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50% off Everything / No Exclusions / No Min Spend / Free Delivery @ Crocs Australia


Secured this awesome 3 day promo as a Cashrewards exclusive. Crocs already has a 25% off sitewide sale, and this deal doubles the savings to 50% (including previously discounted items), with no minimum spend and free delivery. Apply code CAUCASHREWARD at checkout. Enjoy :)

Get 5% Cashback via Cashrewards. Ensure last click before purchase is from this link.

Note: code CAUCASHREWARD is exclusive to Cashrewards. Commission is not payable elsewhere.

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Crocs Australia
Crocs Australia

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  • More like 50% off on looking like a douche…

  • 50% off at crocs is still less appealing than 3% off at Ebay. Riddle me that.

  • +23 votes

    Those square holes in the side are designed to let your dignity drain out…

  • I thought this was eBay for a second. My heart jumped

  • My missus bought me a pair of crocs for some unknown reason.
    I'm to much of a tightarse to just not use them or chuck them out so I wore them in the privacy of my own back yard. They actually saved my toes from been hurt a few times from me dropping random stuff on them.
    They are gone now and the next time I drop something on my foot while wearing thongs I might have a little part of me that may miss them…

    • Hereโ€™s the time for Redemption.

    • Yeah I wouldn't wear them in public but as indoor and outdoor foot protection they are pretty good and because of the materials they are made of they clean and dry easily too.

      Honestly I am trying to find a nice bulk amount of them (maybe around 5 to 10 to scatter around the house for now) for some friends and family and also the large amount of guests we have over around the year.

      They are great for indoors and outdoors and clean very easily can just chuck them all in the washing machine or big bucket of soap to soak and good as new (some other slippers don't dry or even clean as well).

      I have one to analyze to find a batch of clones for the rest.

      Maybe one might be in here (this sale).

  • What a load of crock

  • I just called up and they said for any return they will take off $7.50 from the refund amount to pay for the return shipping charge! This is not hassle free returns… and the PayPal free return shipping will not apply as you use their reply paid label. This policy is making me think twice about buying anything.

    • +12 votes

      Maybe it's just me - but expecting the retailer to cover change of mind returns is a bit rich.

      • I returned some recently - I paid the costs and claimed back on Paypal and I got the full amount back from Crocs. Not sure if the $7.50 is if they give you a reply paid label?

      • Plenty of other websites cover this cost or let you return to a physical shop. Crocs specifically do NOT allow you to return to a shop and do not actually tell you about this $7.50 charge on their website. If you see nothing wrong with this then that's fine for you but I will not shop online on a website that makes returns difficult considering how badly an online purchase can go for clothing items.

        • Most of their stores are franchises I think, there are plenty of retailers which have an online store separate to their stores.

          Also it does state there is a cost on their website in the FAQs:

          Do I have to pay for return shipping?

          Yes, return shipping is non-refundable.

          If you want to avoid paying anything use paypal and claim back the shipping as I explained above…

  • Given they're full of holes I can't believe people were paying full price, it's the same as ripped jeans

  • Crap all stock for most stuff - annoying. (looking at kid's stuff in the smaller sizes)

  • Very poor selection in mens lace up and slip on shoes. I looked at many styles and there were only 7's and a couple with 8's in stock. The same happened last time Crocs had a sale. When will they have stock? My guess is when the sale is over.

  • Have any of you guys had a pair of Crocs?

    Based solely on comfort how would you rate these (compared to Flip Flops or Slides). Never had one so want to know

    • How do you think such an ugly shoe has lasted so long? I wear thongs into some of the most treacherous terrain but even they have their limits which is where the Crocs shine.

    • I bought crocband flip thongs on amazon special a while ago. Much more comfortable than normal thongs. Bought different shoes and things on a previous sale here. Equivalent size to previous ones were too small so gave away rather than paying return shipping. Recently got swiftwater deck flip and theyโ€™re even more comfortable than initial pair. Just get 1 size bigger if not sure.

    • Had so many flip flops die on me can't imagine what the total death count must be in the landfills.

      Where as a croc never seen one break and I'm a pretty destructive guy if I'm not careful.

