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GL.inet GL-MT300N-V2 300Mbps Travel Router Wi-Fi / Dual Ethernet Ports $28.83 + Post ($0 with Prime) @ GL-Tech via Amazon Au


First post so be gentle :)

Feed your inner geek some Mango :)

Because of their flexibility these mini routers are great little jiggers both at home and especially if you travel a lot. Was looking for a replacement travel router for my TP-Link TL-WR802N. Something a little bit more flexible that was actually getting firmware updates, would support a (tethered/USB) 4G modem and supported OpenVPN.

The GL-MT300N-V2 supports full OpenWRT, multiple modes and the USB 5V 1A power input gives you heaps of options to power (from notebook, phone charger, powerbank) for remote applications.

Caveat: Not going to be the fastest nor have the best WiFi range and only supports 2.4 Ghz (n). Need to take into account for usage cases.

Cheapest I can find especially with the free shipping including expedited. This is shipped direct from the manufacturer www.gl-inet.com but is cheaper than ordering from Gl.Inet website directly.

Cashback with Cashrewards or Shoprewards.

MINI TRAVEL ROUTER: Convert a public network(wired/wireless) to a private Wi-Fi for secure surfing. Tethering, 3G/4G USB Modem Compatible. Powered by any laptop USB, power banks or 5V DC adapters (sold separately). 39g (1.41 Oz) only and pocket friendly.
OPEN SOURCE & PROGRAMMABLE: OpenWrt pre-installed, USB disk and WebCam extendable.
LARGER STORAGE & EXTENDABILITY: 128MB RAM, 16MB Flash ROM, dual Ethernet ports, UART and GPIOs available for hardware DIY.
OPENVPN CLIENT & TOR: OpenVPN client pre-installed, compatible with 20+ VPN service providers. TOR firmware available for downloading.
PACKAGE CONTENTS: GL-MT300N-V2 mini router (1-year Warranty), USB cable, User Manual.

Update: This is now fulfilled by Amazon and you'll need Amazon Prime or a min spend of $49 for free shipping

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Will this allow connected devices to bypass the log-in screen in hotel wifi to allow a Chromecast to work?

    • Yes, you can create your own "mini network" that allows Chromecast functionality in these situations. Normally you only need to login with your first connected device.

      • +3

        I am not so sure about that. If often depends on cookies and mac addresses of the end-client.

        I have had a few travel routers, but nowadays they are not quite as useful as most hotels have WiFi.

        • I am not so sure about that. If often depends on cookies and mac addresses of the end-client.

          I don't recall ever having problems using similar devices when travelling, you log in once generally using the web interface of the router and that is it. Everything else just works as it's already connected to the router.

          I have had a few travel routers, but nowadays they are not quite as useful as most hotels have WiFi.

          Some hotels restrict the number of devices so for these hotels these are invaluable and you only have to connect one device as the rest connect to the router.

          And they offer some protection against the risks of connecting to a unknown network.

          • +2

            @Maverick-au: There is an App on playstore & XdaDeveloper called as VPN Hotspot, it makes your phone to act like VPN Router.
            i use my old phone to act like VPN router when accessing overseas content.

    • +2

      It depends on how the hotel network is configured. I don't have one of these, but I've had mixed results with TL-WR802N.

      I wish hotels would offer an ethernet port in each room that doesn't require authentication.

      • I'm sure once revenues from in-room entertainment go down far enough, the threshold will be reached where more money can be made from providing convenient connectivity to guests, vs funneling them into paid in room services.

        • They make a fortune from adult channels so can't see it changing for a while.

    • Another thing you can do in a hotel, where there are sometimes a limit to the number of devices you can connect with, is login with your phone (or device) and then duplicate the MAC address of the phone to the router. Then the hotel will only see one device connected but you'll be able to connect all your devices to the mini-router.

      They can also power from a USB powerbank thing (the big batteries you use to top up your phone) so you can use them on the go when you're in a city with free wifi. Which means you can run all your data thought a VPN and not be watched as easily by whoever is providing the free vpn.

      • +4

        Or…. If you're on the go with a laptop/tablet, you can just power it off the USB port. :)

      • So, if I'm connecting this to hotel wifi do I need a PC to change the MAC address or will a smartphone suffice?

        edit: NVM I should have read the other comments.

