in this situation - locked out of house for hours. Locksmith or replacing window after breaking it were only other options - & that's expensive.

                  So can't necessarily rely on tech or others - things can go unexpectedly very wrong😱

                • +1

                  @conservative: In a family case, taxi & Telstra tech arrived for elderly relative but he didn't answer doorbell.

                  Concerned, they contacted his carer service, who would normally contact me, but I was overseas. Their staff arrived with code to his Keysafe. But, he had removed the keys & didn't know how to put them back. (I had suggested he needed to know the code & practice its use in case he got locked out)

                  Police were called - smashed window in case he was unsafe. As I was unavailable, there was no alternative.

                  He had been delayed at Dr & arrived back by taxi to a lot of people in his house, broken glass, & a $400 bill to replace glass…
                  I got an email in Japan about it from the carer service who weren't too happy. Well over $1000 in Police & their costs.

                  After that fuss, legally he could no longer be left alone. As I was only one available, his care became my responsibility & I moved in - for years.

                  So relying on tech & others can have unintended consequences & costs😱

  • +1

    Are you an authorised distributor for Samsung?
    I can't seem to see the product listed on the Samsung website.

    Seems to be a lot cheaper ($570/$513) from overseas:

    Shame it doesn't have an integrated webcam.
    What's the manual key override security like? I can't find a spec for it.

    • +2

      Me either.

      Also looks like the official Samsung app for the lock is only available in the South Korean play store and requires a Korean mobile# for registration….

      $1000 for a lock is ridiculous, hardly a bargain…. South Korean sellers on ebay selling it for 2/3rds that price….

      • This is the app on the poster's website

        Reviews are not encouraging.

        Amusingly, according to a Samsung response, even the Galaxy Galaxy Note 8 or Galaxy J2 Prime (Both Samsung phones) are not compatible with one of their locks.

        -I can't find the list of compatible phones on their website, even though it's said to be there.

        • apologies, yes it seems both those apps are available in Australia

          they do install on the Samsung S8 and S10 at least…

    • +1

      Yep, can even get the upgrade model with fingerprint reader for cheaper.

      The Aus tax on this is insane

    • +4

      I believed they are the authorised distributor for Samsung Smart Doorlocks in AU & NZ and somehow I have this feeling it's somewhat associated with Bunnings (correct me with I'm wrong).

      The reason why you cannot find any information on the Samsung website because it's under Samsung SDS ( a subsidiary of Samsung group.

      This is where you can find all the Samsung Smart Doorlocks (

      The model you found on eBay SHP-DR700 is only a Korean model and does not have fingerprint access.
      You can read more about the different models here (

      I currently have the older model SHS-P718. The manual key override is just a physical key (correctly speaking it's a dimple key)

  • -1

    I cannot understand why the hell would some one want to open their doors whilst on a holiday overseas. If you need something done while you are away go talk to your neighbours or your friends and leave a key with them.

  • +1

    On the market for this type of lock but this price is just plain ridiculous.

    • +1

      Samsung have a couple of key code electric locks at Bunnings. Was looking at them today.

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