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Earn 500 Krisflyer Miles with Heathrow Rewards Sign up


Found this promotion. Looks like it's been there for a while but hasn't been posted here. Took me less than 5 minutes to complete the signup and transfer the points to my Krisflyer account.

From 1 February 2019 to 31 March 2019, join Heathrow Rewards and receive 500 bonus KrisFlyer miles plus a chance to win up to 15,000 KrisFlyer miles. Join the loyalty programme that rewards you for almost everything you do at Heathrow; Heathrow Rewards. Become a member before 31 March and you will receive 500 bonus miles.

The extra points offer is only available to new members of the Heathrow Rewards programme who join using this link ( or register their card and enter promotional code SQ2019 before 31 December 2019.
500 bonus miles will be awarded when member enrolls using the specified code before 31 December 2019. Only one offer per member. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other joining offer. Heathrow Rewards Terms and Conditions apply.

The full details can be found at and selecting the Heathrow Rewards promotion. Please make sure to sign up using and not the usual Heathrow Rewards sign up page.

Once you signup, you have to login to your Heathrow Rewards account and transfer the Heathrow Rewards points to airline miles (Krisflyer/Asia Miles/BA Avios/Emirates Skywards and a few other).

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    Thanks! I used the signup points to redeem for Avios instead since that suited me better..I needed to refresh the expiry date on an existing balance. It worked perfectly.

    • Is it the same link or different to get Avios?

  • Thanks! Didn't even know Heathrow had an awards program! :)

  • Excellent. Thanks OP.

  • link appears to be not working. Is it only for me?

  • Working good here. Try another browser.

  • Thanks Op got both accounts 500 krisflyer points.

  • +1

    Need a Mod to set up a Referrals subscription page for Heathrow Rewards maybe?

    • Yea I wonder what signing up with a referral does…? Can't seem to tell…

  • Going to heathrow next month. What does this do?

  • Thanks OP.

  • +7

    Where do you transfer the points to Kris Flyer?

    EDIT - Go to My Rewards > Travel Partners > Singapore Airlines to transfer points. Found it. OP might want to update the post?

    • +3

      Edited the post and also included the other FF programs.

    • +2

      Pretty obvious but saves some brain juice:

      Select "2 rewards" in the drop down to get the a total of 500 KF points.

  • Great, works for me

  • Thanks OP 2x500 Kris Flyer point for me.

  • I've got 600pts in my Heathrow Rewards account after signing up … how do I transfer them to Krisflyer?

    • +3

      Go to My Rewards > Travel Partners > Singapore Airlines

  • -1

    The page's title says "Join Heathrow Rewards and collect 100 points." Did I miss something or they have reduced the reward?

    • Same here

    • +1

      100 pts + 500 pts with promo code, it's stated right in the description

  • Asked for card number for ref - no promo code box for me.

  • Cheers OP, cant complain with free points :)

  • Does the points expire? Not a frequent traveller

    • +1

      Krisflyer I believe expires 3 (?) years after earning date, one reason why I've got my stash of points in Velocity as its easier to keep them alive

      • Yep 3 years after earn.

      • What's the best thing to do with the Heathrow points? I've never flown with Krisflyer (I have 500 miles in there currently from something else, but can't transfer out until 5000), but I have Velocity as well. Can I transfer through to Virgin Atlantic and then through to Velocity, or is it not worth it?

      • You need minimum 5000 Krisflyer points to transfer to velocity.
        I dont think you can transfer krisflyer points to another krisflyer account.

    • +1

      KrisFlyer points expire in tranches or "batches".

      If you earned 3,000 points in JAN 2017.
      Then, this 3,000 points will expire, after 3 years, in JAN 2020.

      Say, in JUN 2017, you earned 5,000 points.

      So, in JUN 2017, you add 5000 points to your 3000 points already in the account,
      to have a total of 8000 points as the balance.

      However, your 3000 points will expire in JAN 2020 and the remaining 5000 points will expire will expire in JUN 2020.

      It doesn't matter how many times your account is 'active', i.e. when you accrue more points,
      or whether you redeemed points for a flight, any activity does not extend your expiry date.

  • Anyone know how long it takes for the miles to show up in your krisflyer account?

  • will this keep my emirates ff account points from expiring ? can you transfer points between emirates ff accounts?

    • This won't extend expiring Emirates miles. No way unless you pay I think.

  • +6

    "Password can not be greater than 10 characters" lols

    • +1

      And you can't even use symbols

  • Does Krisflyer ever have sign up promos? or a referral bonus? Don't have a Krisflyer account but wondering if I should start now.