    • Not sure about this device. But clone your laptop Mac address. Log in, then connect the router. Nat on

    • I wouldn't have thought so - I can't imagine how it would get around required authentication…

      EDIT: misunderstood how they worked - just plug them into an RJ45 port.

      Yes should work fine for you, but depends on the hotel's server infrastructure.

  • These type of devices can be great for travelling because you connect to the local network and instantly everyone has wifi without connecting to the local access point.

  • +2

    Handy in Japan where every hotel room (almost without exception) has Ethernet but not always a satisfactory wifi signal.

    • I'm leaving in a week to go there but we're staying in AirBnB's and hostels, would this be recommended or simply get a travel sim and hotspot between the 3 of us going?

      • +1

        I never had an issue in Japanese hostels

      • If you're going via Singapore check out the data sims offered by StarHub. Cheap and tons of data.

      • +5

        This won't be of use in a hostel or AirBNB.

        Grab a sim from B-mobile sent to your first nights' accommodation. I've done this 4 times, and it's always been there waiting for me.


        • Perfect, thanks!

        • This won't be of use in a hostel or AirBNB.

          Why not?

          • @Maverick-au: I think the OP is making reference to the lack of wired ethernet in budget accommodation sleeping quarters, where it's often sketchy wifi with a couple of desktop computers in the hostel foyer.

            (Haven't been to Japan though)

        • You can also buy the SIM from both airports. It seems to work everywhere.

      • You wouldn't get this in time

    • The Japanese (edited) know ethernet beats wifi.

      • A cable is king. Often can't cable.

  • +1

    Can it be configured to work in reverse, i.e. as a WLAN to LAN bridge?

  • You can't actually run OpenVPN on it except at a crawl though right?

    • it would have shit throughput yes, but it's probably quick enough.

    • I have this, but I travelled with the GL-AR300M.
      Most hotels give you max 10mbps, and the GL-AR300M didn't have any problems with openvpn at that speed, for a single connected user.
      Things only start to slow down when you have 4 or more users simultaneously surfing.

  • Do you need to travel with a laptop to configure. If set up prior will it work eg with ipad? Is the software on iOS or pc?

    • The picture on this model shows iPad/iPhone view so I expect similar experience/availability with OP device. Anyone can confirm?

    • +1

      Web server interface so should be able to configure with any device with browser. I often use my 5.84" phone with devices and doable albeit with some scrolling even on my home OpenWRT box.

    • Easy to set up with a phone, it's all a web interface.

      It's had a major firmware upgrade recently and it's all very pretty looking now.

      • Thanks, I guess that iPad/iPhone view in the picture is what we can expect on any devices then, the old web interface looked a bit ugly ^^

  • been looking at this

    currenlty 20% off on ebay

    any thoughts appreciated

    • +1

      Where's it 20% off? I can see 3%..

    • I use one of these myself. Works fine for my intended purpose: connecting a Chromecast to a hotel TV.

    • How are you getting 20% of $46. This seller is not on 20% Off

    • I’ll update you when I get mine. Suggests today for delivery but I doubt it.

  • +1

    I have found the MT300n V2 to be great with Rooter firmware - see:



    I've used this unit with a 4G USB modem mainly to provide backup internet via its LAN port when NBN has been down or slow. Streams just fine. I've not used its wifi.

  • +3

    Got a couple of these free with TorGuard deals. For simple vpn swap as-required.

    AU netflix etc, use normal wifi
    US netflix etc, jump onto this wifi

    So much you could do, but i don't have the time to see it through these days.

    I wanted to buy them for non-tech-savvy family/friends, but ~$50 kinda killed it for this single ease of use scenario. At this price, DONE. Thanks

    • Hey YP, I have a router at home with openVPN running though PIA Sydney, if I plug one of these in and set up a different VPN location, will that work? Or because its going back through the router it will divert back to the Sydney location?

      • +1

        It will be first routed to the PIA Sydney server, and then redirect to the server you configure this device to use, and then finally exit to the open internet. This can be changed with custom routing rules so it will work the way you want, but it's dependant on the level of freedom your router's software gives you.

