Garage Door Closed on Car by 3yo

Ahhhh! I can't believe it. I was backing the Tiguan out of my garage and forgot my wallet inside, so I went in to grab it and at some point while I was inside, my 3yo daughter managed to grab the remote for the garage door and lowered it down onto the car. Now there's a massive gash on the hood. I need to know, is this coverable by insurance, or am I gonna be required to pay for it?


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      because insurance covers accidental damage

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        Yeah, the ads show people doing some really stupid stuff.

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        and then pay excess..there will be a cost for Op that they'll have to pay

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          never disputed this.

          been on the planet a long enough time to know how insurance works

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      why would you not have to pay for this?

      Half the auto threads on Ozbargain

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    what did the insurance company say?

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      Calling them tomorrow. It happened today and they didn't answer.

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        be in your PDS, probably up for excess, if cosmetic just leave till your kid is 13 and then send her to work, good luck

        if makes you feel any better a bit of gravel hit my windscreen and it shattered into a million bits. the gravel was about a fifth of the size of a 5 cent piece

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      what did the insurance company say?

      The other half of auto threads on ozbargain

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      Sorry that I wanted advice

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    I'd check with your insurer but you'll probably be able to claim it if you have full comp, you'll just have to sort out the excess and a potential hike in premiums…

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    am I gonna be required to pay for it?

    No. Your 3yo daughter should pay for it.

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      Yeah, I wish

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        Serious answer: Your insurance should cover it, but your premium might go up if you make a claim.

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        Who leaves there kid alone in the car out of their seat??? You should just be glad your car didnt roll into the street…

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          Oh no, you're one if those that blames the parent if the kid got abducted by aliens

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            @Samsungnote10: Oh no, your one of those people who dont belive the parent is in control.

            • @Seedy seed: oh no, think of the children,
              I mean if the kid has reach to garage button,
              what terrible parents

              lets hang them

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                @Samsungnote10: I didnt call them that, you sir are reaching.

                But she admitted the kid was in the seat yet could reach the remote, so id say she learned the lesson the hard way :/…

                • @Seedy seed: my point was S*&t happens,
                  obviously if the kid had access to knives etc, is just bad parenting,

                  no one is perfect,

                  everyone, especially people on here think they're perfect parents, and are first to criticse if the kid even stubs their toe on a door

                  for a kid to be able to reach for a button is hardly "oh my god think of the children"

                  • @Samsungnote10: I didnt say it was 😂 just couldnt see how the kid could reach a remote in the front if in seat.

                    Anyway nothing productive is coming from this and i feel your trying to make me say ops a bad parent which i never thought so lets leave it here

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          Who said she was out of her seat?

          • @DisabledUser296631: Thrn whyd you leave the remote where she could grab it? O.o

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              @Seedy seed: Being a parent, especially of young children, can be hard and stressful at times and sometimes you just make stupid mistakes. I’m not sure if you’re a parent but I’m sure many parents here can vouch for that. I was stupid and left the remote on the center console thing, every parent makes mistakes

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    Take the toddler to court, she'll love it

    • Yeah, if only.

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    Bummer. Dunno why you’re getting all the grief from ppl here - it’s not like you’re trying to weasel out of it or blame someone else….

    Anyway, it should be covered (assuming you have full comprehensive insurance of course) but chances are you’re better off paying to repair it yourself rather than paying your excess + effecting your no claim, as well as future premium hikes.

    Good luck sorting it out

    • Depending on how long you've been with an insurer there is generally a no claim protection once per year which won't affect premiums. But im talking maaaany years.

    • That's the OzB way

      Although, most peoples posts are outrageously moronic and/or nonsensical

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    Excess, increased premiums

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    If VW wasn't so busy with Dieselgate, they would have time to install airbags to prevent the tragedy of garage door fallage.

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    Of course you'll need to pay the excess

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    Yes your insurance will cover & pay for repair .
    And you pay for excess.

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    Shouldn’t your garage door have a safety sensor that stops it from being lowered when there’s something breaking the beam? My garage has it and every garage door I’ve seen has one.

    Unless it’s set too low and went straight under the car…

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      Never seen a sensor, normally they go down till they hit something, then go back up

      • Mind just go straight down, slowly no sensor on mine :)

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          All have bump sensors, either on the lip (usually inside a flexible seal) of the door or built in to the motor to detect when the motor is push against something. Obviously the built in detection of the motor is only for safety, any car in the way is going to get scratches and dents.

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      I also have not seen any automatic garage doors that automatically stop if the sensor beam is broken. That is definitely an additional purchase.

      The only safety feature I'm aware of is if the door is lowering & it hits an object, it automatically & instantly raises the door again. Preventing damage to the object. I'm surprised this didn't happen, I have experienced it.

    • The only sensors I have come across are for wifi connected garage doors since they are an accident waiting to happen with access from anywhere in the world, you can’t see what’s in the path of the door.

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          Will the door not go down if the beam is already broken?

          • @John Kimble: Exactly that. Stops it if something comes into the beam as it’s closing (it then reverses the door) or doesn’t allow it to move if something is already breaking the beam.