    • They have a 1k sign up bonus every once in a while

  • Cheers OP.

  • Thanks OP, extra BA Avios and SQ KF miles, and some to reset the expiry on my VS miles too, much appreciated!

  • +2

    Has anyone actually had the Krisflyer miles credit yet? If so, how long did it take?

    • +1

      I transferred points from Heathrow account to Krisflyer account on 25/03/19 and received mine this morning (27/03/19).

      • Thank you. Hopefully mine will show up tomorrow.

  • Great find, thanks OP.

    Has any one tried to sign up 2 person, eg, my partner and myself, and transfer the points to a single Krisflyer account? I wondder if the account need to match email address etc? Cheers.

    • If it works, let me know. Happy to transfer mine to yours since they'll just sit until they expire in my own account.

      • +3

        Just tested - it doesn't work, once a Krisflyer reward number is registered to any Heathrow Reward account, it won't be accepted again. So I just channeled the points to our respective accounts.

  • Just did it. Very straightforward and easy. Thanks.

    According to the points expiry, there isn't really a rush to transfer because the Heathrow Rewards points expire in 28 Mar 2022. However, I would guess unless you live in London or you frequently travel to Heathrow, there'd really be no use of these points and you wouldn't realistically be able to accumulate more.

    I wonder if they ever do bonus transfers? I guess the danger would be if they suddenly decide to remove any of the airlines as transfer options…

    Also - seems like you get an instant "Rewards Value" of £5, which seems like it's just credit you can use at Heathrow airport? So that sounds pretty good too..!

  • +3

    Has anything changed recently?

    I'm getting this:

    Order Reward
    You need an extra 250 points to redeem for this reward

    • Me too! I can't figure out how to get around it!

  • can't get to the page now :(
    and can't even get there via rewards link :(

  • Looks like the deal expired before 30-March … I just went in and did it - the Promo Code was showing, but only got 100 points for joining Heathrow Rewards

  • +2

    signed up yesterday but now says my account is not active

    • +1

      Oh whoa. Same here..

      And I didn't manage to transfer the points out. Damn.

  • Transferred points last Monday and the 500 KF hasn’t reached, anyone similar?

    • Yep, same here. Transferred the points last Tuesday, received an email the following day saying the points conversion was almost complete, but since then nothing.

  • Well it looks like they've scrubbed all the new accounts from Australia and cancelled any transfers in progress.

    • +1

      I've emailed them asking for an explanation, wonder what reason they'll come up with?

  • Not much joy from my query about the 'Account not active' error:

    "Thank you for contacting Heathrow Rewards.

    We are current aware of a technical fault with our system which is preventing some members from accessing their accounts. We are currently looking into this issue and will contact you to advise as soon as it has been resolved.

    Please accept our apologies for any inconvnience caused during this time. If you require any further assistance in the meantime, please contact us again".

    • Well at least they replied.
      Maybe it's still happening. I have now sent a query about my points conversion.

      • With no joy apart from the generic message about the "technical fault", I tried to pursue having my points transferred as I would have if my account hadn't been removed/deactivated. Was informed they've changed the terms and conditions, as is their right, to the following:
        'In line with the Terms and Conditions of the program, you must spend £75 during your first journey through Heathrow before the 31st December 2019 to be able to redeem these points'.
        Something I would have a lot of difficulty doing with no account now it's been scrubbed, so there you go.

  • Signed up on 25th March for me and my wife. Got our KF points a few days later. Thanks OP!

  • Although I didn't get a reply to my email, they have now credited the points to my KF account.

    Many thanks to the OP ck009.

    • So that means you signed up, transferred immediately, account got scrubbed but points still came across?

      • +1

        Yes, but only after I enquired about the status of the transfer, by replying to their email which said the points conversion was under way.
        Still can't login so I assume they did scrub the account.

  • I've emailed Heathrow Rewards today to see why my account is no longer active. I didn't get to initiate the transfer :(

    • I contacted via email and they said there was an issue with my account which has now been fixed. I can login again!

      • what email did you contact them on?

  • +1

    Maybe try this if you want 500 free miles from Krisflyer but only for new accounts

  • what email did you use to contact them? I will be doing the same.

    • Best you directly reply to whoever you were intending to ask

  • still says my account is not active

  • Reply from their customer service : I am afraid that in order to activate your account, a purchase of at least £75 must be made at Heathrow. I am afraid that this requirement has been put in place for all accounts with the enrollment code SQ2019.

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