  • +1

    I use the similar AR-150 model to act as an LTE-Wifi repeater when camping. Place a unit up on a hill where there is cellular coverage then beam Wifi to another down at the campsite.

  • Does this support shadowsocks proxy by any chance?

  • +11

    Unethical life pro-tip: If you're using this in a hotel oftentimes even if you use an ethernet connection in the room to create your own wifi LAN, the connection is hamstrung by the guest restrictions on that port… HOWEVER there's often an ethernet going into the TV you can use (just pass through to the TV to keep that working). This will be an internal network so normally quicker and without limits. I always use a VPN anyway but probably even more important if you do this. GL.

    • Why would you need a VPN if you use the TV ethernet?

      • Because you're probably on a company LAN not meant for guest use which may have egress traffic restrictions in place (e.g. maybe staff use the same LAN and they're not allowed on social media etc). It is also more likely that LAN is subject to inspection by the company as it's for company devices.

    • Really? And you get internet access? I thought the Ethernet connected to the TV would be only be connected to their internal network.

      • +1

        Out of at least a couple of dozen times there's only been one time I wasn't directly online. And always better than the guest lan. I'm sure the time it didn't work it could have been worked around (I think I just wasn't given an IP address via DHCP) but then you're skating on thin ice regarding obtaining unauthorised access etc. I'd never go that far but I'm more than happy using any old port in a room if it hasn't been secured and I've not been told otherwise.

        • Gotcha, this sounds quite useful will have to attempt one day.

    • So you wouldn't need to pay the exorbitant hotel fees?

      • +1

        Providing the port works (always does in my experience) then no, no payment.

  • Or GL-AR750 with AC wifi?

  • Thanks OP, got 2, my router is limited to 20ish Mac addresses filtered, and with all the smart lights I bought recently, I'm running out of slots ^^
    will link my smart lights to this so only the repeater is registered against my router…
    Hopefully this has Mac addresses filtering too…

  • +7

    I used my tplink to share the unlimited cruise ship wifi with my friends, that way we only had to pay for one person.

  • +1

    Thanks OP.

    Recently in a hotel and connected the chromecast, some random person kept streaming Koren K-Pop when the kids were watching kid TV. Kinda funny but kinda not, this solves that problem for a cheap price so bought one.

    • Don't chromecasts require a pin code by default to connect?

      • Dont know. To be precise it was a ROKU 3 box which allows you to 'cast' to its youtube app. Seems anyone can cast anything to its Youtube app without a pin. Still, k-pop is better than what they could have got.

        • …Logan Paul…?

  • I think this might be the go.

    4g and wifi network all in one package.


    • +1

      Sure, but that's $154

    • This really overcomplicates it.

      Each country uses different 4G frequencies so its really only going to perform well in a few places.

      • thanks, really started off looking for a usb-c modem for travel and ended up here and because of the price bought one but I don't think I have the right solution. I need something compact with simcard to use wifi when travelling. HELP!

        • You can plug in a usb 4G modem stick into one of these, then use that as your internet connection, with the box being the wifi router.

  • This looks pretty cool - might have a look at seeing if I can turn a Raspberry Pi into something like this :)

  • TP-Link TL-WR802N 300Mbps Wireless N Nano Router

    This one is better. Same price

  • I was considering this device but eventually opted for TP-LINK TL-WR902AC which is dual-band and can run OpenWRT/LEDE firmware.

    • Does this take a 4g USB modem dongle?

      • I use it with OpenWRT and it does that indeed. Haven't tried it with the stock firmware but according to TP-Link, it does support some modems.
        That said, I use it mostly as a portable Wireless WAN router (to share an existing public/private WiFi like hotels etc as a local private 5Ghz WiFi network). That includes sharing a 4G hotspot as well. If you're more into a 4G USB router, look at the r00ter firmware, it supports this model, too.

        • @uk3000
          Hey, can you confirm you are running a WR902AC V3 with OpenWRT and getting 5Ghz capability? OpenWRT site seems to indicate that you can't get 5Ghz functionality with the V3, but can with the V1.

          • @Limbot: I actually have V1, which is a Qualcomm-based device. Must be lucky! Didn't know they've now replaced it with V3, MediaTek-based. I wouldn't buy that one and wouldn't recommend it, sorry.