            Would have prevented this issue happening if it was installed, but is just “pimped up sh*t”, apparently.

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              @Porthos: The description on your link doesn't mention the second scenario though. Logically you would assume/hope it would though.

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                @John Kimble: True, didn’t realise that. But yeah it doesn’t allow it to even start to close if the beam is broken.

                Which as you can imagine can sometimes cause its own issues..

                • @Porthos: And… these are the ONLY ones you have ever seen in your experience of ALL other garage doors you have EVER seen….

                  And…. you had assumed that all garages had them….. like as standard?

                  • @Eeples: No, that was merely an example of one as it seems a few people are unable to grasp the concept of what these simple devices are.

                    I was mistaken for saying ‘shouldn’t’ when I should have said ‘doesn’t’ instead. Might have not set certain people off to get all agro because their house doesn’t have one, therefore with their thinking no house has one, and it’s not even something that even exists 🙄

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      it's not a beam, it's more a sensor that detects when the motor is working too hard and switches to reverse. The motor has very little power and I am surprised the roller door could do that sort of damage, although OP suggests it is only paint damage, not a dent.

      • happened to me last year. Was inside and had the damn remote in my pocket while car was only part way in garage as was unpacking stuff, heard the door and by the time I realised the situation it was too late, sure the door stopped and reversed but not before making a huge gouge/scratch in a 3 month old car.

      • A beam is actually available as an add-on. Brochures recommend it if there's pets and kids.

    • I haven't seen this star wars model, but all the remote garage doors I've experienced gently stop and return when it touches something… wouldn't do any damage.
      I had the tail gate up on our suv right under the door, forgot and put door down. I realised straight away, but didn't bother rushing back to stop it, because I know they just return when they make any contact.

      I would say that OP, and all that expect their garage door would demolish anything in it's way, get it serviced!

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        The garage door at my parent's house was installed in 1987 with a sensor beam that still works to this day. It's really basic technology.

    • Yeah, I have done this several times to my cars and the door has stopped. No damage on the car that I have noticed.

    • Sensors like that are definitely not standard.

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      I also thought these were standard in anything less than 30 years old and wondered if OP's was faulty.

      OP, after you get your car fixed, get a sensor installed. They probably prevented my siblings and I from countless injuries. Plus they were fun to race and jump over as kids.

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    Do u have any photos?

    My garage door will automatic go up if it hit anything

    • This is my experience as well, the door will go up again if it hits something. This protects the door, but not the object it's already hit :(

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        There is rubber strip under the gate, this should not hit the object so hard.

        • The key word here being "should". The OP is talking about a gash in the car, which has me wondering if the door has exposed edges that may have taken paint or created an indent in the roof.

          If the roof just has an indent and doesn't need to be resprayed, it may be a cheaper job to get a panel beater to just reshape the roof (rather than to pay excess on a claim). If I were the OP, I would go to a local panel beater and get a quote before I would consider claiming on my policy.

    • depends on who set the door up. they can easily be set up wrong, and drive full power into whatever they hit.

    • After it hit it, it went back up, I'm assuming because I came back into the garage and it was open

      • The gash must be mostly cosmetic then I assume? Or is it a dent? The first I would be curious because AFAIK most garage doors except the most earliest designs have rubber on the bottom which is generally used to prevent wind drafts from entering.

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    Of course it’s covered. Why did you even make a thread? Just ring the insurance company.

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      I had the answer to your question in my first post. Apparently it was too 'inflammatory'. lolyeahright

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        You should know by now how precious the ozbargain community is.

  • Check the PDS for your insurance policy online. You didn’t tell us what type of insurance you have so it’s hard to say.

  • Search Wreckers for a new hood? How bad is the gash? I think we need an MS paint recreation…

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    Go and get a quote on it first. You might find that it isn’t that expensive to fix. If it is just the “bonut”, you may be able to just buy from a wrecker a clean bonnet.

    Also, the cost to repair may be less than or not much more than what you would pay for excess and increased insurance costs.

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    If you have comprehensive insurance it will be covered. However you will have to weigh it up against the cost of your excess. Maybe you have a rating 1 and no claims and get a free claim without excess. Call insurance company on Monday and don't worry about it. Just a pain to have the car out of action, but you should be able to get a loan car.

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    It's gonna cost $500-$700 for the repair job so probably not worth claiming on insce

    • THank you

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    Your insurance company will probably make an ad out of it.

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    What car? Do you have to fix it, or can you live with it.

    • Tiguan. A gash on the bonnet, I probably can't live with it

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        It's just a Tiguan

        • It’s still a car and it’s damn expensive. Sorry it’s not a Bentley or a Mercedes

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    If you're with AAMI, you're covered. At least according to this ad:

    Also, get your kid's eyes (and ears) checked.

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      Jesus, I remember that ad. That was some time ago wasn't it?

  • My take is not many will have a second look at your roof - it's annoying and you know it's there - but leave it for a month - then if you still want it fixed then do it then.

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      My take is not many will have a second look at your roof

      Very true, but it was the hood that was damaged.

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