      If you are dainty and petite maybe no reason for crocs but for big guys like me who need industrial strength big boy grade footwear they are a blessing.


      To each their own

  • Buying cheap ugly $10 white clogs free delivery. Thanks TA! If these are good, hopefully they will have stock on others the next sale!

  • Thanks TA. Cheers

  • Thanks TA. Just bought https://www.crocsaustralia.com.au/p/crocband-iii-slide/20573... for $14.99 delivered.

  • Discount doesn't apply to the Jibbitz for more than 1 (comes under the category "previously discounted"?)
    I guess this is an exclusion?

    • This is to avoid. Sweaty and extremely hot. It's too much sweaty ,even during winter.

  • if you like having shower slippers crocs makes some of the best/most comfortable/long lasting/quick drying slippers(flips) around.

  • Hmm, didn't know us/au size is the same, different to uk. Well, that's a load of crocs.

  • Can't believe I'm asking, but how does the sizing go compared to Nike's? True/big/small? This is for close toe rubber ones

  • holy shit this is awesome

  • 50% off the price but still 100% babe repellent!

  • its just me that thinks 20 AUD for some kids slippers too expensive?

    • If your kids are prone to losing them then go the cheap 10 x $2 flip flop route but they don't last long and honestly compared to crocs have less mobility imho.

      But if your kids are good at keeping track of them that should realistically last a much longer time if not a lifetime.

      Depends where you will be using them.

      On a trip for example there is high chance you might lose something so something more expendable is better to bring a long but for home use this shouldn't get lost too easily.

      I vote crocs but they are not cheap and much dearer to replace.

  • This is a joke right.
    Does anyone still wear crocs?

    Next there will be a sale on Eastcoat jeans and treads

  • Wearing Crocs = giving up

  • I'll wear them at home if it was 100% off / No Exclusions / No Min Spend / Free Delivery

  • Thanks. Got my 3rd pair of santa Cruz. So comfy.

  • You guys joke but Crocs are honestly comfortable and who cares what you look like at 2am on a Woolies grocery run

  • Ironically in the OzBargain category "fashion"…

  • bought one thanks

  • Great for wearing in the yard/garden. Fantastic deal, thanks!

  • Thanks, bought 4. Their bistro clog range is really good for chefs.

  • Thanks TA!

  • "Your order cannot be processed at this time. Please contact customer service." Anyone else getting this error message?

  • Genuine bargain. Cheers TA

  • Order has been cancelled…… Anyone got this????

  • Thank You!!!!

  • I couldn't check out as hitting the Checkout button would just refresh the shopping cart page. Anyone else getting this error?

  • Had an issue with my order too.

    Placed an order and got to a confirmation screen with no order number. Got a blank 'Your order with Crocs' email too.

    Called customer service and they were able to send me an email confirming what I ordered with my order number.

    ~5 minutes after that the customer service rep sends me an email with this

    This is Crocs customer services.

    A minute or two after our call ended the status of your order changed to cancelled. From what I can see you didn't got charged for it. The charges are only pending and should drop in 1-3 business days. If they don't drop within that time frame, then please contact us.
    I am not sure of the reason why this happened. The item still seems to be in stock, albeit in low availability. This could have been caused by the item being, in reality - out of stock or due to a technical issue.
    I am very sorry about this.

    Kinda disappointed and I don't want to risk my card getting charged multiple times so I won't be trying to order again this sale.

    Would have been a great deal though!


    Got mine today.

    There is no way i'm wearing these outside base camp.

  • I know that they are not THE most fashionable item to wear but please bear in mind that some of us have a disability and find it very hard to put shoes on that cant be slipped into easily like these can. I am one of these people. I have heavily bandaged legs and feet that make wearing most shoes impossible so these are a godsend, they mean that I can still go to work full time 5 days a week and not live off anyone's taxes. Yes, as I said, I know that they are not fashionable but they make my life bearable โ™ฅ

  • i bought 2 crocs using the code on Monday. the items is still being processed after 2 days.
    hopefully it will go through.
    but thanks for the code.


    It shows expired when I order at 11pm on the last day in NT, its too sad that I couldnt purchase it just because of my local NT time.

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