expired Jetstar 'Return for Free' Sale of Holiday Packages Eg Bali from $779 Per Person Incl Week of Accommodation at Legian Beach Hotel


Packages to Bali, Queensland, Phuket, Ho Chi Minh City, Bangkok and more!

^Offer ends 11.59pm AEDT Tuesday 2 April 2019, unless sold out prior. Book an eligible Jetstar Holidays package deal and each passenger on the booking will receive the return Starter fare free. Selected packages, travel dates and flights. Only available from the same arrival and departure ports. Excludes checked baggage. Terms and conditions apply.

^Legian Beach Hotel: price is based on departing Perth for travel between 14 May – 3 Jul 2019 and 11 Oct – 8 Dec 2019. Bali Mandira Beach Resort & Spa: price is based on departing Perth for travel between 14 May – 5 Jun 2019 and 11 Oct – 8 Dec 2019. Padma Resort Legian: price is based on departing Perth for travel between 14 May – 3 Jul 2019 and 11 Oct – 15 Dec 2019.

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  • -1 vote

    Jetstar 'return* for Free' Sale

    *Conditional for some folk…


    Minimum 2 nights


    Hey BTF just wondering if you know why, when selecting packages from Adelaide to Phuket, i get:

    Phuket Return for Free available from Melbourne & Sydney, for bookings from other departure ports please contact the call centre on 1300 360 520

    Kinda sucks that they make us call them

    • +1 vote

      Presuming it's something to do with JQ only having direct flights from MEL/SYD to HKT, but not from ADL, but I'm only guessing, sorry :/

    • +1 vote

      Based on what I've searched, you still get the return for free, but you pay to get yourself back to Adelaide


    looking at Bangkok…

    ADD in bags…. 25Kg - that's $74 EACH.. or 30kgs… thats $95 EACH.. $400 FOR TWO people return…

    no thanks… might as well wait for a QF deal than having to deal with the Jetstar crap.

    • +2 votes

      Or maybe try not taking so much junk, travel light and be smooth


      Each to their own, but most people wouldn't need 30kg for a warm place like Thailand.

      Eg - Europe last year, cold & hot countries, 7 weeks, took 15kg including a laptop, camera and medicine.

      India two years ago - 10 days, carry-on only (7kg).

      South America - 18-20kg - 4 months of travel (partly during freezing winter so needed heavy jackets).

      Your mileage may vary, and some people need meds, or equipment, but you'd be surprised how little travellers might need to get by on.


    This hotel has bed bugs


      Extremely difficult to remove once they've settled in. Experienced them in Malaysia twice. Hotels will keep that talk quiet. Arguably not hotel's fault, as travellers can bring them in, but hotels have to seal and blast the rooms and surrounding rooms with hot air to kill them off

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