    • +1

      Thanks for the recommendation. Just ordered one from Amazon.au for $46 which seems to be the best prices compared to staticice

      • @Obake, you might have to return it, sorry. See my comment above.

    • did you put OpenWRT/LEDE on the wr902ac? does it still work fine?

      • I did it's exactly what I wanted for the unit's purpose and stil works fine. Note however, I have a V1 Qualcomm-based one, see above. Can't comment on V3.

  • +3

    I use an older GL.inet device, for travel as well as taking on car trips.

    Power it from the cigarette socket in the car, plug in a USB full of legally obtained movies and TV shows and create a wifi network in the car for the kids tablets… perfect to reduce the fight time during the car ride and much cheaper than any permanently installed DVD solution!

    I highly recommend these

  • Am I late? It shows $47.99 :(

    • Same. Might have missed out. Deal didn't seem to last that long :(

      • You can get it for a similar price including shipping from AliExpress

        I have the older version bought from China and it comes with OpenWRT, although for the paranoid, I'd advise a re-flash, which is trivial.

        • Yeah thanks for that. I've actually got a GL-AR300M-lite that I got from their eBay store for $25 last year. This one (at the orig discounted price) seemed like it was worth getting as a 2nd one.

  • How did you get it for $28.83? it shows $47.99 for me

    • +2

      Cause you missed out (sorry)

  • Few questions specific to my situation.

    • I recently moved into an apartment and bought a portable hotspot device (Optus Alcatel 4G Wi-Fi Modem) to use data sim packs with in lieu of getting a home broadband package. Is it likely that I can use this wifi hotspot with router?

    -My apartment is on the threshold of receiving my universities wifi network (1 - 2 bars, only shows up on a some devices). Will this assist in repeating the signal through the remainder of the apartment? I think ideally, it would be great to get an external antenna that I can stick outside the window.

    • @flylin
      Yes your Alcatel Linkzone should work fine connected to the Mango. This is one of my use case scenarios.
      Will depend on exactly how bad the signal is from the Uni WiFi. You have to remember it's a small 5V 1A driven router and as such as mentioned in the original post it isn't the fastest/strongest router on the market. I am connecting to a WiFI signal about 30 metres away in my current accommodation. In WISP mode my WDR4300 gives me about 15Mbps, if I substitute for my WR802N, I get less than 1Mbps. It's WiFi is just not powerful enough in the environment. Neither the Alcatel or the Mango allow for external antenna.

      • @Limbot

        Thank you for your response.

        Currently, the Alcatel LinkZone is serving the apartment quite well and I achieve full coverage throughout. Do you believe there is any advantage in getting the Mango? Will it improve speeds?

        I am about 10 - 30 metres from a University, so I would say I am quite close. I just need to locate an antenna at Window Level such that I avoid solid construction.

        Based on your advice, I should just be looking for a Powerful Router which may costs around $70. Probably worth the investment.

        • @flylin
          At my holiday home I just use my Alcatel by itself and it does the job.
          Using the Mango you may get better wifi cover but really it's more about functionality. Sharing a USB, having a networkwide VPN and all the other functionality that OpenWRT gives you. The Alcatel does the basic router functions easily and well.

          If you can get "free" Uni WiFi all the better 😁
          For the Uni network I'd suggest getting a dual band 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz router that supports OpenWRT. WISP bridge to the Uni network on one band and then use the other band for your LAN. With my WDR4300 with just standard dipole antenna (and in a window facing the main house) doing this if I share 2.4GHz between bridging and LAN I get around 8-10MBps on the 2.4Hz LAN. If I only bridge via 2.4 and use 5GHz for my LAN I get around 15 Mbps as I'm not sharing the 2.4 frequency between bridge and LAN. That being said for my needs sharing 2.4 is still sufficient.

          I can also swap between the Mifi and WiFi set-ups quite easily too using the OpenWRT Web interface web pages if the WiFi isn't working.

          All really depends on your needs 😊

          PM me if you want any further assistance 👍

  • +1

    ahh damn.. I missed out!

    • You can still get it from other sources - see my comment above.

  • +1

    I like mangoes.

    • These are MANGOne

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