expired Telstra $40 Sim Starter Kit for $15 @ Woolworths


Telstra $40 for $15 at Woolies date from the 27/3

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    What can you get for $40?

    Is it 35GB (20 + 15 bonus)?


    I never used pre paid sims so couple of questions:

    I believe during activation, we can port our old number? And select 40$ recharge which will give 35GB data and 35 days expiry? (As per Telstra website)

    On 35th day, can I recharge it with any other value (not 40$ again), e.g. can I recharge pre-paid max of value 150$ which will give 60GB and last for 6 months?

    With first 35GB (initial 40$), what will happen to remaining data if I do second recharge of 150$? Say 30GB was remaining so will it be added with the 60GB making it 90GB (as said in Q2)?


    can you gift data to other accounts, like on Belong?


    I think this is currently $12 at Coles


    Any idea if this can be used as a data only SIM for a portable wifi hotspot? Thanks.


    If I would buy this now, can I wait say 6 months to activate it or is there a time limit to activate and use the credit from date of purchase? Only need it for a month in September…
    **** Just checked with Telstra - can activate within 2 year period from purchase

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